Apr 30th 2020

Best UK Venue Virtual Tours

Best UK Venue Virtual Tours

These unusually challenging business times has enforced a new way of working on us all. Lockdown. Home working. Virtual meeting. All are part of everyday business life for so many of us now. Meetings and large events are, of course, on hold. This has had a major impact on my industry, but also hindered many companies from delivering on long term plans to rebrand, relaunch and reward. And yet, Liz Taylor, CEO of TLC remains optimistic. She says: “Whilst we may not be able to stage meetings, incentive events and staff recognition occasions at the moment. We can however, plan for events longer term, when they will once again be the cornerstone to corporate marketing. There are tasks that you can do now to start that event planning process and that includes venue finding. So me and my team have chosen 5 of the best UK venue virtual tours. A unique, new tech approach to this task.

From the comfort of your home office, or kitchen table, you can still take a site visit to some of the country’s top venues. Gain an insight into what they can offer. It’s a great tool, and I hope it will help you in your event planning.

Manchester Central

First on our list of the best UK venue virtual tours, is Manchester Central. It offers a 360 degree virtual tour of their facilities allowing guests to fully immerse themselves within the venue. This allows clients to explore whilst enabling the team at the venue to explain to you how they visualise their events happening prior to seeing the space. Not only can this be accessed online, it has also been developed for use with Virtual Reality headsets for a completely unique experience. Manchester Central offers 23,000sqm of versatile space. The venue provides a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. It offers meeting room and event spaces from 40 to over 10,000 delegates.

Best UK Venue Virtual Tours



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The Lowry Hotel

The iconic five-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester was the first venue and hotel in the UK to use All Seated Vision. All Seated is transforming the industry with digital planning tools and enhanced visualisation of different venues and event spaces. IT creates floor plans and can design a room in order to match a vision. Using All Seated allows venues to work alongside clients virtually. All information is stored in one designated place and is accessible from anywhere at any time. The platform also allows venues to demonstrate in a more creative light. They are able to showcase the room by adding in furniture and décor, rather than simply showing guests an empty space. This is often difficult for clients to visualise. It makes the event planning process much more efficient, as it eliminates the need for numerous site visits and meetings at the venue. The Lowry Hotel offers a variety of meeting and conference rooms, private dining spaces and a Grand Ballroom event space which seats up to 300 guests.

Best UK Venue Virtual Tours


Hotel Brooklyn, Manchester

Manchester’s newest hotel on the scene, recreating the New York City vibe, opened a couple of months ago. They are already offering a 3D virtual tour of the hotel and event space. Opening a building during these times must have been tough. However, interactive 3D tours giveS potential clients and guests the ability to explore the available spaces in order to give an immediate picture of how special their experience could be at that particular venue. This experience should put them at the forefront of the market when the world goes back to normal, as people will know what is on offer already. Hotel Brooklyn, as well as 189 stunningly unique hotel rooms, offers a variety of different spaces. The intimate Grace & Hicks Suites with a capacity for 18 delegates boardroom style to the Grand Montague Suite which holds 60 theatre style. Brooklyn Heights is the largest event space with floor to ceiling windows giving an amazing view of the ever-growing Manchester skyline. It seats 110 in cabaret style or up to 220 guests for a drinks’ reception.


Museum of London

If you are looking for the best UK venue virtual tours, you should look at this one. The Museum of London offers a virtual tour so that you can roam around the different spaces without leaving the comfort of your own chair. This is great for during lockdown for the obvious reasons, however, it is also useful for those clients who aren’t based in London. We organised a Christmas Party at MOL in December. This technology totally relieved all the pressure of having to multiple fit site visits in. We could immerse ourselves online rather than spending days commuting back and forth to London. The Museum of London offers a variety of conference and meeting spaces holding between 10 to 200 delegates. This included a unique event space where you walk through the Galleries of the Museum to reach the main event space, London Ellipse Hall. This main event space can hold up to 400 people in a reception style and 250 for a seated dinner.


