Mar 25th 2014

Circulate Food for Success

If you’re looking to wow your guests at a special event this year, you’re in luck as there are some terrific new innovative serving concepts around, that will help create an outstanding and memorable event.

Plain old serving trays are so last year…or last century even!  2014 sees a number of new inventive ways to serve and circulate food and drinks.   

Wrap-around serving trays are the latest fun innovation when it comes to presenting finger foods. These Perspex body trays wrap completely around the servers body and are a fantastic development, as not only do they look amazing, particularly with their integral lighting, but you’ll be able to get more food out to your guests!

Catering ideas

Taking this concept a little further, are oyster belts.  Servers wear belts with oyster filled buckets attached.  Once shucked, the server can take away the empty oyster shell and continue mingling!  A fun and cheeky way to welcome guests at a wedding reception perhaps!

There is also an increasing number of inventive ways to circulate drinks.  One of my favourites is the use of ornate filigree bird cages to suspend and carry vintage, champagne goblets to guests.  Intertwined with ivy or even miniature white lights, these elegant, lightweight cages can also be used to create a stunning table centrepiece.

innovative catering ideas

If that’s all little too feminine and sedate for your event, you can really rev things up with a mixology mechanic, perfect for any group of petrol-heads! Not with a bag of tricks but with a box of tools, your jump-suited mixologist will create bespoke cocktails at your table and is guaranteed to make your party move up a gear!

Catering ideas

Food stations and buffet bars are also transforming – don’t expect to have to wait in line at a boring white linen table at the next party you attend.  Caterers have started having fun! 

 A sure-fire way to raise an eyebrow and certainly a laugh are integrated tables. Similar in concept to ‘living sculptures’, costumed performers sit motionless at the centre of the serving table, with head and shoulders visible and unexpectedly help to serve the guests.  Whilst perhaps not for the feint-hearted, it’s certainly the perfect ice-breaker!

Catering ideas Catering ideas innovative catering ideas

Successful event organisers always endeavour to theme an evening from top-to-toe.  This aim has in recent years seen a move toward creating the most innovative theatrical ‘sets’ incorporating bars, serving tables and hot food stations with chafing dishes from which to serve hot food . 

I have also seen a new trend toward sharing dishes at events.  This ranges from huge tapas style Mediterranean platters dominating the table at larger functions to dainty duo dishes, designed to be shared by adjacent guests.  This idea is something to bear in mind if you think your invitees need a little encouragement to mix and also offers them a greater variety of food.

And let’s not forget the place settings.  There is a definite preference for bespoke, individualised table settings at the moment, with personal cruet sets and miniature gravy boats, perfect for a more refined dining experience.












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 Mar 21st 2014

Mother’s Day Brunch Planning Tips

Mother’s Day Brunch Planning Tips

Mother’s Day can be a challenge, especially when you become a mum yourself and often have two or three generations of mums and in laws to keep happy. If small children are involved, you can also find that going out to celebrate can be stressful – so here are some Mother’s Day Brunch Planning Tips to help – even giving you chance for that all-important lie in yourself!

Liz Taylor is not only CEO and Creative Director of the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC) but also a proud Grandmother – or is it ‘Glam-mother’! And with her own mother to treat as well on Mother’s Day, she has plenty of ideas for creating a family event to remember.

She comments: “Americans are fabulous as creating the perfect brunch – a meal that suits families of all ages and sizes and is possible to create with total style in your own home.”

Here are Liz’s Mother’s Day Brunch Planning Tips to help you to create a memorable day:

Perfect Planning

This should be first on any list of Mother’s Day Brunch Planning Tips. Allowing you the opportunity for a stress-free day, despite being the host, is all about the planning. Whilst it is great to create culinary masterpieces from scratch, there is also a time and a place for buying in the best you can get. Look at your menu and decide what you can do yourself, brilliantly, and which elements to leave to the experts – for me that’s the pastries – a wonderful local bakery that creates cinnamon buns to die for and mouth-watering sugar free desserts for those watching their waistline!

