Spirited Dry Weddings

Thinking of planning a dry wedding? Twenty percent of the UK population now identify as being teetotal, so it’s no surprise that dry weddings are growing in popularity. Plan with imagination and a smattering of theatrical presentation, and yours will truly sparkle. Liz Taylor, Managing Director of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, tells us how…
“A dry wedding is not a second-class option, it’s a first-class choice; after all, a sober wedding does not mean a sombre one. Think creatively about the theme, the backdrop, and the crowd-pleasing components of your reception, and you’ll give guests a unique wedding experience that they’ll always treasure; and with no alcohol or morning after headaches involved!”


Garden parties and 1930s, 40s and 50s vintage themes lend themselves well to tea party wedding receptions where alcohol need not be a focus. Miniature cakes, finger sandwiches and exquisitely made patisserie can be served on vintage crockery with a variety of teas offered and expertly matched to foods in a similar way to wine.

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