Feb 25th 2018

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Mexico’s miles of white sandy beaches, clear azure waters, and expansive starlit skies are a perfect recipe for romance.  That’s what makes it the ideal location for this year’s Destination Wedding Planners Congress, where I am a guest speaker.  Its also perfect if you’re looking for a dream destination wedding! Here are five luxury Mexican wedding venues; all are just perfect for you to tie-the-knot in Mexico.

Cabo Azul Resort, Los Cabos

Situated on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo Azul Resort is the perfect beach destination wedding, covering 12 oceanfront acres on an azure bay. However, a beach ceremony is only one of a variety of wedding locations available at this luxury resort. For those looking for a more traditional ceremony, but in warmer climes, the venue’s El Corazon chapel, with its intricate wood carvings and white marble aisle, is a stunning choice. As well as its romantic candle-lit water walls, the chapel also has an open wall at the back.  Hence, you can take your vows overlooking the deep blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Hacienda Uayamon

If you would like your big day to be influenced by Mayan history away from the main tourist crowd, Campeche, in southeast Mexico, could be the destination for you. The city, a beautiful example of colonial baroque city planning, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Hacienda Uayamon dates back to 1700.  It is set within 500 acres of private gardens, with jungle views. Other unique features include exchanging vows in the ruin of an ancient chapel and dining under the canopy of a 150-year-old Ceiba tree. This peaceful and expansive setting can host events for up to 700 people.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues
Chablé Resort and Spa

Number three on our list of five luxury Mexican wedding venues is part of the group, Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The Chablé Resort and Spa is nestled deep in the Mayan forest in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It is a beautiful, relaxing setting for a group celebration with 40 rooms across a number of private villas dotted around the 750-acre resort. The stone design is in keeping with the ancient Mayan temples in the region.  Inside all the villas are equipped with the latest technology, and private pools. Aside from the lush, tropical garden setting, other reasons to choose this venue for your big day include the use of your own presidential estate or 19th century restored manor house; lanterns for romantic starlight dips; and staying in the home of the world’s largest private collection of tequila.

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Le Blanc, Spa Resort

A luxury, adult-only resort, located on the beach-front of the popular Cancun area of Mexico, Le Blanc is not the type of accommodation you might normally associate with an all-inclusive resort. A stay includes luxury, spacious accommodation with a double whirlpool tub in every room; fine dining; and butler service. Add to this walks along the white sand beaches, beside the azure ocean waters, and relaxing in the hotel’s infinity pools overlooking the sea.  You’ve got all the ingredients for your own romantic fairy-tale.  Noteworthy, the resort organises complimentary wedding packages for between 8 and 25 guests, staying a minimum of 4 nights.

St Regis Punta Mita

Lastly on our list of five luxury Mexican wedding venues is Nayarit.  On the western coast of Mexico, has an enviable setting between the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains on the other. A former fishing village, it is a picturesque and therefore a tranquil choice for those who want to relax, while also providing outdoor sports and adventures for those who like a more active break. This makes it a perfect choice for large weddings with guests of various ages with different interests. St Regis Punta Mita is a luxury resort in the region, which offers beach weddings for up to 500 guests, or a fairy-tale ball wedding in its Astor Ballroom for up to 170 guests. As part of the wedding experience, all guests get St Regis Butler service while staying on the property. Other attractions for guests include two Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, tennis courts, three infinity pools and a luxury spa.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

I hope our run-down of five luxury Mexican wedding venue has helped with your wedding planner.  If you need someone to plan the big day – call us!

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 Feb 20th 2018

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

This year all eyes will be on the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May. How they choose to celebrate their big day will no doubt create the trends for the coming years. But for those deciding on a wedding cake now, what are the choices? We look at 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018:

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Savoury cakes

The Snowdonia Cheese Company recently made headlines by gifting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a wedding cake made entirely out of cheese. The cake, presented to the couple on a visit to Wales, isn’t your typical cheesecake. It’s a tiered cake where the layers are made up of a variety of cheeses – Beechwood, a smoked cheddar; Red Storm, a vintage Red Leicester; Black Bomber, an extra mature cheddar; and Green Thunder, a cheddar with garlic and herbs.

Such alternative wedding cakes have been popular for a while, particularly for couples who don’t like cake, or want to keep the budget down. These savoury cakes work well served as part of an evening buffet, but be careful when choosing your cheese to avoid anything too smelly. Stacked pies also work well, or a mixture of pies and cheese, decorated with fruit and fresh flowers.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Semi-naked cakes

The naked wedding cake has been around for a while and is still a hot trend for 2018. Rather than the focus being on the outer decoration, here the beauty comes from the texture and colours of the cake, with the various sponge flavours, and the frosting and fruit between the layers visible. One issue with a naked cake is that, without a protective fondant layer it dries out quickly and can’t be stacked more than 24 hours before its needed.

The semi-naked cake, keeps this popular trend going, with a twist. This style uses a light layer of buttercream, which means the delicate sponge layers are still visible beneath but the cake doesn’t dry out as quickly as a fully-naked cake would. Depending on the date of your wedding you may opt for fruits and flowers to match the season. Mixing-up naked and iced-layers is also likely to be popular, to give a semi-formal look that is still has a natural feel.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018

Painted cakes

Number three on the list of 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018, is the painted cake.  Yes…painted! All couples want to personalise their cake in some way. And there are few better ways than a bespoke, hand-painted icing. This is a trend I’ve no doubt we will see more of, with designs ranging from muted watercolours, to bold geometric graphics.

Hand-painted art cakes can not only be striking and colourful, they can be another way for the bride and groom to express their love through a quote beautifully scripted on the icing for all to see.   

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When choosing a wedding cake there is so much choice it is often difficult to know what is the best for your big day. For those who are struggling to decide, multiple cakes can be a great option. It means you can choose cakes of multiple flavours and designs. Displaying each tier separately also allows you to cater more easily for food allergies and intolerances, as well as getting to display them on a range of beautiful cake stands.

One huge plus of multiple cakes is they are much easier to transport in comparison to a large tiered-cake. However, don’t choose this trend hoping for a cheaper option, because in many cases it won’t be.

Doughnut towers

The popularity of Krispy Kreme has led a trend for doughnut towers, which provide a quirky alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake, and in comparison, is easy on the budget. There are all kinds of fun and colourful designs to choose from. In many ways the idea is a twist on the wedding-tiers made-up of individual cup-cakes, and is an easy way to offer guests an individual sweet treat with a choice of flavours.

Some bakeries have taken the trend for doughnut-shaped towers a step further, keeping the contemporary doughnut look, but using cakes baked into ring shapes. Or you can always mix up this trend with the traditional by opting for a traditionally iced cake as the top-tier on a tower of doughnuts.

5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018


I hope our round-up of the 5 top wedding cakes trends for 2018 have inspired you!  More ideas at www.tlc-ltd.co.uk/w

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