Handmade Heaven

Invitations are a lovely touch even if they are only for a chosen few – hand made by children really tops the bill. Whether that be handprints on card, using family photos or collages with pressed flowers. An email just doesn’t compare!

Miami Moment

Set the majority of your table the night before, leaving only the floral elements to the morning. Brunch should be clean and fresh so look at utilising crisp white tablecloths and crockery with wooden bowls and candleholders giving a real feel of Miami’s famous Delano Hotel, which serves one of the most fabulous brunch menus I’ve sampled. You can bring in some colour with light citrus hues in your flowers and napkins and remember to keep your table centre décor low. This day is all about conversation and sharing so you don’t want it to get in the way.

Or keep on trend with the rustic theme. A wooden table lined with small terracotta pots of herbs and seasonal flowers, Simple white napkins, painted chairs and white candles give a fuss-free finish.

Miniature Magic

Miniature bouquets really personal touch to a Mother’s Day table – crocuses or similar Spring flowers are likely to be in season and make the perfect favour. Or wrap small scented candles such as ones from the wonderful Jo Malone range which work well. These can also make a gorgeous addition to the table décor. A simple white cloth lined with an eclectic mix of small potted flowers.

Sweet and Savoury

A great brunch is all about not being afraid to mix the sweet and savoury. Think about how you can perfect the basics such as the pancake, and then add your own twist to enhance the experience with creative toppings such as a choice of melted cheeses or tempting toffee and banana – a kid’s favourite!

All American?

When putting together your menu think about all your guests from the young to the old and dietary needs, as well as considering what will keep you out of the kitchen and seated at the table with your guests. Popular choices can include smoothies for little ones, fresh fruit granola for those trying to keep an eye on their health, avocado on toast, a vegan banana bread  (delicious!), smoked salmon bagels and fabulous maple glazed bacon and eggs for that all-American feel. These can be prepped in advance and simply popped in the oven.


Floral Fizz

A few select cocktails can make the event feel more special – popular brunch cocktails include the popular Bloody Mary, and Bucks Fizz, or a very simple glass of champagne with an edible hibiscus flower floating the glass for a real feminine touch.

For the gin connoisseurs, try a White Lady – simple and fruity! Non-alcoholic cocktails are popular too – I am fond of iced homemade lemonade (ideal for the kids also) or go for one of the fabulous non-alcohol sparking wines and transform into a Bellini. For more ideas, take a look at these MOCKTAIL ideas.

Crafty Thanks

When it comes to gifts it’s all about home crafting. If children are making the gifts you could try some trinket dishes made from air dry clay and hand painted. Try large pebbles painted in bright colours (acrylic pens also do the job). Or a crafted box filled with homemade, heart shaped biscuits. Otherwise there is often nothing more beautiful than a simple hand-tied bouquet of spring flowers, or a pot growing miniature daffodils.

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 Mar 17th 2014

Boosting the Business Breakfast this Spring

Finally, spring really does seem to have sprung!  How fabulous it is to be woken by, dare I say it, some sunshine peeping through the curtains.  With the mornings set to get even lighter when the clocks change at the end of the month and temperatures beginning to creep up, my thoughts have turned to boosting breakfast meetings.

Here are some of my top tips for a successful business breakfast – it is the most important meal of the day after all, so it’s important to get it spot-on!

– Get the room right.  Firstly, you need to choose somewhere central with good transport links, your guests may be travelling earlier than their usual commute so make it as easy as possible for them.  Opt for a light, airy meeting room that lets in as much natural light as possible – this will help to ease your guests into the day – if you can, for a summer meeting, wow your clients with a rooftop terrace – but make sure you have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t play ball!     

