Dec 23rd 2013

Create a Festive Table

Thanks to the team at Didsbury/Hale & Bowdon/Media City and Bonus Sapor Magazines for the lovely feature on p44-45.

If you haven’t already designed your festive table, check it our for some last minute ideas! Click: Festive Tips

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 Dec 23rd 2013

TLC puts a smile on the face of the Prince of Wales

TLC were delighted to be asked to provide entertainment for a private party of HRH The Prince of Wales last week.  Seems we brought a smile to those royal lips:

party entertainment


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 Dec 20th 2013

Great new images online now!

Stylish party ideas party catering ideas Stylish party ideas

Great new images are online now! Click: PARTY

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 Dec 19th 2013


December 19, 2013


This festive party season has certainly had some added X Factor for Manchester based event management specialists, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), as they round off a trio of high profile events by organising Gary Barlow’s private X Factor ‘after –show’ party in London earlier this week, helping the company to break last year’s three million pound turnover figure.

The last few weeks has seen the company stage the star-studded Winter Whites Gala hosted by HRH The Duke of Cambridge at Kensington Palace, and the Children in Need Gala planned in collaboration with X Factor and Take That star, Gary Barlow.  The string of celebrity events, in addition to improving corporate events business since the start of the financial year in April, means the company has broken last year’s three million pound turnover figure already this year, and is heading for one of its most successful years.

‘Sunday night’s party was held at One Marylebone, a stone’s throw from the site of the X Factor finals at Wembley, with the party style was chosen by Gary to reflect a contemporary Winter Wonderland, which was both stylish and fun’ commented Liz Taylor, managing director of Taylor Lynn Corporation

Celebrity partiesCelebrity parties

‘It was the latest in a line of amazing events over the last few weeks, so we were thrilled to be asked to get involved.  The celebrity events projects have certainly helped TLC towards one of our most successful year’s trading in five years.’

‘We have seen improvements in the corporate market and looking ahead this sector is strong again.  We have continued to invest in our online marketing activities and social media work, with a new website launched in the autumn, and are continuing to grow our share of the high-end wedding and private event business.’

Liz added: ‘Our on-going success reflects hard work, a dedicated team and consistently meeting the challenge of delivering creative ideas for our events, breaking new ground with venues, styling, entertainment and catering.  Now that’s a challenge that wakes me up every morning!’


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 Dec 19th 2013

TLC Plan Gary Barlow’s X Factor Party

 Celebrity parties Celebrity parties

The Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC)  were chosen to organise Gary Barlow’s  private X Factor ‘after –show’ party in London last Sunday.

The event was held at One Marylebone with the party style was chosen by Gary to reflect a contemporary Winter Wonderland. 

Guests included fellow X Factor judges, celebrity artists such as One Direction, friends, family & crew members.

A highlight – Nicole Scherzinger & One Direction’s Harry Styles exercising their mixology skills, as they helped the team mix up some fresh cocktails!

Images on line soon, so watch this space!!!


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 Dec 14th 2013

How to Create the Perfect Dinner Party Table

How to Create the Perfect Dinner Party Table

So all those Christmas food programmes and a series of parties over the New Year has inspired you, and suddenly you decide that in 2017 your inner ‘Delia’ needs to shine, so you invite a group of friends for a dinner party. The burning question – how to create the perfect dinner party table?

Getting the menu, ambience and drinks right is obviously important, but one key element that deserves just as much attention is the dinner table.  This needs to be the focal point to the night – so follow some practical advice to getting it right:

‘Before you start, decide on the formality of the dinner?  Family or adult?  Traditional or relaxed?  This will determine the style of your table setting.  There are also traditional ways to lay and dress a table, but don’t be afraid to break some rules….after all, it is your home and your dinner, so be creative!’ 

So, here’s our advice on How to Create the Perfect Dinner Party Table:

1- The table – will your dining space seat all the guests comfortably and with enough elbow room to eat and space to pull chairs out?  If not, consider hiring an extra table and chairs for the night. If it is a small dining area, look at hiring a Perspex/glass table and chairs to add to the sense of space.  This also adds a contemporary edge as you can keep your table design simple and go without linens.

perfect dinner party

2 – Dinner plan – Decide on a menu and style of dinner service.  For example, think if you will need to leave space in the centre of the table for serving dishes or a lazy Susan upon which you can serve mini desserts, or will everything be plated and served?  It will determine how you dress the table.

