Feb 20th 2018

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

This year all eyes will be on the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May. How they choose to celebrate their big day will no doubt create the trends for the coming years. But for those deciding on a wedding cake now, what are the choices? We look at 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018:

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Savoury cakes

The Snowdonia Cheese Company recently made headlines by gifting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a wedding cake made entirely out of cheese. The cake, presented to the couple on a visit to Wales, isn’t your typical cheesecake. It’s a tiered cake where the layers are made up of a variety of cheeses – Beechwood, a smoked cheddar; Red Storm, a vintage Red Leicester; Black Bomber, an extra mature cheddar; and Green Thunder, a cheddar with garlic and herbs.

Such alternative wedding cakes have been popular for a while, particularly for couples who don’t like cake, or want to keep the budget down. These savoury cakes work well served as part of an evening buffet, but be careful when choosing your cheese to avoid anything too smelly. Stacked pies also work well, or a mixture of pies and cheese, decorated with fruit and fresh flowers.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Semi-naked cakes

The naked wedding cake has been around for a while and is still a hot trend for 2018. Rather than the focus being on the outer decoration, here the beauty comes from the texture and colours of the cake, with the various sponge flavours, and the frosting and fruit between the layers visible. One issue with a naked cake is that, without a protective fondant layer it dries out quickly and can’t be stacked more than 24 hours before its needed.

The semi-naked cake, keeps this popular trend going, with a twist. This style uses a light layer of buttercream, which means the delicate sponge layers are still visible beneath but the cake doesn’t dry out as quickly as a fully-naked cake would. Depending on the date of your wedding you may opt for fruits and flowers to match the season. Mixing-up naked and iced-layers is also likely to be popular, to give a semi-formal look that is still has a natural feel.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Painted cakes

Number three on the list of 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018, is the painted cake.  Yes…painted! All couples want to personalise their cake in some way. And there are few better ways than a bespoke, hand-painted icing. This is a trend I’ve no doubt we will see more of, with designs ranging from muted watercolours, to bold geometric graphics.

Hand-painted art cakes can not only be striking and colourful, they can be another way for the bride and groom to express their love through a quote beautifully scripted on the icing for all to see.   

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When choosing a wedding cake there is so much choice it is often difficult to know what is the best for your big day. For those who are struggling to decide, multiple cakes can be a great option. It means you can choose cakes of multiple flavours and designs. Displaying each tier separately also allows you to cater more easily for food allergies and intolerances, as well as getting to display them on a range of beautiful cake stands.

One huge plus of multiple cakes is they are much easier to transport in comparison to a large tiered-cake. However, don’t choose this trend hoping for a cheaper option, because in many cases it won’t be.

Doughnut towers

The popularity of Krispy Kreme has led a trend for doughnut towers, which provide a quirky alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake, and in comparison, is easy on the budget. There are all kinds of fun and colourful designs to choose from. In many ways the idea is a twist on the wedding-tiers made-up of individual cup-cakes, and is an easy way to offer guests an individual sweet treat with a choice of flavours.

Some bakeries have taken the trend for doughnut-shaped towers a step further, keeping the contemporary doughnut look, but using cakes baked into ring shapes. Or you can always mix up this trend with the traditional by opting for a traditionally iced cake as the top-tier on a tower of doughnuts.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018


I hope our round-up of the 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018 have inspired you!  More ideas at www.tlc-ltd.co.uk/w

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 Jan 8th 2018

Six Wellbeing Event Ideas

Six Wellbeing Event Ideas

January has always been a time for healthy New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, many people won’t see their good intentions last the month. Of course, this isn’t always down to lack of resolve. Work and socialising can play havoc with plans for positive lifestyle change. At one time clients accepted this, but not anymore. In 2018 there are many ways event organisers can support healthy choices. Here are a few to get you moving with our six wellbeing event ideas:

Mix up the menu

First on our six wellbeing event ideas is, that in 2018, clients expect vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options as standard, as well as catering for guests with food allergies. Providing healthy options means going beyond this basic choice, to include fresh, locally-sourced ingredients; lean protein; high-fibre foods such as whole grains and more fruit and vegetables. It doesn’t mean you can’t have some indulgent treats as well, but it’s all about choice, so be prepared to work with more than one caterer to provide it.

Corporate event Catering by TLC Limited

Guilt-free snacks

Many of us instinctively reach for a sugary biscuit with our mid-morning coffee, because it’s convenient and fills an energy-starved hole. A fruit bowl or whole fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas gives a healthier choice, but it’s not always the most attractive one. To encourage clients to take the healthy option, make your snacks attractive as well as virtuous. Cups of bite-sized fresh fruit, such as grapes, cherries, melon and strawberries provide a refreshing and often welcome snack. Also, make sure there’s plenty to go around and don’t make it an either or – many people will make a healthy choice if they know they can choose the naughty one too.