– In this day and age, for many people, breakfast is all about the coffee – so don’t disappoint your coffee connoisseurs.  Satisfy those looking for that early morning caffeine hit by hiring a skilled barrista complete with stylish retro mobile coffee bar.  Not only will this look fabulous but your meeting room will smell divine!  Whatever you do though, don’t neglect the die-hard tea drinkers – offer them a variety of loose leaf teas and fruit teas with a choice of milk or lemon and make sure that there are caffeine-free alternatives of all your hot drinks.

– Consider your budget.  If funds are quite tight, make your breakfast meeting fruity!  Fresh fruit is a great cheap and nutritious option in the morning.  If you can, go exotic and give your guests a treat with a fabulous display.  Freeze citrus slices into bowls of ice and fill them with more unusual fruits such as kiwi, mango, dragon fruit or guava.  Add shot glasses filled with granola, fruit and yogurt. Complement it by creating a colourful juice bar.  In addition to the expected orange, apple and pineapple juice, fill funky coloured glass jugs with more unusual choices such as blueberry, raspberry, peach nectar and coconut water and encourage your guests to create their own morning cocktails!


– Remember, most breakfast meetings are short, so make them sweet!  Rather than offering your guests traditional cooked breakfast items, I suggest an assortment of delicious bite-sized pastries, still warm from a local artisan bakery. Scrambled eggs and bacon require more effort to eat – and leave a lingering aroma!  Your client needs to focus their time and attention on the meeting, so opt for finger foods and go cutlery-free, that way your attendees will find it much easier to make notes. 

– It’s all in the detail.  Make sure your clients remember the meeting by adding a few extra special touches.  Your visitors may not have had time to check the news on the web, or grabbed their daily newspaper so make sure there is a selection of them to take away.  Another touch my clients love, is to offer all attendees an ‘elevensies’ goodie bag.  Include some pastries, granola bars, along with whole fruit and juice for that mid-morning tummy rumble!  If you want to, why not include a logoed travel cup with a packet of ground coffee or box of tea to help get your business known around town!     

Get it right and your clients will leave you feeling energised, informed and focused, ready to face the day – and their in-box!


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 Mar 14th 2014

Choosing the right wine for the wedding

There’s one of two ways to organising the wine at a wedding: 1 – the venue manages it or 2: you manage/organise the catering/wine yourself.  Either way we’ve listed out important points to help make sure you have the best wine at your wedding that suits your taste buds and that everyone will enjoy.

1 – Don’t be intimidated by this part of the wedding.  The majority of people aren’t wine experts, but you can learn pretty quickly and there’s lots of help out there.   If the venue is organsing the wedding work with your contact to ensure you have the most appropriate wine for the food and your taste buds, and doesn’t blow the whole of your budget!  If you’re organising the wine yourself call up your local wine merchant who will be experienced in helping couples choose the right wines and should be able to help whatever the budget.

2 – There’s lots of drink calculators online that help work out how much wine etc you will need for the entire wedding.  Think about how many glasses per person for the red and white wine, champagne and sparkling wine.  If you’re organising the wine these are a great tool to use, and even if the venue is ordering the wine, make sure you work out how much you think you need beforehand and discuss with the event co-ordinator.

3 – For the speeches you can splash out on more expensive champagnes.  There are also some great Proseccos which are cheaper, have a delicate, dry taste, are easy to drink and taste delicious for the welcome drinks.

4 – Don’t be scared of pairing the right wine with the food menu.  Ask the venue to present you with a few options for both white and red and organise a tasting of the food and wine together and then make a final decision.  You can even invite a few friends and family along to get their opinion.  Think about a New Zealand Cabernet or Shiraz for red meat but make sure it’s not too ‘heavy’.  Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay always work well with fish and poultry and satisfy most people’s taste buds.  Or think about serving a Rose.  If the main meal is heavy or includes lots of spices Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc work well. They won’t take over the palette and are refreshing.  Also bear in mind the time of the year – spring and summer weddings require light fruit wines, whilst autumn and winter weddings can take a ‘spicer’ wine.  It’s the norm to have a couple of bottles and white and red on each table with half a bottle person and a little more just in case and think about a menu with pairing recommendations on the table to make it easy for guests.