Best UK Venue Virtual Tours Best UK Venue Virtual Tours

The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London

The Bloomsbury Ballroom is another one of London’s most popular venues which offers immense versatility. It is able to host a wide range of prestigious events from corporate parties, cocktail receptions, award ceremonies, fashion shows, weddings and much more. Users are able to view the space virtually in a ‘Dollhouse view’. This allows you to zoom out and see a 3D digital image of the venue, as well as rotating it along any axis to see it from any perspective. Users can visualise the intricates of the space, as well as looking at the bigger picture. The Bloomsbury Ballroom offers three different event spaces. The Long Bar which offers a capacity of 60 standing guests. The Rose Room which holds a capacity of 250 standing guests and seats 80 guests maximum. And in addition, The Ballroom which caters for up to 570 standing guests and up to 270 dining guests.


Always preferable – seeing a venue first-hand.  Whilst this is not possible, we hope our collection of the best UK venue virtual tours gives you an insight into what is available. A first step to shortlisting those that you want to visit, when the time is right. If you are still struggling, call us. We have exclusive access to some of the UK’s top venues, alongside 30 years of event planning experience.

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 Apr 24th 2020

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lock-down

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lock-down

*UPDATED 31.07.20 Whilst some couples are opting to hold a small wedding ceremony event, current advice allows this for up to 30 people and with strict Covid-19 safety measures, many are waiting.  Delaying the ceremony and reception, or holding a small ceremony event now and a grander party next year,  Whilst the main UK lock-down has ended, some areas are still under restrictions. Consequently, this advice on wedding planning you can do during lock-down is as good now as when it was originally posted.  We hope it helps with your planning.

24.04.20 You may think that social distancing measures have put your wedding planning on hold until further notice. They haven’t. These ‘do at home jobs’ from TLC’s events director, Jess Randall, will channel your energies into something positive. Use any free time you have wisely to get ahead of the planning process.  Stay on track for your dream wedding day, with our list of wedding planning you can do during lock-down. Here’s Jess’ advice:

Get decisive

Firstly, making decisions can be difficult when there’s a constant stream of brilliant ideas on your social media feed. Not to mention all the wedding planning websites and your own creativity. Normally we have any number of other distractions that can make the process harder, but now is the time to get decisive.

Our advice on wedding planning you can do during lock-down is all about using the time productively. This is a time to time to focus and really hone-in what you want your day to look like. This will give you a real sense of accomplishment. But where to start?

Our clients often come to us overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available and have no idea how to sift through it all. So, we try and give them a starting point. Numbers and budget are often the two main factors that should influence every other choice. So, make a list of your ‘must-have’ attendees and decide how much you want to spend. From there you can start to make a shortlist of venues to contact pre and post lock-down and begin to organise your ideas into a cohesive theme.


Create your ‘Perfect Wedding’ Pinterest board

Speaking of organisation, a great way to whittle down your ideas is by using Pinterest. If you’ve already chosen a venue, take a look at gallery and see what has worked well at real weddings. See how it has been previously transformed, then use the search tool on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Think of the time of year you’re hoping to get married as this should help you decide on your wedding colour palette, then save down all your favourite looks to your wedding board. Your wedding season may also dictate the kind of floral arrangements you opt for, so search these up on Pinterest too.

When you start to see everything together you will see a theme emerging that will tie your whole day together. And once lock-down is over, you’ll have a head start as you’ll now know exactly what you are looking for.

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lockdown

Organise some virtual food tasting – yes, that’s a thing!

Speak to your caterers and see if they have the time and resources to create a virtual tasting menu for you. They may be able to drop off some canape options for you to taste and then schedule an online chat to discuss through the different options. Some caterers are still open and switching up their business models during the outbreak, so you could even upgrade your usual take out and order the whole wedding menu. Make an event of it with your husband or wife to be (providing you live together). Set the table nicely and have a romantic evening dreaming of your big day!

