Nov 25th 2015

Taylor Lynn Corporation Delivering Strong Festive Results with the Help of Two New Recruits



The Manchester based events management company, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), has seen growth in both its 2015 Christmas events bookings and its workforce this month, with bookings up by 20% on this time last year and two new additions to the team.


The company has strengthened its event management team, based at the company’s UK headquarters in Old Trafford, with two new appointments. Emma Palmer joins in the role of events manager, bringing four years of experience from working at TEP Events International and her UK events co-ordinator role at Hewlett Packard.  Her new job will include the planning, designing and managing of both corporate events and weddings.


Laura Callaghan also joins as TLC’s intern for 12 months from Plymouth University, and works with the team in planning private and corporate events.


Bookings for Christmas events have increased by 20% on this period last year, with the growth being seen mainly in the private events sector.  The company also reports that budgets for festive events have increased marginally, but overall remain static from last year.


Liz Taylor, managing director of TLC, said: ‘2015 has been a strong year overall for TLC.’


‘We’re forecasting good growth in our private events business of around 30% by the end of the financial year and a small increase in the corporate market, but with Christmas event bookings a real highlight by rising strongly once again.  Budgets for festive events have risen slightly, mainly in recognition of increased costs rather than a real terms growth though, but I am delighted that more businesses are once again investing in their festive recognition and reward events.‘


‘Our mantra of quality through creativity and consistency is clearly paying dividends as we’ve welcomed a number of new clients on board this year.  I am particularly delighted thought that we have also increased the number of customers that use our services time and time again.  Repeat customers now accounting for 68% of the bookings so far this year.  Happy clients clearly return to you!’   


2016-17 is already looking to be strong for TLC, with a large number of corporate events and large weddings already booked, and long range business forecasts predicting growth in both turnover and profits for the financial year.


Liz adds: ‘We’ve taken on two new members of staff who both bring with them a creative flair along with the ability to understand clients and a passion for implementing the best events in the UK and around the world.  We’re looking forward to the challenges ahead!’ 


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 Nov 20th 2015

Best 6 winter wedding venues in the north west

Best 6 winter wedding venues in the north west

Whether you want country or city, contemporary or traditional, there is a winter wedding venue to suit every taste. Here the best 6 winter wedding venues in the north west from 2016, according to our reckoning, to help you start your search:

Tatton Park

This National Trust country house, set in 1000 acres of beautiful parkland, is a wonderful choice for any time of year. Although guests may not want to explore the gardens in the colder months, there is always something magical about the sweeping drive from the gated entrance to the 18th century mansion, spotting wild deer along the way. At Christmas you can also make the most of the hall’s festive decorations. The eye-catching tree set in one of the mansion’s expansive bay windows and the fresh garlands from the parkland stretching to the top of the grand staircase make for a stunning photographic backdrop.

top winter wedding venues

Victoria Warehouse

This had to be on the list of the best 6 winter wedding venues in the north west – I celebrated my daughter’s wedding at this versatile industrial venue, so it goes without saying that not only is it one of the best north west venues to say, ‘I do’, it is also one of my personal favourites. As its name suggests, this is a former industrial warehouse and the expanse of space inside lends itself to any number of themes. You really can let your imagination run wild here. It also allows catering for large groups – up to 850 for a sit-down meal. I love it – it’s unique, beautiful and Mancunian to the core.

top winter wedding venues

Great John Street Hotel

This quirky boutique hotel in the centre of Manchester was once a Victorian school house, and still has many charming features and old photographs to remind you of its previous life. Its Rooftop Lounge may at first sound like an unusual choice for a winter wedding, until you see that it is completely undercover with wall to ceiling windows looking out onto a playground with heated veranda. It is fun – well it once was a real child’s playground – has its own private bar and can cater for former seated wedding breakfasts as well as winter barbecues and hog roasts.

top winter wedding venues

Cloud 23 at Hilton Deansgate Manchester

Wherever you are in Manchester city centre you will see the tall shining tower that is the Hilton, Deansgate. Cloud 23 is its skyline bar, situated on the 23rd floor with floor-to-ceiling windows offering unrivalled views across Manchester city centre. The entire bar venue is available for private hire and holds a wedding license so that you can exchange vows looking over the city. The added bonus of a winter wedding means that within a couple of hours you get to enjoy the panoramic views in daylight and starlight, as well as watching an unforgettable sunset.