5 – If you’re organising/ordering the wine don’t forget to negotiate a sale or return policy.  It’s best to over order and then simply return what you haven’t used.  Most merchants will drop off and pick up and will also offer glass hire, ice, ice buckets and chiller bins. Try and work with one company for everything – it will make organising it so much easier.  If you are ordering from your venue, ask for wine to be charged ‘on consumption’.  That way they will only open and charge for what is needed.

6 – Enjoy the wine, and remember to keep a cork from the champagne bottle as a memento of your special day!

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 Mar 13th 2014

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

In these eco-conscious times, as we all become increasingly aware of the need to reduce our own personal footprint, and some of the most fashionable couples are now seeking advice on ways to make sure their wedding is as green as it is white. Our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips are designed to offer ways in which you can acknowledge a more sustainable approach to your big day – without compromising on style (in fact it can add to it) or losing the sense of fun!

Here’s thoughts from our MD, Liz Taylor: “Some clients are truly committed, not just to each other, but also to the environment. In the last couple of years I have helped to arrange several weddings where my brief has been to ensure that they are not only fabulous, stunning events but also that these weddings are as eco-friendly as possible,” says Liz . “And there is certainly a trend towards greener weddings, with more and more couples now asking for invitations to be printed on recycled paper, for example, or wanting to know more about a potential venue’s policy on sustainability,” she claims.

Liz says there are many advantages of organising a ‘green’ wedding and they can even help you stretch your budget that little bit further. “By planning your own eco-friendly wedding you are not only doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, you are also helping to educate friends and family by and encouraging them to become more environmentally conscious themselves,” she explains.

“After attending an eco-friendly wedding that I helped to arrange, one high profile guest told me that he now realised that being green didn’t have to mean being dull or dour,” says Liz. “On the contrary, I believe that eco-friendly weddings can be truly magical affairs that your guests will be talking about for months and even years afterwards.”

Liz offers the following 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips if you are planning your own ‘greener’ wedding:

Stay local – try and choose a venue which is as close to home, and to the registry office, church, mosque or synagogue, as possible. This reduces the amount of car travel required, not only for the happy couple but also for their guests.

Consider sending out invitations by email – or get them designed and printed locally on some of the good quality recycled card available or paper using vegetable-based inks.

Source all your food and drink locally where possible. Why not consider serving a local brew with your meal instead of wine, and choose one of the high quality English sparkling wines instead of Champagne for the toast?  Local food is a must here. It doesn’t ever need to compromise on the presentation – in fact that should be as creative as possible – but local produce and popular local dishes can really enhance the occasion.

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-When it comes to transport for guests, encourage them to leave their cars behind and take the train if they are travelling from further afield. And if they need to travel between venues, it is far greener to hire a vintage coach, or fabulous London red bus (as we did for a client’s 40th recently) than for everyone to use their own vehicles – and they can all enjoy a drink too!  If you live near enough you could consider walking or even cycling to your wedding or civil ceremony! And a horse drawn carriage has always been a romantic and eco-friendly choice of wedding transport.  How about a bicycle made for two???

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-Fifth on our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips list – instead of cut flowers why not use pot plants or even potted herbs as table decorations instead.There are also a range of amazing natural beeswax candles which look great, or use colourful, decorative recycled bottles and containers as tea light holders, or choose seasonal fruits, nuts and foliage to create a table display.  Guests could then take them home with them after the celebrations..or nibble them on the big day!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-Choose a bouquet and button holes which use locally grown flowers rather than those which have to be flown in from abroad.  Seasonal, local flowers can often be less expensive too.