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lockdown

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Or try a cocktail night in the comfort of your home…

Fourth on our list of wedding planning you can do during lock-down; cocktails! Most venues have a bar team but in any event now is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a special monogrammed cocktail for your wedding. Research various recipes with and without alcohol and together with fresh fruit and mixers enjoy the long night ahead sampling your favourite drinks. And for this task serve them in tot glasses ( these  are very inexpensive and can be sourced on line), so you can taste them all! If  you can invest in a shaker then it increases your options. Look up one of my personal favourites Aperol Spritz.

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lockdown

Be creative

They say that boredom sparks creativity, so if you’re feeling less than excited by the thought of another three weeks indoors it’s time to get creative. You can make your own table centres, invitations or favours inspired by your now perfected Pinterest board. One idea is to gather up any nice vases, candle holders, glass jars, containers or wine bottles to decorate with flowers, pea lights or candles. You could spray paint them to ensure they all match with your theme. Alternatively go down the shabby chic/rustic road with twine, ribbon and foliage. Whatever look you opt for now is the time to collect and eclectic mix of objects to infuse with the style of your big day. Go outdoors and spray and paint to your look is bespoke. You’ll be amazed what innovation lies within!

Wedding Planning You Can Do During Lockdown

Stay Connected

The last piece of advice on our list of wedding planning you can do during lock-down is all about staying connected. Arranging regular virtual chats with your hen party and families. This way you can discuss where you are up to and what you still have left to do. Get dressed up for these ‘dates’. They are still special occasions. Pour yourself a drink, grab some appetisers, put on some music and get everyone involved. It’s a great way to keep everybody excited. In addition, for your wedding party to get to know one another ahead of meeting. No awkward ice breakers required and will make the table plan much less complicated.

So, don’t squander the hours while we’re social distancing thinking there’s nothing you can do towards your wedding day. There are plenty of things that can be done during lock-down that will keep you on your high heel toes  in anticipation of the wedding of your dreams.


If you cant wait – and are planning a wedding over the summer – our advice on organisisng a micro wedding will help.  Small in size, but brimming with creative ideas.  A Micro wedding can provide the ultimate in intimate wedding experience.

Micro Wedding Ideas

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 Apr 22nd 2020

A ‘Stranger Things’ Party

A ‘Stranger Things’ Party

Creating a party with a unique atmosphere is a challenge that the TLC team rise to. Clients sometimes come to us with a clear idea of what they want the ‘theme’ of their event to be. Other look to our imaginations to design something bespoke to the occasion. We work closely with them to uncover the things our clients love and motivate them; sport, music, tv. The inspiration always needs to reflect their personality and personal style. There have been some truly innovative parties as a result, and one of most detailed ideas was taken straight from the Netflix screen, with a ‘Stranger Things’ Party.

‘Stranger Things’ is a sci-fi hit and a favourite show for one young client, who asked us to immerse guests into the supernatural world of Hawkins, Indiana (home of the series). Two years in the making, here’s how our ‘Stranger Things’ party came to life.  Reinvented as the ‘Stranger Twins’ party, thanks to TLC event director, Jess Randall.  Here’s the event in Jess’ words:

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The Brief

The client had worked with us on a number of occasions, so we were thrilled to be asked to plan this unique party. We had organised the parent’s wedding, produced one of the couple’s 40th birthday parties and planned two of the children’s Bar mitzvahs. They family have four boys, the youngest being twins, and the father is a creative in the music business. Having delivered a Back to The Future party, and our take on a rock festival, the Louispalooza party, we were now tasked with creating STRANGER TWINS.

A party inspired by the series STRANGER THINGS, and as with all our events, the detail was paramount!

The Date

February 2020. We started the planning of our ‘Stranger Things’ party from the end of 2018, as so many elements were being specially commissioned for the party.

