Circulate Food for Success

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If you’re looking to wow your guests at a special event this year, you’re in luck as there are some terrific new innovative serving concepts around, that will help create an outstanding and memorable event.

Plain old serving trays are so last year…or last century even!  2014 sees a number of new inventive ways to serve and circulate food and drinks.   

Wrap-around serving trays are the latest fun innovation when it comes to presenting finger foods. These Perspex body trays wrap completely around the servers body and are a fantastic development, as not only do they look amazing, particularly with their integral lighting, but you’ll be able to get more food out to your guests!

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Taking this concept a little further, are oyster belts.  Servers wear belts with oyster filled buckets attached.  Once shucked, the server can take away the empty oyster shell and continue mingling!  A fun and cheeky way to welcome guests at a wedding reception perhaps!

There is also an increasing number of inventive ways to circulate drinks.  One of my favourites is the use of ornate filigree bird cages to suspend and carry vintage, champagne goblets to guests.  Intertwined with ivy or even miniature white lights, these elegant, lightweight cages can also be used to create a stunning table centrepiece.

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If that’s all little too feminine and sedate for your event, you can really rev things up with a mixology mechanic, perfect for any group of petrol-heads! Not with a bag of tricks but with a box of tools, your jump-suited mixologist will create bespoke cocktails at your table and is guaranteed to make your party move up a gear!

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Food stations and buffet bars are also transforming – don’t expect to have to wait in line at a boring white linen table at the next party you attend.  Caterers have started having fun! 

 A sure-fire way to raise an eyebrow and certainly a laugh are integrated tables. Similar in concept to ‘living sculptures’, costumed performers sit motionless at the centre of the serving table, with head and shoulders visible and unexpectedly help to serve the guests.  Whilst perhaps not for the feint-hearted, it’s certainly the perfect ice-breaker!

Catering ideas Catering ideas innovative catering ideas

Successful event organisers always endeavour to theme an evening from top-to-toe.  This aim has in recent years seen a move toward creating the most innovative theatrical ‘sets’ incorporating bars, serving tables and hot food stations with chafing dishes from which to serve hot food . 

I have also seen a new trend toward sharing dishes at events.  This ranges from huge tapas style Mediterranean platters dominating the table at larger functions to dainty duo dishes, designed to be shared by adjacent guests.  This idea is something to bear in mind if you think your invitees need a little encouragement to mix and also offers them a greater variety of food.

And let’s not forget the place settings.  There is a definite preference for bespoke, individualised table settings at the moment, with personal cruet sets and miniature gravy boats, perfect for a more refined dining experience.