-Be creative when it comes to wedding favours. Consider gifts which benefit your chosen charity or choose Fair Trade chocolate to create a chocolate gift and place name plaque. Or for a winter wedding, try a recycled jar filled with Fairtrade ingredients to make the perfect hot-chocolate. One couple are even reported to have given their guests packets of garden flower seeds and a pretty jute bag containing an energy efficient light bulb – now how’s that for a talking point?!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

-When looking at venues, ask about their policy on sustainability – do they recycle, how energy efficient is the venue etc..

-Plan your eco wedding list with an ethical company – there are plenty of them out there now offering this service.

-For glamorous place settings, use some of the fabulous linens that can be washed at 30 degrees to save energy.

Oh, and one added tip…when the big day is over, why not follow in the footsteps of previous generations and head off for your honeymoon by train? Your journey should be as memorable as your destination and there’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up together on an overnight sleeper to one of Europe’s grand cities such as Vienna or Budapest.  Think Orient Express!

10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Hope our 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips have been useful.  Why not check this out for more advice

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 Mar 10th 2014

Fantastic new images online!

party styling ideas party styling ideas party styling ideas

Take a look at images from our latest party!


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 Mar 6th 2014

Getting Married Abroad Tips

Getting Married Abroad Tips

Kim and Kanye West chose romantic Paris for their wedding, and an increasing number of UK couples are also looking follow suit; taking to foreign cities and tropical islands for their big day.   I have planned many elegant weddings abroad.  From tropical beaches to boutique hotels on sun-drenched Barbados.  Romantic Paris to the popular destinations of Venice and Rome.  But is a wedding abroad right for you? Our ‘Getting Married Abroad Tips’ should help you assess if this is a romantic option that will work for you and your family. Or whether it will end in disaster!  

Although it may seem to be an expensive option initially – tropical wedding day – you tend to have a smaller wedding and so in the long run it can be a less expensive option than first assumed.  My clients lean towards bespoke wedding days in exclusive locations. Low cost airlines mean we can transport families to most destinations across the globe, without blowing the budget!  Allowing us to invest in the best locations and finest entertainment.  For those on a more modest budget. There are also lots of options for ‘off the shelf’ wedding packages that also save you a lot of time and planning stress, which some couples love.  More than that though. A wedding abroad if often a real dream come true, ultra-romantic and avoids the headaches of bad British weather!

On the other side – it’s likely that many of your friends and family won’t be able to afford the time or money to attend.  This may mean they become upset that you have opted to be married abroad. (Consider a blessing in the UK, so that they can still feel a part of things). 

So to help you decide if a wedding abroad is right for you, here’s some our ‘Getting Married Abroad Tips’ to help:

getting married abroad tips


-Research your venue thoroughly – as you would in the UK.  Get advice not only from booking agents, but also from tourist boards, embassy websites, wedding websites and other independent sources.

-Use a wedding planner, particularly in a country where there could be legal, cultural or language issues.  A good wedding planner can deal with all the local logistics for you, and booking directly with the wedding planner can save you time and money. They can usually get you the best deal on all aspects of the wedding.  Plus they may well know your venue and what works, and doesn’t.

-Make sure you have all the visas and paperwork you need at least 12 weeks before the wedding day. Sometimes it can take several months to obtain the correct documentation from the relevant authorities so plan early.

-Make sure you buy a wedding dress which is appropriate for the weather in which you are getting married.  A full skirted dress may be too warm if you get married in the tropics.  If marrying in a hot climate, aim for a cooler time of day and protect yourself from sunburn or insect bites beforehand.  Please don’t get sunburnt the day before your wedding…strap mark hell!

getting married abroad tips

RELATED TOPIC:8 Most Stressful Things About Planning a Wedding

-Check the fine logistics for the wedding day.  What happens if it rains? Can you choose flowers once there?  Can you play your own CDs or I-pod collection?  What food & drink is included? Are hair and beauty services included in the wedding package? Is there space to dine and dance?

-Avoid that ‘bridal conveyor-belt’ feeling!  When choosing your venue for a wedding abroad make sure you ask how many couples could also marry there on the same day.

