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  It all started with Catherine and Will’s big day back in April 2011 and it’s seen a resurgence ever since.  Traditional weddings are hot right now and are gaining even more momentum in 2014.  The widespread anticipation of Catherine’s dress and guest list, her now famous arrival at Westminster Abbey complete with beautiful bridesmaid Pippa and the television coverage …

Need Help to Write That Best Man’s Speech?

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It’s a question that many men dread when their best friend/brother etc. decides to get married… ‘will you be my best man?’ and the main reason why is the best man’s speech.  There are so many things to take into account and it’s a minefield even thinking about what to talk about, let alone actually giving the speech on the …

Right Royal Affair – M&IT Magazine

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MIT_761237_CASE-HISTORY-ROYAL-AFFAIR.pdf Thanks to Belinda Booker at M&IT Magazine for the fabulous feature on the Winter Whites Gala 2013 at Kensington Palace.  We loved working on this event and such as great charity too. Click: Winter Whites    

Advice on choosing the right venue for a corporate event

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They say location, location, location – and that is definitely true when choosing any event for any occasion.  But for a corporate event, it is even more crucial. In difficult economic times we have to consider how delegates will access a venue more than ever.  Can they get there by low-cost airline rather than the dearer scheduled flights?  Can they car …

David Beckham May Play with Lego – but he is not alone!

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I see in the news that David Beckham has admitted to playing with Lego as a way of relieving stress (CLICK: BECKHAM), but he is not alone in understanding the power of revisiting ones youth to find inner peace. Well that may be a bit over the top, but one thing I can say for sure is that retro kids toys …