Private Parties Catering

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Magnificent mocktails

It’s estimated that more than 3 million Brits are taking up the dry January challenge, abstaining from alcohol for a whole month. All events should offer water and juice as an alternative, but when there are so many people opting for the soft drink option there has never been a better time to experiment with smoothie bars and mocktails. Apple, elderflower and mint sparkle, a simple mix of elderflower cordial, apple juice, chopped mint and sparkling water, makes a sophisticated thirst quencher. You can find a recipe on The BBC Foodguide along with enough mocktail ideas to try out a new one every day of the month. 

six event wellbeing tips

Activity breaks

No matter how interesting your event, everyone gets sluggish if sitting at a conference or workshop all day. Getting people to move during ice-breakers is an easy way to incorporate physical activity. Choosing a venue with large grounds or offering guided city walks can be a great incentive to get people active during breaks. The key is to make exercise a choice, and researching your guests’ preferences before they arrive will give you an idea of the type of wellbeing activities they might be most open to. If you are looking for something topical, 2018 is a celebration of 250 years of circus across the UK, so what better time to add something fun like a half-hour juggling workshop?


We’ve all heard of networking, well sweat-working is simply taking the discussion out on the road. For those who want to up the intensity of their activity, choosing a venue with onsite gym is an attractive option. But to keep the camaraderie up, you might consider organising a group run or post-event work-out.

Have a holistic outlook

When it comes to wellbeing, food and fitness are obvious considerations, but they are not the only ones. Rest and relaxation are just as important. Facilitating downtime can be as simple as providing a quiet, tech-free zone. Other popular options include yoga and meditation break-out rooms; or creating a chill-out zone offering 15-minute neck and shoulder massages, an indulgent treat that carries no worries for the waistline.


Time to think creatively. With our six wellbeing event ideas, healthy and holistic approaches can easily be an integral part of your events for 2018!  Get planning!!

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 Nov 28th 2017

New York Festive Guide

48 hours – New York Festive Guide

New York is the greatest city on earth for inspiring that warm, feeling festive. As my daughter now lives in Manhattan, I’m open to any excuse for a visit, so a pre-Christmas shopping trip is just the ticket. Here are a few of my favourite yuletide sights along the way.  My 48 hours – New York Festive Guide:

Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree

The festive season officially starts in New York once the lights are on the famous Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree. Lit-up the week after Thanksgiving, thousands line the surrounding sidewalks for the big switch-on and millions more watch the event broadcast live. This year the huge Norway Spruce will sparkle with 30,000 LED lights. It’s topped with a Swarovski crystal star. And it’s estimated that more than half a million people will pass the tree every day between 29 November 2017 and 7 January 2018.

New York Festive Guide

Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The Rockettes are to New York what pantomime is to Britain. The extravagant musical show, held annually at the Radio City Music Hall. It has been an essential part of New York’s Christmas tradition since 1933. Boarding a full-size double-decker bus, the Rockettes take the audience on a whirlwind tour of a magical Manhattan. It offers beautifully choreographed tap-dancing, signature eye-high kicks, ice-skating, jumping Santas, and domino soldiers wearing three-feet tall hats. Shows run from 10 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, with up to four shows a day on weekends.

New York Festive Guide

Ice skating in Central Park

Few things feel more festive or romantic than ice-skating in Central Park.  Gliding along peacefully while looking out to the bustling city background. If you don’t have skates you can rent some in the park. There are two rinks to choose from.  The Wollman Rink on the east side, close to Central Park Zoo.  Or, the Lasker Rink, in the middle of the park which transforms from a swimming pool in summer to an ice rink during winter months. Both rinks are family friendly, suitable for all ages and abilities. And for the proficient skater private figure skating or ice dancing lessons are available.

New York Festive Guide

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Bloomingdale’s window

At Christmas, New York’s shopping streets become a magical festive show.  You can spend hours watching without it costing a dime. All the big department stores have themed window displays attracting thousands every year. This year my favourite is Bloomingdale’s on 1000 Third Avenue, 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. This year’s theme is The Greatest Showman, a circus treat of fire-jugglers, aerialists and fortune-tellers taking us on a journey through the life of P.T Barnum and linked to the new Hugh Jackson movie of the same name, out on 20 December 2017.

Video of the festive window unveiling!

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant

Exploring New York City is invigorating, but if you don’t take time out to recharge it can also be exhausting. After pounding the pavements, dining in Patsy’s Italian Restaurant feels like a comforting home from home. Famous for being Frank Sinatra’s favorite restaurant in Manhattan, the family-owned venue is still popular celebrity haunt with guests including George Clooney, Madonna, Michael Buble, and Tom Hanks. And if you want a starry tale to return home with, Chef Sal Scognamillo is always happy to share stories of the restaurant’s legendary guests and serve-up some of Old Blue Eye’s favoruite dishes.

Hope you enjoyed my New York Festive Guide….I am off to book my flight to The Big Apple….

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