-Send out “save the date” cards to your guests well in advance of the wedding date. The more notice they have the more likely they are to be able to join you for a wedding abroad.  People need to get time off work and save.

-Check the weather for the time of year and country in which you wish to get married. You don’t want the big day to be about battling a hurricane.  Also check the time of the ceremony. When is the sun at its hottest, when does the sun set, when does it go dark – all important to know in advance.

getting married abroad tips

-Relax and enjoy your big day!  (but just in case the celebrations are enjoyed rather too much, make sure everyone takes out some good travel insurance).

I hope our ‘Getting Married Abroad Tips’ have helped you.  Wherever you decide to get married, the important thing is to ensure the big day is designed around the happy couple.  Make it personal

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 Mar 5th 2014

Keeping the Home Fires Burning – Tips for a Housewarming Party

As the property market is showing some signs of recovery, click: Guardian, I am once again getting enquiries from clients asking me to create fabulous house warming soirees.  Not just to impress the neighbours, although undoubtedly this plays a role for some, but also to introduce the family to the neighbourhood and celebrate their new home.

Here’s some tips on staging a successful housewarming event:

Guests – Firstly keep your guest list manageable and make sure that the people you’re inviting have enough in common to be able to mingle and chat comfortably.  “A guest list of around fifteen people is ideal for a cocktail style party, but this will also depend on the size of your home and format of the night.” says Liz.  “But if you want to serve a sit-down meal, opt for less numbers and choose depending on how many you can seat and cater for.”

”Give everyone a couple weeks’ notice. You can’t beat a printed invitation I think and include an RSVP contact and start/end times, so everyone will know what to expect.  Also let them know if you are providing food on the night.’ 

Preparation – even if you have just moved in, you should clean and scrub the house from top to bottom (or hire in a cleaning company to give the place the once over if you can’t face the hassle).  Make sure bathrooms are well stocked with supplies and fresh towels, vacuum throughout and buy some lovely scented candles to light up the night.

If the weather warms up and you choose an al fresco party, scrub decks, mow lawns, jet clean patios and ensure all your pots and flower beds are in great shape after the winter months, perhaps consider buying or hiring in some new planted pots for that extra special touch.

‘Clean mirrors, doorknobs and your front steps – it’s all in the detail’ says Liz

”Before the guests arrive I put the cars into the garage to give everyone lots of parking space. I sometimes add colourful flowers in pots near the front door or for an evening event, tea-lights in storm jars along the driveway or inexpensive lanterns add a real sense of arrival.”

Party Style – “I would avoid “themed nights”.  The purpose of a housewarming party is to show off your new house, so I have found that simple stylish decorations will work best.” 

If the party is to be hosted inside then the most elegant atmospheres can be created with dimmed lighting and scented candles.  Liz recommends the Jo Malone range will cost a little more, but burn for hours and smell wonderful. 

Liz adds, “Consider table centrepieces with candles and spring flowers for added colour and warmth, and be sure to dress dark areas in your hallway, such as under the stairs, with an array of beautiful candles or lights to welcome guests.”

If the party will mainly be outside, Liz often uses chunky candles in storm jars along the patio, hires patio heaters or chimineas for warmth, adds colourful blankets to chairs and drapes twinkling lights in trees or uses garden lighting to really set the mood.

Changing weather conditions must always be taken into consideration with an outdoor party – have an indoor contingency plan for guests should the heavens open on the day – think gazebos for the patio and, for larger events a marquee or other similar structure is an absolute must.

WOW – Liz adds “Whatever type of party you go for, I always advise on choosing one key thing which will give your event the ‘Wow’ factor – whether this is placing hundreds of lit tea lights around the garden, using stunning table decorations or a surprise entertainer to wow guests; it will make your night memorable.” 

Catering – will depend largely on your budget, time and culinary ability.  Try to prepare the food yourself if you can on the day of the party – light snacks, buffet and finger food are usually best and easiest to serve.