The Location

Firstly, any ‘Stranger Things’ party needs a unique venue. We had sourced two venues before finding the final one for the client. Both venues then let us down. As a result, the search was really on to find somewhere amazing. Weeks of searching and visiting potential places – as always, the backdrop was crucial to the party success. There was a huge adrenalin rush when I secured 26 Leake Street in Waterloo, as I knew the pressure of the search has been worth it.  It was an amazing venue. Raw, unique and contemporary. It was the blank canvas required to turn the fantasy into reality!

The Guests

There were 240 guests in total, 120 adults and 120 kids. Bar mitzvah parties celebrate a boy’s coming of age in the Jewish faith, so the guests were a combination of friends and family. Most were based in the UK, but some travelled from abroad to the celebration.

The Planning

This was an exclusive TLC event. It was ‘dry hire’ (completely empty space), so we took absolutely everything we needed into the venue and removed it as soon as the event was finished. The party set-up took two busy days. We worked with numerous appointed suppliers to create the party. Caterers, florists, theme dressers, lighting technicians and production teams. Not to leave out our incredible entertainment!

We had never produced a ‘Stranger Things’ party before and yet it has become one of our most popular party theme ideas. I totally embraced this because new concepts are always challenging for me, and I enjoy researching into the detail needed to bring the party to life. I also knew the client’s expectations were high, so I had to focus on engaging in his daily instructions and then making them my own. We liaised almost every day for a year in order to make the event perfect. It was about adding the extra little touches to immerse guests into a “film set” atmosphere.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The Concept

Anticipation was electric because the invitation had been meticulously designed around the theme. So, when guests arrived, they were in awe of the incredible reception area. It has been transformed into the upside-down forest area from the series. Entering through a long graffiti archway under Waterloo Station and leading into adjacent railway arches. Guests were immediately immersed into the theatre that we created.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The Cocktails

Guests were greeted with ‘Stranger Things’ party themed cocktails (and mocktails for the children).  Cocktails were named based on different ideas from the series. Eggo Waffles, the Science Lab, the Demogorgan Monsters and the main child in the series. We then themed these drinks to match their names and ingredients. Presentation was key. For example, the Hawkins Lab cocktail we served in a science beaker with dry ice coming out of it. 80’s American style canapes were circulated. Slider Burgers, Mac & Cheese Balls and Mushroom Vol-au-Vents.

During the drinks’ reception, a sensational acoustic boy band entertained guests.  A roaming performance amongst the guests.  But the entertainment didn’t end there.  At the far end of the drinks’ reception tunnel, we created an arcade area for the children which included a large variation of 80’s style arcade games such as Dig Dug, Pacman and Pinball.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

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The Party

We transformed the second tunnel into the dining and party area. At one end we created ‘Joyce’s living room’ for the adults dining area. This space was filled with random shelves and tables scattered with ornaments, 80’s games and vases with flowers.  A ceiling of coloured fairy light bulbs was created to give the space the “Joyce” touch.  A fabulous ‘Alphabet Wall’ was installed. This is an iconic image associated with the Stranger Thing series and we used it both as a backdrop and as a unique photobooth area.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The adults’ main menu was based on a restaurant in London called ‘The Coal Office’ which served Lebanese small plates. We had been for a tasting at this restaurant when we first started planning the event and fell in love with the food. Our event chef re-created the menu and served the food in waves.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The upper level of the second tunnel was more contemporary and had white walls, pillars and metal stairs. It worked perfectly for us to turn this into ‘Hawkins Lab’. This was the kid’s dining area. We used high white lab style tables and metal stools. Tables were dressed with pieces of science equipment; Bunsen burners, syringes, petri dishes, goggles, lab coats. We also hired some amazing lab equipment such as X ray machines for authenticity. .

