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Staying Open – Formerly event planners’ main source of uncertainty, Brexit slipped down the priority list in 2020.

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UK has left the EU, corporate event planner Liz Taylor, CEO of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, explores how event professionals will be affected.

Here we are, deal done. Out of Europe. And many event industry professionals left wondering, without a litmus paper of live events to plan, just how Brexit will affect the event industry when we are able to get back up and running.

My view – it will undoubtedly add to our burden now, but as with most challenges, it is how we respond that counts.

There are some things we know. For one, migrant workers make up 44 per cent of the UK’s event industry workforce.

The process of employing and retaining these workers is set to become much more admin-heavy and complicated, which could result in certain staff shortages once events do resume. However, if the pound continues to climb against the euro as it has in recent days, there’s a chance this may be offset by an attractive prospect of amassing sterling earnings from a stronger pound.