top winter wedding venues

Arley Hall

This Victorian Country House built in Elizabethan style offers both romance and exclusivity. When you book your wedding you can rest assured that the venue will be holding no other party to gate crash or outdo yours because the Hall is exclusively yours for the day. The 18 acres of garden and the grandeur of the house, with its lavish ceilings, elaborate carvings, and stained glass windows create a wonderful backdrop for wedding photographs. There is also a private family chapel on the estate if you would like a wedding blessing.

top winter wedding venues

Knowsley Hall

Stately Homes offer a fairy tale backdrop for a wedding at any time of year, and Knowsley Hall is one of the best. It’s not just me saying that, it has been awarded the 5* Gold Standard by Visit Britain, which makes its special in anyone’s eyes. The Hall is decorated for Christmas from 1 December and to add an extra glow flame lanterns line the approach. There is genuine warmth to the welcome that comes from this being a family home since 1385, owned by Lord Derby and the Stanley family.  And by celebrating here you too can live like royalty, enjoying the elegance of the exquisite State Dining Room is exquisite with its giant solid oak doors, antique gold chandelier and original fireplaces.





If you enjoyed reading about the best 6 winter wedding venues in the north west, take a look at our wedding venue gallery for more ideas:


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 Nov 15th 2015

5 romantic winter proposal ideas to adapt and make your own

December is the most popular month of the year for marriage proposals and I like nothing better than getting involved in helping a client find the perfect way to pop the question. There is so much about winter that is romantic – snuggling together, bracing walks, frosted trees, snow, roaring log fires, Christmas and the hope of a new year.

It’s great if you can call on a professional, like me, to help create your perfect winter wonderland setting in which to propose, but the most important thing about a proposal is that it is heartfelt. And if you’re looking for inspiration here are some romantic winter proposal ideas you can adapt and make your own.

Light the way

Make the most of the dark evenings by making a luminous proposal. There are so many ways to do this. I always find the soft light of candles irresistibly romantic, and if there is no breeze spelling your proposal in tea-lights is always a winner. Using out-door string lights on the front of the house, glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling, or a trail of candles through the house to a circle enclosing a ring work wonderfully too.


Enjoy the thrill

Winter sports are fast and invigorating – what better way to get your heart racing. Well, we do know one better way, so why not combine the two? There are plenty of out-door ice rinks at this time of year. If you plan ahead you can always ask to hire the rink just for the two of you for a half-hour to keep it clear from racing kids, and allow you to make a spin on one knee. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to get snow why not race down a hill in a double sledge and propose when you’re both feeling the exhilarating high of getting to the bottom.

Surprise wrapping

If you’re planning an outdoor proposal in winter, you want your loved one to savour the moment and not be dashing for the comfort of central heating. The secret to this is wrap-up warm. If you are planning a winter drive to a romantic spot, buy a new scarf and gloves – at first it just looks like a cute, thoughtful present, but the real surprise is still to come. Hide the ring in a finger of one of the gloves and get ready to propose when all is revealed.

Say it in snow

Writing, ‘Will you marry me’ in the first snowfall of winter might not be the most original proposal, but I can guarantee it works every time. If you happen to have a soft snowfall, making a snowman together, walking through familiar parks and stumbling upon these four magical words can feel like you’re the stars of your own movie. If you’re going to do this make sure it’s a quiet spot so that no-one will have spoiled your writing by the time you get back there together! Of course if you choose to use your lawn or backyard, you shouldn’t have this problem.  And if the snow doesn’t fall, create some!


Looking up at you

All loved-up couples enjoy cosying-up by a roaring fire. Make your winter snuggles a time to remember by getting a custom-made mug with your proposal printed inside. Fill with steaming hot chocolate and make sure it’s so delicious that your love will want to drink every last drop..revealing the big question…..?

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 Nov 13th 2015

Spooky and Spectacular – images of our Halloween Party…

You MUST MUST MUST check out the images of our latest Halloween Party – what an amazing night!  Lots more images on our Facebook page and online gallery!

Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas

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 Nov 13th 2015

Festive Wedding Advice in Vows & Venues Magazine

Here’s our latest advice if you are making the most of this festive season, with a gorgeous and magical winter wedding day: MAGICAL WEDDING

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 Nov 6th 2015

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Thinking of planning a Thanksgiving party?  Our Thanksgiving party planning guide tells you everything that you need to know.

Thanksgiving may be an all American holiday but, with more than 200,000 of our US-born friends living here and a fascination with their culture, there are more Brits celebrating this autumn festival than ever before.

Research by supermarket Waitrose suggests that as many as one in 6 Brits celebrate Thanksgiving in some way, with last year’s sales of Turkey up by 95% on previous years. If you want to be one of them, TLC’s Thanksgiving party planning guide helps you along the way.

What’s it all about?

Thanksgiving is celebrated across North America. However, it’s usually thought of as a US holiday because of its popular depiction in Hollywood films. In the US thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a traditional harvest celebration and dates back to the Pilgrims. These were the Dutch settlers of the Plymouth Colony in what’s now called Massachusetts in the 1600s. The festival quickly spread to other communities in the country and was declared a national Thanksgiving Day by George Washington in 1789.

Get into the spirit

Thanksgiving is about giving your presence at an event rather than giving presents. It is a time for family and friends to come together and give freely of their time with one another. In the UK, a Thanksgiving party has often become about inviting an American friend and making them feel more at home, or else sharing a meal with someone who would otherwise be alone.

However you choose to celebrate, make your thanksgiving an inclusive one. Keeping the gathering small enough to give a personal welcome to and spend some time with each of your guests will help you embrace the spirit of the day.  Thanksgiving is a whole day celebration too.  Start with gorgeous brunch of maple syrup and bacon pancakes, donuts, fresh fruit smoothies and eggs.  The, keep going until dark!  In the US, it is a day to watch sports, play games, eat well and spend quality time as a family.  So set up the large screen TV and American Football, and have plenty of popcorn at the ready!

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Keep it personal

Thanksgiving is as much about the people you share it with as it is about what you do on the day. To keep it personal, home celebrations often work best. To make the most of your space you may want to hire in furniture or put other furniture into storage. Whatever you decide make sure that you have enough seats at the table for all of your guests. Invitations can be simple – cards are fine, but try a pumpkin cookie iced with invitation details for something that will stand out.

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Warm and cosy

Autumn colours are warm and welcoming so make sure that you use plenty of them to decorate the house. It doesn’t need to cost a lot – filling a fruit bowl with red apples, peaches or red cherries always looks inviting. I like to create table centres with pine cones, nuts, evergreens and late-season blooms like gerbera. Or line a rustic wooden table with an abundance of different coloured and sized pumkpins and candles.  Tie cutlery simply with string and ass a tag or leaf as a place marker. For the children, add jars of autumnal coloured jelly beans.  They will disappear in minutes!

The evenings draw in quickly at this time of year which means that you can create lots of atmosphere with lighting. I like to keep lighting low by using lots of candles in storm jars or miniature lanterns. If you are concerned about safety, battery operated tea-lights when placed in holders can provide a deceivingly warm glow.  Scented candles are ideal – apple, cinnamon and pumpkin scents are popular and really add to the atmosphere.

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Turkey, yams and pumpkin pie

If you think a Thanksgiving party dinner sounds like Christmas dinner without the pudding you’re not far wrong. A traditional Thanksgiving meal revolves around turkey, stuffing and vegetables. To make it more American, try including yams – a starchy root vegetable widely grown in the Carribean. If you can’t get hold of yams, sweet potatoes make a great alternative and are what many Americans mean when they talk about yams anyway. Pies are a favourite on the dessert menu at this time of year – cherry, apple but particularly pumpkin pie. The drink of choice, beer of course! Although mulled cider is also popular or try a pumpkin pie martini!  Make sure the bottles of beer are well chilled and have an insulated bottle sleeve bespoke printed to mark the occasion – they will double up as a gift.

