Aug 6th 2013


There’s no doubt we are a nation of party-lovers, Give us any excuse and we will gather with friends and family to enjoy a celebration – and our little (and not so little) people are no exception. Didsbury Magazine…Click here for more information

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 Aug 6th 2013

Kids Summer Party Tips in Didsbury Magazine

A lovely feature in Didsbury, Hale & Bowdon and Bonus Sapor magazines this month on how to celebrate children’s parties in the NW. Some advice on planning and styling from TLC, plus a few hot picks on venues that offer great children’s parties.  Take a look at page 24-25.

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 Aug 5th 2013

Friends Will Be Green With Envy at Your Eco-Wedding

Eco weddings were on the tip of everyone’s tongue a couple of years ago, but then the recession and other events seemed to take centre stage in the minds of both brides-to-be and the media.  I was reminded just last weekend though of how amazing an eco-wedding can be when one high profile guest at an event told me that ‘he now realised that being green didn’t have to mean being dull or dour, on the contrary, they can be truly magical affairs’.  How right he is!

Some of TLCs clients are truly committed, not just to each other, but also to the environment. In the last couple of years we have helped to arrange several weddings where the brief has been to ensure that they are not only fabulous, stunning events but also that these weddings are as eco friendly as possible. That definitely doesn’t mean ditching high style and panache in favour of willies and pot plants – you can make your wedding more in tune with the environment with a few simple changes.

– Stay local – try and choose a venue which is as close to home, and to the registry office, church, mosque or synagogue, as possible. This reduces the amount of car travel required, not only for the happy couple but also for their guests.  Also arrange for guests to be transported by vintage coach or minibuses instead of 50 individual cars!

-Consider sending out invitations by email – or get them designed and printed locally on some of the good quality recycled card available or paper using vegetable-based inks.

-Source all your food and drink locally where possible. Why not consider serving a local brew with your meal instead of wine, and choose one of the high quality English sparkling wines instead of champagne for the toast?

-Who says you have to have a new wedding dress? Remember the old adage of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ and recycle a family heirloom or go vintage.

-For bridesmaids, try to ensure that you buy or have dresses made that can be worn again on special occasions.

-If you live near enough you could consider walking or even cycling to your wedding or civil ceremony! And a horse drawn carriage has always been a romantic and eco-friendly choice of wedding transport.

-Be creative when it comes to wedding favours. Consider gifts which benefit your chosen charity or choose Fair Trade chocolates for example.

– Create table displays with natural beeswax candles, scented herbs, lavender or displays of fresh seasonal fruits – so it’s edible too!

-If someone in your family is great at baking ask them to make your cake, or find a local baker who uses organic ingredients.

-When looking at venues, ask about their policy on sustainability – do they recycle, how energy efficient is the venue etc.

-Ditch bottled water in favour of iced tap water served in pretty coloured jugs

-Ask for wine to be opened on consumption so that there is no waste – saves money too!

-Plan your eco wedding list with an ethical company – there are plenty of them out there now offering this service.  Also look for minimal packaging on gifts and recycle the paper and cardboard after opening.

-When the big day is over, why not follow in the footsteps of previous generations and head off for your honeymoon by train? Your journey should be as memorable as your destination and there’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up together on an overnight sleeper to one of Europe’s grand cities such as Vienna or Budapest.

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 Aug 5th 2013

Spending Big on the Kids

I read in the press this weekend that celebrity kids are spoilt from the day they are pretty much born.  See KAI ROONEY

Kids of celebrities such as The Beckhams, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez have had the best that money can buy since birth.  Yes, they probably have …and why not.  If their parents earn the money and want to spend it on the kids, does that matter?  As long as the parents also invest time, love, discipline and compassion into the children, is spending their pay check on entertaining their children such as big problem?

Willy Wonka Narnia Wizard of Oz

I have planned some amazing kids parties, where parents choose to spend big on entertainment and theatrical staging, but everyone also has fun!  The children just love it and always seem genuinely grateful.  I would never encourage anyone to re-mortgage the home or spend more than they can afford, but if they earn the big money, what better way to spend it than on creating amazing childhood memories.

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