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

We kept it the kids’ menu simple and to match the theme. They enjoyed KFC style fish fingers with a range of sides such as fries, smoky BBQ beans and corn. We had a nitro ice cream station and a doughnut wall set up for the desserts.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The Entertainment

We had a live DJ, Sax and Percussionist who performed sets throughout the evening, and they brought unimaginable energy to the party. A combination of a DJ and musicians is a perfect combination. Importantly, they can engage with all ages, so that the children and adults are on the dancefloor from start to finish. They played a lot of 80’s style music to match with the theme of the party.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

The Challenges

As a huge amount of time was invested in planning our ‘Stranger Things’ party, and a number of planning challenges overcome.

The first venue we contracted had a fire and burned down, so I was tasked with finding another venue quickly. I researched and investigated about 70 different venues in London to suit our theme over a number of months. Essentially a blank studio space was needed.  Days and weeks invested in going on site visits to different venues. Finding perfect venue, only to then find that the first option hold on the venue wanted to confirm the space. Back to square one!

In the process of all of this, our client decided to change the theme of the party from a film theme to a Stranger Things party. I found 26 Leake Street after a lot of research, and following a visit, everyone immediately fell in love with it.

It was evident from the start that this was going to be a huge build, with a number of suppliers needing to arrive at exactly the same time on the day of set up. Only the day of the party had been contracted for set up, and we had just 4 hours after the event finished to de-rig everything out of the venue.  In addition, every single thing had to be cleared out of the venue and our rubbish removed, with not even a single bin provided.  As we were building everything bespoke and bringing in numerous props, this was going to be a massive challenge.

Thinking outside of the box – what TLC does best – we negotiated with the venue.  The project was a great subject to create a time lapse promotional video.. So, we swapped a copy of our time lapse footage for the venue’s own promotion, in return for an additional days’ set up.

As the entrance to the venue is in the middle of a tunnel that is accessible by the public, we had to ensure that security was tight. During the whole set up, the public were constantly trying to get into the venue to have a look what was going on which was a challenge, as we needed to have the doors open for deliveries.  Additional security were hired for the day to keep the public from accessing the party.

Set-up was completed with an hour to spare and we were excited for guests arrive. We underestimated how much space the ‘Forest’ area would take up in the first tunnel. That meant by the time 250 people had arrived, space was limited for the drinks’ reception. As amazing as it did look!

When we called people through to the main space, jaws dropped!  A separate adults’ dining area and a kids’ dining area had been arranged. Due to the tunnel being so long, the  dancefloor was situated in the middle separating these two areas.  We had to ensure that we incorporated both groups into the party and onto the dancefloor.  This was a struggle.

Lastly, there were a number of speeches due to happen at different stages throughout the night from a temporary stage, so logistics, specific timings, event management and organisation were all a priority.

With a massive team effort from our amazing suppliers, we managed to clear everything out of the space in the allocated hours without any problems.

Most Popular Party Theme Ideas

Jess’s Highlights

I was secretly very proud of myself. I had orchestrated a magnificent event and accepted the glory graciously! The feeling that after 18 months of planning, a 48-hour crazy set up and over 40 different suppliers, the space was transformed into an incredible ‘Stranger Things’ party. It that captured exactly the feel that we wanted it to and am thrilled it has become one of the team’s most popular party theme ideas. Every last aspect had been thought of, and each area resembled the theme to a tee. Seeing the guests faces as they arrived at the venue and then again when we revealed the main room; it was so rewarding. Guests were able to immerse themselves into the world of ‘Stranger Things’ – even just for as few hours.

On Reflection …. 

