Wedding Planning: Where to Splurge and Save

We all know that weddings are expensive, so which corners can you cut without any negative impact? Luxury wedding planners Bruce Russell and Isabel Smith share their top 10 tips on where to splurge and where to save..

1. The Detail
Save by focusing on the little things: For most couples, a wedding day is the most public declaration of their love and as such deserves to be a real celebration. But we also need to marry the desire to create something spectacular with some practicalities – namely budgets. My first piece of advice is to set a realistic budget from day one and stick to it; prioritise the areas that really matter to you (be it food, flowers or entertainment) then look to make savings in other places, including limiting the guest list to allow a greater per-head spend.

For me, weddings that have the greatest wow factor are those which engage all of the senses to offer a truly immersive experience for guests. If you’re planning a wedding, focus on the details – and remember, they needn’t cost the earth. I’m talking about not simply focusing on the day itself, but more the fact that you’re making memories so think about how a particular scent, piece of music or taste might transport you and your guests back to this magical moment for years to come. – BR

2. Florals
Splurge on dramatic florals: I am a huge fan of table centrepieces being a mix of different heights – it makes the room look so much more dynamic than everything being at one level. Aim to go big (both on height and budget) on around a third of your tables to create the right look. Alternatively, if your venue allows it and has the head room, opt for a floral installation well above the tables for the real wow factor. – IS

Save on aisle decoration: The ceremony is the most important part of the day, it is often the shortest too so when looking for areas to save, can those expensive pew ends or anything lining the aisle be kept more minimal so that the focus is set on keeping guests attention looking forward. – IS

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