Top Three Party Styles for 2013

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2013 has seen a move away from the rich velvets, deep colours and plush textures of the ‘Downton Abbey’ inspired vintage influence, to a more fun interpretation and an eclectic take on vintage styling.  There have also been some popular choices this year, with many clients looking for the same theme to their party – but each deserving a unique interpretation.  We have, for …

Still Need Office Christmas Party Ideas?

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Still Need Office Christmas Party Ideas? Tired of going to the same place each year for your Christmas party? Desperately seeking some inspiration for something different to do?  In need of fresh Office Christmas party ideas..and quickly?  We may just have the solution with 10 ways to make this year’s office party something different – whatever the budget: –COOK YOU …

5 Key Elements for any Successful Corporate Event

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If you are tasked with planning a corporate event for the festive season, or indeed any time of the year, there is much to think about.  Not least is how to make the investment in the event pay off – in terms of engaging with your audience, raising your profile and creating a lasting impression.  Here’s five key components to …

New Gary Barlow Album

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Great to hear that Gary Barlow is releasing another album.  Click: Gary Barlow Such a great guy and a joy to work with him a couple of years ago on the inaugural Children in Need dinner in the north west.  Some great images from the night on our website, click: PARTY.  Good luck with the album Gary.  

10 Steps to Creating a Fabulous Welcome to Your Home Party

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With any event, the first impression is a lasting one, so if you’re planning to entertain at home this autumn remember to create an instant ‘welcome’.  From the moment guests see your home, you need to be sure that the fun begins.Some favourites tips of mine are: – candles along the drive way using inexpensive storm jars or lanterns.  These ones are fabulous …

Celebrity Wedding Planner’s Top Tips on Working with Your Wedding Venue

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Here’s some tips for all the brides and grooms out there on how to make the very most of your wedding venue: VENUE TIPS So if you are visiting your potential venues this weekend – bear in mind my advice – it could help you make the most of the space and your budget!

Office Christmas Party Planning

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Office Christmas Party Planning Office Christmas Party Planning can sometimes prove to be a real headache. Choosing the right venue, booking the entertainment, ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time….not to mention making sure the catering is up-to-scratch and injecting a little WOW factor to proceedings. Like no other time of year, all eyes are on …