I think that the excitement of finding this venue took-over from a creativity perspective. Next time I would definitely consider the challenges from the logistical side a lot more. There were definite challenges to overcome in terms of set up and then the running of the party. These I would look at more closely before confirming and contracting with a venue. The set-up is usually the hardest part of an event however, the running of this event on the night, due to a number of factors, was really difficult. We overcame many challenges with the ‘Stranger Things’ party – thanks to a great team. I can definitely take experience from this party and invest it into my next e

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 Apr 8th 2020

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table During Lockdown

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table During Lockdown 

Large family gatherings may be off the table this Easter Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your effort into a wonderful home-based celebration for you and your household. In fact, creating and planning a house party could be just the thing you need to lift the spirits and mark the occasion. And of course, the centre of any festivities is the table. The place to dress, display, gather and dine together. Here, Jess Randall TLC’s Event Director shares her thoughts on how to create the perfect Easter table during lockdown and make it an Easter to remember for the right reasons. She shares her ideas for creating a stunning, Instagram-worthy table décor using items readily available in your house and garden.

Bring the Outdoors In

The first piece of advice on how to create the perfect Easter table during lockdown; bring the outdoors in. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then take a look at what’s already in bloom for early springtime and pair any pretty flowers with vases indoors. Even if there’s nothing blossoming yet, lovely greenery from shrubs and trees will make a decadent display. Smaller outdoor pots can also be cleaned up and brought inside. Or reuse glassware such as mason jars which can look really effective when putting together a simple centrepiece. The rustic style is very on trend right now too. If you’re being sparing with your flowers, you could simply use a single tulip or daffodil on top of the napkin to add a bit of colour to the table.

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


Use Your Sunday Best

Make Easter Sunday time for some fine dining, with a well-dressed dinner table. When better than now to dig out that fancy glassware, cutlery and crockery that you only save for ‘special occasions’? Layer up the table with matching glassware, any charger plates, or items that could act as one like slates or rattan place mats, then add a napkin on top of the crockery.


Reuse and Repurpose

It’s no secret that many of us have been indulging in a drink or two during lockdown, and with fewer recycling collections why not save the fancy wine and gin bottles to reuse as table décor. Either opt for simple and elegant style with a single long stem flower or burn a taper candle so that the wax drips down the bottle for more rustic appeal. And, of course, candles are very significant at the Easter church service, so for those of you who would usually attend church on Easter Sunday, you can reflect that symbolism in your own home.

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How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


Get Festive

Some people have been decking out the outside of their homes in Christmas lights to spread some cheer, so why not take this idea indoors. A sea of sparkling fairy lights is a beautiful backdrop to a decorated Easter table. If you have an artificial Christmas tree or some decorative branches in your home, you could even create an Easter tree by hanging paper chains and some homemade Easter crafts.

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


Involve the Whole Family

When looking at how to create the perfect Easter table during lockdown, the entire TLC team were passionate that you must involve the whole family. If you have young children living with you then a way to beat the boredom is by having an arts and crafts day. Then use their creations to dress the table. There is lots of inspiration on Pinterest and some ideas could include individual place settings for the family members, Easter bunting, or painted/decorated eggs.

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


Let the Food do the Talking

If you’re having a buffet style Sunday lunch, then use the food as the table décor either as a statement grazing table or creating a centrepiece runner if guests are all to be seated. Sharing platters are very on-trend at the moment. They’re frequently done with antipasti style platters but Sunday ‘carvery style’ roast platters look mouthwatering-ly good! https://www.grapeandfig.com/

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


Be Eclectic

If there are items around your house that you often walk past and think ‘I love that’ then bring them together for an eclectic centrepiece. It could be different candles, ornaments, old perfume bottles that you could put a few flowers in, photo frames, teapots or serving dishes – you can use anything that makes the table feel ‘different’ to what you sit at day in, day out.

How to Create the Perfect Easter Table


I hope my ‘how to create the perfect Easter table during lockdown’ advice will be helpful during this difficult time. Enjoy a scaled down family celebration with a simpler emphasis. In my view, sometimes a less formal celebration can work just as well as a larger family gathering. Keep your eye on our blog for more at-home party planning tips. Some brighter TLC moments in tough times.