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Thanksgiving party planning guide

Don’t forget the doggie bag

lastly on our Thanksgiving party planning guide it an American tradition. It wouldn’t be an American dinner if you didn’t have doggy bags to share your left-overs with the guests. To make it look like a treat, taking a bit of the Thanksgiving party home with you if you like, buy some take-out boxes, personalise with sticky name labels or have them bespoke printed, and wrap with ribbon when filled.  I always think a stack of Pumpkin cake bars, wrapped and tied with ribbon also looks good.  Homemade?  Even better.

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 Nov 4th 2015

update on Glam Up North programme

UPDATE: Following additional filming this summer the ‘Glam Up North’ programme is awaiting a transmission TX date.  We will keep you updated as soon as we hear when the programme will air!


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 Nov 2nd 2015

How to choose the perfect entertainment for your wedding

Each couple will have a different idea about what is the best when it comes to wedding entertainment. That’s a good thing, because a wedding celebration should be a reflection of the people at the centre of it. However, for many couples this will be the first time they have booked entertainment and the pressure is on to get everything right for the big day. If you hire a wedding planner, like myself, you can simply choose from a range of entertainment presented to you, based on your tastes and vision for your wedding day – the rest is taken care of. But if you want to get more involved here are some things you need to consider:

Other guests

Yes this is your day, but you want your guests to have a good time too. When choosing entertainment think, wide appeal. If there is anything you don’t like, for examples songs you don’t want to be played, be clear about that with whoever you book, but otherwise consider entertainment that all family members can enjoy, from children to grandparents.  Make sure your entertainer is clear on the audience so they can tailor the music to suit.

How does your entertainment fit with the venue?

Where you are holding your wedding will need to be considered when deciding what entertainment you can provide. Couples often find it easy to consider the setting but don’t always think carefully about the space. A room can look deceptively bigger when it is empty. Don’t guess how much room your entertainment might need, ask what space is needed to set up and check with the venue if this will be suitable before you book. Be guided by the venue as to how many guests you can comfortably accommodate and what space is left for entertainment. You need to find out whether the cost of the venue includes amplifiers and lighting. If not, find out if this is something the entertainment company can provide or if you need to hire a separate company? Also, don’t forget the dance floor. A venue may or may not provide this. There are different kinds and sizes of dance floor. Make sure you check what is available and get the right one to suit you.

Live band, DJ, solo singer – how to decide?

When it comes to booking acts there is a wealth of choice open to you. If you’ve got the budget there is almost no barrier to who you can get to play at your wedding. For example, Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson, Harry Styles and Gary Barlow are just some of the big names I have booked to perform at private parties. A popular choice is to hire both a band and a DJ. If you’re doing this make sure that you check what time they will each need to set up and if they will need to move their gear out before the end of the night, and what disruption this may cause.  I always recommend a great party band for a wedding though.  They prove great value as they play all evening rather than just two sets, and good one such as the Swan Band or London Essentials can keep the atmosphere building all night.

gm3 Hippest DJs in town party entertainment ideas  Corporate party entertainment Catering ideas wedding entertainment ideas


Know what you’re getting

You’d be surprised how many times I hear that people have booked a band or DJ for their wedding without seeing them perform. Make sure you know what you’re signing up to. If you can’t see them live ask for video footage you can watch or a live CD. Find out what kind of music they play. Ask if they will introduce your first dance and if they will take requests. If there are particular tunes or songs you specifically don’t want to be played ask how any requests for these tracks will be dealt with.

Back-up plan

Everyone hopes this won’t be needed, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Ask what will happen if a band member, singer or DJ is sick on the day. Does the entertainment company have a back-up plan if this does happen? Find out what it is and decide if you would be happy with this.

It’s not all about the music

When planning your entertainment think about your guests and any downtime they might have, while you’re busy having photographs taken etc. How might you like to be entertained if that were you? Music is one option, but there are many others like a magician, caricaturist, mixologists, bar flair, photo-booth, and if you have the outdoor space even fairground rides.

End the night with a bang

A firework display can be a magical, fairy tale end to an evening, but this is one area where you definitely can’t cut corners. If this is something you are thinking about, make sure that you have permission from the venue and that you have follow the government’s safety guidelines for firework displays.

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