Jul 19th 2013

Turning up the Heat on Conferences

Turning up the heat on your conference is one thing, but wilting delegates is quite another.  This week, TLC’s telephones have been red hot with concerned conference clients. ‘We don’t want delegates to be too hot under the collar’ is the cry.

Yes, a little spell of fabulous hot weather is wonderful indeed but if you are stuck in a meeting room all day with dodgy air conditioning and nowhere cool to escape to, you start to feel less than enthusiastic.

The solution is simple: be prepared!

Here are a few ideas on how to keep delegates cool, focussed and engaged with your conference:

– check the room has air-conditioning and if not, hire portable units.  Book these well in advance as demand may outstrip supply

– look at changing meeting rooms to one with opening windows, doors to the garden or on the shaded side of the venue

– regularly adjust the temperature of the room throughout the day as lots of people, lighting and equipment will help to heat the room up

– iced water on the tables and maybe portable fans which you can brand to the meeting or your company

– al fresco breaks with shaded tables.  Served chilled foods such as cold salads, gazpacho, baked hams, cold salmon and so on.  Just keep food light.  Served with chilled fruit punches, water and sodas.  Have plenty of ice handy too!

– offer delegate breaks with iced lollies, chilled smoothies or locally made ice creams (always popular)

– include an additional break in the hotter afternoon.  That extra 20 mins will mean delegates can take a breather and come back to the meeting refreshed

– consider starting the conference early and finishing early, so delegates can enjoy a post-conference drink together in the sunshine

– if delegates are staying overnight, have iced water delivered to each room with gift packs including sun cream and branded baseball caps

Happy conferencing!