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 Apr 7th 2020

Unity Through Coronavirus is Honoured with the ‘Hospitality Rise’ Event

Unity Through Coronavirus is Honoured with the ‘Hospitality Rise’ Event


Leading event management company, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), has announced a major new event to support the hospitality industry.  In a recognition of their industry’s unity through the Covid-19 pandemic, the ‘Hospitality Rise’ event will gather a thousand of the north west’s hospitality workers for a celebration evening.  Organisers have earmarked October 2020 at Victoria Warehouse, Old Trafford, Manchester for the event.


CEO of Taylor Lynn Corporation, Liz Taylor, said: “The entire country is facing an immense challenge, and I know for some it has taken a huge personal toll.  There is no doubt that the hospitality sector has also been severely affected by the coronavirus and we have experienced the most difficult of times.  But I have been determined to invest my energy and skills into creating something that will support our industry’s recovery.  The result is ‘Hospitality Rise’.


“We want to encourage hospitality industry partners to take a moment to reflect on their hard work and commitment to long-term business recovery, and the immense unity that this crisis has highlighted.  Conference and event planners such as TLC, alongside hotels, bars, event venues, restauranteurs and all the incredibly loyal suppliers to our businesses have demonstrated their unique camaraderie. It is the bright spark in what have been unprecedented times and it deserves to be honoured.


“I am thrilled that Victoria Warehouse has agreed to host, and the TLC team of suppliers is busy working to produce a spectacular night of food, music and entertainment.  The event is by invitation to members of the hospitality sector and is free of charge to attend.  We will be announcing a specific date in the coming weeks, and I hope that this will endorse the strength of the hospitality industry and its partners. This event is a moment in our country’s recovery to let the collective hair down and remember why the industry I work within is so incredible.  There will be a series of headline announcements of over the coming weeks.”


James Cohen, Victoria Warehouse Group MD said: “We are honoured to be working alongside the Taylor Lynn Corporation in hosting the Hospitality Rise event this Autumn.


“The country is facing an immense challenge and we applaud all of the key workers and first line responders in all they are doing in these unprecedented times.


“We also want to honour our industry which has been severely affected by the Coronavirus and hope you can join us at the Hospitality Rise event as we begin the journey of our recovery from these challenging months.”


TLC has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate life and showbusiness, to produce events across the UK and Europe.  Founded in 1995 by event entrepreneur Liz Taylor and her industry partner Dianne Lynn, the company went from strength to strength with a successful team that was to last until 2008, when Liz managed an amicable partnership buy-out.  That same year TLC bucked the recession by topping the £4M turnover mark.  With its headquarters in Manchester, the event company works with some of the country’s most well-known brands, blue-chip giants, SMEs, private clients and celebrities to create business and celebration events.  For details about TLC, visit www.tlc-ltd.co.uk



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 Apr 6th 2020

Motivational Quotes for TLC Life Challenge

Motivational Quotes for TLC Life Challenge

Here are a selection of the motivational quotes for TLC Life Challenge.  An inspiring collection of words that make every day a fresh challenge, and keep our energy high.  TLC is collating these into a book.  This will be sold to the hospitality industry in the autumn, with proceeds donated to the NHS.  We have been inspired by the number of clients and industry colleagues that have also sent us their favourite words of wisdom.  Thank you.

if you would like to submit a quote, email it to taylor.lynn@tlc-ltd.co.uk

Motivational Quotes – Success – DAY 14 31st

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

Motivational Quotes – Cards Dealt – DAY 15 1ST

You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the HELL out of the ones your holding.

Motivational Quotes – Deep Roots – DAY 16 2ND

“Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots.”


Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes – Smile – DAY 17 3rd

“Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”

Motivational Quotes – Be Great – DAY 18 4th

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom
– Nelson Mandela

Motivational Quotes – Take Off – Day 19 5th

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplanes take off against the wind, not with it.
– Henry Ford

Motivational Quotes – Adapt – DAY 20 6th

Don’t adapt the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room


We are proud to support the tireless work of the NHS and all key workers.  Thank you from the TLC team for all of your commitment, energy and skills during this time.

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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