Mar 13th 2014

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

In these eco-conscious times, as we all become increasingly aware of the need to reduce our own personal footprint, and some of the most fashionable couples are now seeking advice on ways to make sure their wedding is as green as it is white. Our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips are designed to offer ways in which you can acknowledge a more sustainable approach to your big day – without compromising on style (in fact it can add to it) or losing the sense of fun!

Here’s thoughts from our MD, Liz Taylor: “Some clients are truly committed, not just to each other, but also to the environment. In the last couple of years I have helped to arrange several weddings where my brief has been to ensure that they are not only fabulous, stunning events but also that these weddings are as eco-friendly as possible,” says Liz . “And there is certainly a trend towards greener weddings, with more and more couples now asking for invitations to be printed on recycled paper, for example, or wanting to know more about a potential venue’s policy on sustainability,” she claims.

Liz says there are many advantages of organising a ‘green’ wedding and they can even help you stretch your budget that little bit further. “By planning your own eco-friendly wedding you are not only doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, you are also helping to educate friends and family by and encouraging them to become more environmentally conscious themselves,” she explains.

“After attending an eco-friendly wedding that I helped to arrange, one high profile guest told me that he now realised that being green didn’t have to mean being dull or dour,” says Liz. “On the contrary, I believe that eco-friendly weddings can be truly magical affairs that your guests will be talking about for months and even years afterwards.”

Liz offers the following 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips if you are planning your own ‘greener’ wedding:

Stay local – try and choose a venue which is as close to home, and to the registry office, church, mosque or synagogue, as possible. This reduces the amount of car travel required, not only for the happy couple but also for their guests.

Consider sending out invitations by email – or get them designed and printed locally on some of the good quality recycled card available or paper using vegetable-based inks.

Source all your food and drink locally where possible. Why not consider serving a local brew with your meal instead of wine, and choose one of the high quality English sparkling wines instead of Champagne for the toast?  Local food is a must here. It doesn’t ever need to compromise on the presentation – in fact that should be as creative as possible – but local produce and popular local dishes can really enhance the occasion.

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-When it comes to transport for guests, encourage them to leave their cars behind and take the train if they are travelling from further afield. And if they need to travel between venues, it is far greener to hire a vintage coach, or fabulous London red bus (as we did for a client’s 40th recently) than for everyone to use their own vehicles – and they can all enjoy a drink too!  If you live near enough you could consider walking or even cycling to your wedding or civil ceremony! And a horse drawn carriage has always been a romantic and eco-friendly choice of wedding transport.  How about a bicycle made for two???

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-Fifth on our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips list – instead of cut flowers why not use pot plants or even potted herbs as table decorations instead.There are also a range of amazing natural beeswax candles which look great, or use colourful, decorative recycled bottles and containers as tea light holders, or choose seasonal fruits, nuts and foliage to create a table display.  Guests could then take them home with them after the celebrations..or nibble them on the big day!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-Choose a bouquet and button holes which use locally grown flowers rather than those which have to be flown in from abroad.  Seasonal, local flowers can often be less expensive too.

-Be creative when it comes to wedding favours. Consider gifts which benefit your chosen charity or choose Fair Trade chocolate to create a chocolate gift and place name plaque. Or for a winter wedding, try a recycled jar filled with Fairtrade ingredients to make the perfect hot-chocolate. One couple are even reported to have given their guests packets of garden flower seeds and a pretty jute bag containing an energy efficient light bulb – now how’s that for a talking point?!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-When looking at venues, ask about their policy on sustainability – do they recycle, how energy efficient is the venue etc..

-Plan your eco wedding list with an ethical company – there are plenty of them out there now offering this service.

-For glamorous place settings, use some of the fabulous linens that can be washed at 30 degrees to save energy.

Oh, and one added tip…when the big day is over, why not follow in the footsteps of previous generations and head off for your honeymoon by train? Your journey should be as memorable as your destination and there’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up together on an overnight sleeper to one of Europe’s grand cities such as Vienna or Budapest.  Think Orient Express!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Hope our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips have been useful.  Why not check this out for more advice