3 – Table linens – The more formal the dinner, the more lavish the linens.  For a contemporary feel, opt for plain white and for a more vintage edge, deep purples or dark reds.  Also think texture – metallic table linens are very popular for example.

4 – Cutlery – keep this simple and opt for silver for a modern feel, gold for a warm traditional look.  Ensure it is clean and you have enough to lay it for all courses.  If not, hire some for the night. As a general rule, place forks to the left and knives to the right of the place setting and in the order of its use, from the outside in, first course to main course.  For a more informal dinner, it’s fine to bring dessert cutlery out with the dessert and coffees.

5- Glassware – this can be a real feature so use an unusual shaped glass or something coloured to add to the décor.  Lay enough glasses for wines and water. The formal arrangement is to lay a water glass at the back, wine glass, then a dessert glass closest to your guest.

how to create the perfect dinner party table

6 – Table Plan – Personalise places with bespoke name cards, ice the names on a chocolate gift (which then does double-duty as a tasty treat), or chalk them on a small piece of slate for a rustic touch.  Select an element in keeping with your ‘theme’ and be creative!  Forget seating male next to female – too old hat in my book – more important I think to consider who is seated together so that conversation, not conflict, flows!

7 – Condiments – Offer individual salt and pepper pots, individual butter dishes and miniature gravy jugs for each person to stop guests stretching over the table or passing the gravy around!  There are lots of stores who sell these now, so invest in some and you will use them over and over.

8 – Candles – there are some fabulous candles now which can be a real focal point and table centre in their own right – adding colour, scent and warmth.  Just keep displays low for a family dinner, so the children don’t knock them over, or if rooms are small & with low ceilings. Try floating tea lights alongside flower petals in glass bowls or in Perspex boxes /troughs surrounded by flowers. High ceiling rooms look great with very tall, slim candles to emphasis height, and they don’t get in the way of dinner conversation.

Winter Wedding CandlesWinter Wedding CandlesWinter Wedding Candles

9 – Flowers – fresh flowers always look good on a dinner table.  Low displays or several small displays in a line are best in small dining rooms.  Also consider using seasonal produce such as apples, oranges and lemons in table displays, and at Christmas try nuts, cinnamon, dates and Satsuma for an amazing aroma and edible too!

10 – Napkins – should always be cloth and matching your table cloth.  If you aren’t using a table cloth, you can experiment with some of the lovely coloured napkins now available.  Fold in the centre of your plate charger or place setting, or tie with a napkin ring.

If you enjoyed reading our tips on how to create the perfect dinner party table, visit our gallery of party images at 

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 Dec 13th 2013

Top Christmas Cocktails!

top christmas cocktails

The festive season can be a whirlwind of parties and great night’s out.  If you are lucky enough to be hitting the Manchester social scene, be sure to drop into the new bar, Elixir Tonics & Treats…..the MOST sublime cocktails are on offer.

We took five minutes to chat to Dan and the Gang at Elixir – with one burning question on our mind.  What are the most popular Christmas cocktails this year?

Here’s their top 5 contenders (and their secret – well not very secret – recipe for a killer Candied Mojito!):

1.Candied Mojito


Cuban Rum, 10 mint leaves, juice of a whole lime, 5ml Brown Sugar, 10ml Sugar Syrup, Ice, Champagne (or Sparkling Wine) and Popping Candy.


Muddle 10 mint leaves with brown sugar, sugar syrup and lime juice in a tall glass.  Add 50ml Cuban rum, ice and stir through.  Top with a splash of champagne and a dusting of popping candy. Add a candy cane garnish and a mint sprig.

2. Brandy Blazer

3. Mince Pie Martini

4.Twisted Snowball

5. White Lady

Visit: Elixir Tonics & Treats at 123 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BY or in cyberspace at

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 Dec 13th 2013

Kourtney Kardashian and son Mason enjoy birthday ice skating trip

Ice skating seems to be a past time of the stars these days, as Kourtney Kardashian and son Mason found out.  Click: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN

Plus, Dancing on Ice is back for a final season in January with the amazing Troville and Dean, but if you cant wait that long, have a go yourself at the fabulous ice rink at Selfridges Trafford Centre. Click: ICE FUN


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 Dec 12th 2013


There’s nothing like getting together with your friends and family, and a baby shower is the perfect excuse for a party and to catch up with your nearest and dearest before the big day (and hopefully get some seriously cute presents for you and the baby!).