“If you can’t face the mess or haven’t found the kitchen utensils yet, just bring in the caterers!  Be sure that the finger foods are replenished throughout the party and try to personally serve some of the food – even if you didn’t make it yourself!”

Keeping drinks simple is Liz’s advice – serve premium bottled beers, good wine or Champagne cocktails such as a Bellini or Kir Royale and always keep mineral water or soft drinks handy and in stock for people who do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Keep the Party Going – “If your budget allows, splash out on some live entertainment – a contemporary string quartet playing on your lawn or a fabulous firework display to round off the night.   Alternatively create a great playlist on your I-pod to set the mood of the party.”

The hosts should greet every guest as they arrive and show them where to put coats.  Give them a brief tour of the home (they’ll be dying to look around), show them to where the main focus of the party will be held and introduce them to other guests – it will help to break the ice.

As the party goes on, mingle. It’s your responsibility as the host to make sure everyone feels welcome and pampered. Move around and ask if your guests need a drink refilled or anything else.

Enjoy! – “The key though is to have fun! If you’re having a good time your guests will probably enjoy themselves too, and your housewarming party could be the start of a whole new passion for fabulous entertaining in your new home” says Liz

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 Mar 5th 2014

Gain New & P-interesting Ideas for Your Next Event

Visit our Pinterest pages for some fabulous new ideas, inspiration and images to help in planning your next big event: Click ‘Pinterest’

Alice in Wonderland Party


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 Mar 1st 2014

Mother of the Bride – helping her to look and feel amazing on the big day

There are two simple words that the mother of the bride needs to remember when shopping for her outfit – sexy and stylish! Gone are the days your mums outfit has to blend into the background.  It’s a great opportunity for the mother of the bride to indulge herself and purchase an outfit that’s bang on trend and ensures she looks sexy and very stylish on the big day. 

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for mums to really pamper themselves.  There’s so much to choose from including wedding designers, high street retailers and even famous designers are now creating outfits that give the mother of the bride the outfit of her dreams and make sure she look 100% glamorous.

More and more wedding dress shops are selling complete mother of the bride outfits and can advise on a style that suits best.  Some of the big retailers have personal shoppers and it’s always worth considering making an appointment with one of them as they can help with the whole ensemble – hat/fascinator, jewellery, shoes and handbag. If money is no object then some designers have beautiful dresses that can be appropriate.

Colour is always a hugely important factor when deciding on what is appropriate. It was once the given to blend in with the bridesmaids but this doesn’t has to be the case.  As long as their outfits don’t clash horribly and fit with the theme of the wedding, choose a favourite colour that is suitable for day to night and that looks a million dollars.  Don’t discount black as it can look fab (I wore it for my own daughter’s wedding).  One last thing on colour – find out what the groom’s mother plans to wear.  Both mums in the same colour simply won’t do.

Wedding Day Style

Always ensure that her outfit flatters the body shape and makes the most of mum’s best bits – whether that’s bum or boobs ensure make sure they are accentuated and look fabulous. 

Think about the time of the year – spring can often be chilly so a beautifully frock coat a la Carole Middleton and Camilla at Catherine and Will’s wedding is the perfect solution.  She can wear at the ceremony, pictures and then take off after the meal.

Comfort sounds boring, but it needn’t be.  Whether it’s nipped in at the waist, free flowing, maxi style esque, above or below the knee it’s important to remember that the outfit has to last most of the day and night so it has to feel comfortable. Six inch heels can make feet sore after a couple of hours so make sure she sticks to kitten heels or a lower heel that still make the most of her legs but don’t mean she will topple over after the champagne reception.

Don’t let her stress out about the hat.  Some people simply don’t suit hats or fascinators so a beautiful flower in the hair can work best and make the outfit work.  Best thing is to do is consult with the bridal hairdresser and what works for the particular hairstyle.

Finally book her in for a facial and a massage – this will help skin glow and relax before the big day.

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