Jul 31st 2013

New Photos on TLC Website

Lots of new photos on the TLC website.  To see the hippest parties, most stylish weddings, coolest corporate gigs and some quite weird and wonderful events, click: NEW PHOTOS

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 Jul 31st 2013


But how do you throw a successful shower? We asked celebrity party planner Liz Taylor from the Taylor Lynn Corporation (and who has worked with the likes of Mary Portas, Gary Barlow and Selfridges) for her top baby shower hosting tips… MSN.com…Click here for more information

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 Jul 31st 2013


Planning a wedding at any time of year can be a challenge, but with the added pressure of Christmas on the horizon, planning a festive wedding can be even more demanding. Liz Taylor, MD of award winning celebrity wedding planners, TLC, has been planning … Wedding Know How website..Click here for more information

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 Jul 30th 2013

Great Video of Dancing With United Event

Take a look at the video which goes behind the scenes of the Dancing with United event. Click Dancing with United  A great chance to see how this fantastic night was created.


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 Jul 30th 2013

McDonalds as a Wedding Venue?

I am all in favour of choosing a wedding venue that reflects your personality, is unusual or quirky, or somewhere that will take guests by surprise, but McDonalds is quite a leap even for me!  Click: McDonalds Wedding Reception

Yes, I admit that I have served burgers and fries at parties and weddings….but we’re talking mini-gourmet burgers and cones of hot fries as fun, finger food.  I am not sure that a Big Mac would inspire ‘talkability’ at my weddings (at least not in the right way).  That said, weddings are entirely personal event so best of luck to the happy couple. At least they chose what they wanted to do and seemed to enjoy the party, and at the end of the day that’s what it is all about!


We have had a host of unusual wedding venue requests over the years, and in the spirit of making dreams come true, we have delivered on them all.  Here’s just a few:

– Barbados beach in the NW – recreated on a rooftop in central Manchester with pool, beach, cocktails and limbo dancing by the bride

– A traditional French Chateau – genuinely staged in the South of France at a beautiful private chateau

– Venetian Palace – yes, we hired one for a stunning wedding and the architecture was unbelievable

– Hell’s Angels Biker Club – they weren’t keen on hiring their bar to me in New York, so I designed it in a Hotel Ballroom in London but the research was fun!

– St Mark’s Square – fabulously interpreted in a banqueting room in Birmingham

– The Circus – big top, clowns and cotton candy machines in a garden in Cheshire

– Hot Air balloon – hired 10 hot air balloons to ferry the reception guests around as they drank Champagne

– Baronial Castle – staged a wedding in Bavaria at an amazing Schloss and also weddings at some wonderful Scottish Castles

– Narnia – yes, some quick watching of the film and reading the books meant we could create Narnia in a marquee


– Top of the World…..staged weddings on mountain tops, Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Empire State Building and rooftop gardens across the world.

Well, good luck to the happy couple and I do hope that McDonalds have thanked them for the publicity – just not a venue I am planning to use in the near future.

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 Jul 30th 2013

Have the ‘Wedding Know How’ to Plan a Christmas Wedding

Check our ‘Wedding Know How’ with Liz Taylor’s tips on planning a festive wedding this year: FESTIVE WEDDING TIPS

A wedding at Christmas really is becoming more and more popular both for at home and weddings abroad.  You can create an atmosphere at a festive wedding that is unlike any other time of year by harnessing the Christmas feeling with the décor, but you aren’t limited to this.  I have planned weddings at Christmas time that adopt lots of styles but what tends to stand out are the romantic, elegant weddings ….and without a Christmas tree in sight.  Rooms lined white and washed with electric blue or hot pink lighting, twigs and leaves sprayed white at table decor, and a ‘frosted’ dance floor to create a frozen lake in the centre of your own winter wonderland.

Moroccan Wedding Winter Wonderland

We have worked in castles, stately homes and boutique hotels to capture the charm of winter’s day for example – think log fires roaring, drinks served on a heated terrace or in Yurts which are dotted with sofas and warm rugs, and offer traditional heart-warming food of adopt the trend for casual ‘bowl’ foods and a late night hot chocolate with a shot of brandy for the adults!

Some brides have preferred a wedding style that is bright, colourful and energetic – exactly the opposite to the weather outside.  The Moroccan styling comes to mind here – rich, deep colours which exude warmth and glamour.

Or head abroad for some winter sun.  Prices can be less expensive at this time of year, many people are off work for the holidays anyway and so more likely to attend the wedding, and there really is something particularly welcome about enjoying a little sunshine when the weather at home is dire!

Whatever your style is, a wedding around Christmas can work exceptionally well but like any wedding, you need to plan early so get that thinking cap on!

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 Jul 29th 2013

Tips on Planning a Baby Shower like Fergie’s

Great piece on MSN style today with tips on planning a celebrity style Baby Shower, as Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has been celebrating. Click BABY SHOWER

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 Jul 22nd 2013

Christmas Parties Back on the Business Agenda

Great piece in Conference News today about the rise of Christmas party bookings, and I couldn’t agree more.  See Conference News.  We have also seen a rise in advance bookings this year and a increase on spend. Businesses seem to be placing great marketing emphasis on the Christmas party.

The consensus amongst clients seems to be: Make is an absolute showstopper, but ensure it says something about our business.  My clients see the event as a fabulous chance to thank, reward and inspire, so it has to be’ jaw-droppingly’ good, but also have a clear brand message to communicate.  The trick is to keep it fun, but keep it focussed.

I guess that’s the key difference between a Christmas party within a marketing events strategy in 2013….and a 1980s ‘jolly’ 🙂


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 Jul 19th 2013

Looking for a fabulous band for your wedding or party?

Check out the new video on TLC’s You Tube of London Essential – a fantastic band for a wedding or party. They keep the whole place dancing! Click: London Essential

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 Jul 19th 2013

Turning up the Heat on Conferences

Turning up the heat on your conference is one thing, but wilting delegates is quite another.  This week, TLC’s telephones have been red hot with concerned conference clients. ‘We don’t want delegates to be too hot under the collar’ is the cry.

Yes, a little spell of fabulous hot weather is wonderful indeed but if you are stuck in a meeting room all day with dodgy air conditioning and nowhere cool to escape to, you start to feel less than enthusiastic.

The solution is simple: be prepared!

Here are a few ideas on how to keep delegates cool, focussed and engaged with your conference:

– check the room has air-conditioning and if not, hire portable units.  Book these well in advance as demand may outstrip supply

– look at changing meeting rooms to one with opening windows, doors to the garden or on the shaded side of the venue

– regularly adjust the temperature of the room throughout the day as lots of people, lighting and equipment will help to heat the room up

– iced water on the tables and maybe portable fans which you can brand to the meeting or your company

– al fresco breaks with shaded tables.  Served chilled foods such as cold salads, gazpacho, baked hams, cold salmon and so on.  Just keep food light.  Served with chilled fruit punches, water and sodas.  Have plenty of ice handy too!

– offer delegate breaks with iced lollies, chilled smoothies or locally made ice creams (always popular)

– include an additional break in the hotter afternoon.  That extra 20 mins will mean delegates can take a breather and come back to the meeting refreshed

– consider starting the conference early and finishing early, so delegates can enjoy a post-conference drink together in the sunshine

– if delegates are staying overnight, have iced water delivered to each room with gift packs including sun cream and branded baseball caps

Happy conferencing!

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