Some tips from experts Liz Taylor celebrity event management company Taylor Lynn Corporation and Lizzie of Tesco Loves Baby.

It sounds like fun but how do you organise one?

Liz Taylor of the celebrity event management company, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (, is often asked to advise or organise baby showers on behalf of her clients. “The baby shower is definitely becoming more popular here in the UK and, what was once a US phenomenon, is now definitely seen as the norm,” says Liz Taylor.

Mothers Who Work… For more on the article Click Here

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 Dec 10th 2013

Simon Cowell’s pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman celebrates at baby shower

Baby showers are no longer just the party of the stars: HELLO!

Traditionally, women who were expecting a baby could perhaps enjoy a few gifts in advance of the birth from close friends and family. Granny would be busy knitting lemon matinee jackets while the dad to be would spend hours pottering in the shed as he knocked up a crib or wooden toy truck to welcome his offspring’s arrival in the world. For working women, colleagues might have clubbed together to buy a shared gift and some flowers which would be presented to her on her last day at work before going off on maternity leave.

“But times are changing fast,” says Liz Taylor. “And today’s mum to be, as well as her excited friends, often expects a lot more. The Baby Shower is now seen as a must for many pregnant woman.”

“More and more of my clients are choosing to celebrate their pregnancy with a special baby shower event – often an intimate affair with closest friends and family”.

So if you are thinking about joining the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ritchie and Lauren Silvernman with a baby shower of your own, here’s some tips to help in the planning:

1. Think carefully about the venue. The guest of honour’s home is an obvious choice but think about the work involved not only before but also after the event. The last thing a heavily pregnant woman wants is to have to clear up after a party.

2. Consider hiring a venue such as a restaurant or hotel. That way someone else does all the hard work while you and your friends relax and enjoy this very special occasion. Just make sure its somewhere with plenty of comfy seating.

3. Many Baby Showers have a theme but try to keep it classy rather than trashy. Paris Hilton chose The Wizard of Oz for Nicole Ritchie’s baby shower, Britney Spears hosted a Moroccan themed baby shower before the birth of her second son Jayden and George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss hosted a classic afternoon tea party for pregnant friend Geri Halliwell.

Wizard of Oz PartyWizard of Oz PartyWizard of Oz Party

4. The best time to arrange a Baby Shower is around 4 – 8 weeks before the bay is due. If you are organising a Shower for a work colleague, the perfect time to hold the event is on their last day at the office.

5. Think carefully about food and drink. Make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and consider serving a selection of tempting healthy snacks and indulgent cakes to nibble on rather than a formal sit down meal.

6. Make it fun – most American Baby Showers feature a game or two to get the party going. Invite guests to send in a picture of themselves as a baby in advance and then get everyone to match the baby to the guest. Buy some Play Dough and ask guests to make their own babies with a cute prize for the winner.

7. If you are organising a Baby Shower for a friend make sure you consult with her (or if it’s a surprise with her partner, mum or other close friend or relative) so you don’t miss anyone off the guest list.

8. Consider investing in a nappy cake. Yes really! A must at any American Baby Shower the nappy cake is becoming more and more popular in the UK with several companies now offering these actually rather delightful decorative centre pieces which are made using rolled (clean) nappies as a base then decorated with anything from flowers and chocolates to teddy bears, baby clothes and bottles of champagne or wine. Alternatively, opt for a cake which reflect the style of your party. Click: ALICE IN WONDERLAND CAKE

9. Put together a Baby Shower list – that way, instead of being inundated with an excess of cute newborn outfits you can stock up on other essential items in advance of the birth. Of course, depending on your guests, the list could include items from Baby Dior or Versace Young, Baby Gap or even Next.

10. A sentiments book is a lovely thing to have at a Baby Shower. Buy a pretty notebook and ask everyone to write a special wish in it as a lasting memory for the parents and child in years to come.

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