Jun 7th 2014

‘Kimye’ Inspires Resurgance in Innovative Floral Decor

So they really did it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now officially ‘Kimye’!

The wedding certainly looked like a lavish affair, with Kim’s bespoke Valentino wedding dress and the fairy tale setting of Forte Di Belvedere in Florence but for me the most stunning image of their day was the one of them kissing infront of a magnificent wall of white flowers.  Floral decoration is such a traditional part of a wedding and it was great to see that they totally embraced that with their stunning backdrop.If you’re planning a wedding, here are some more innovative floral ideas that may inspire you…..

– Don’t be bound by the notion that all flowers have to be bunched in vases or squeezed into little arrangements on every table at your reception, there are lots of different ways that you can utilise them.  Have you ever considered floral chandeliers?  Suspending flowers above your wedding tables creates a definite sense of grandeur and looks fabulous. White roses, gypsophila and vivid green leaves work perfectly for a dramatic effect which can be enhanced with the addition of miniature white lights that will twinkle long into the night.

ideas for wedding flowers ideas for wedding flowers ideas for wedding flowers

– Remember to keep your table decorations at a level where people can either see over them or through them.  At Sally Lindsey’s winter wedding, we decided to lift the flowers with tall, elegant cut-glass vases which meant that we could go wild with the flowers, creating huge richly coloured displays that drew the eye upwards.  This works perfectly in a room with high ceilings.

– If your tables are quite small, a simple but stunning effect can be created with the use of Perspex table tops.  By layering pale roses and peonies beneath the Perspex, you can create the most delicate and subtle table decoration, perfect for a summer wedding.  A bonus with this design idea, is that you can dispense of any table linens but I do suggest that you choose napkins in a suitably contrasting colour and opt for stylishly elegant tableware to complete the look.

Winter Wedding Candles ideas for wedding flowers ideas for wedding flowers

– If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, white floral pom-pom balls suspended from ornate metalwork poles can create a delightful effect.  These are very versatile as you can place them along the aisle at your ceremony and then later re-hang them at varying heights in your reception area, enabling your evening guests to share the experience!  The theme can even be carried through to your table decorations by suspending smaller floral pom-poms from thin white or glittered branches or even attached inside delicate, iron bird cages.

– Think about your table lighting.  Most people choose to incorporate candles into their table displays but try thinking outside the box and rather than choosing candlesticks or candelabra intersperse large white tea lights and single rose blooms onto a wide, mirrored strip.  This effect looks particularly stunning when placed along the centre of a long ‘top’ table.  If candles aren’t your thing, then small opaque light cubes in colours to compliment your flowers, provide a more contemporary look and will give a soft, warm glow.