Jul 12th 2013

Royal Baby Sparks Baby Party Fever

With a new Royal baby due to be born any day now, we wonder whether the Duchess of Cambridge has had a secret baby shower?  Which then begs the question of what do you buy as a baby shower gift for a child born into such as family?  Perhaps you just keep it simple – a Royal baby is still a baby after all – and opt for toys, teddy bears and the like.  Or do you splash out and buy them a Richard Bransonesque private island – a sanctuary from Royal life and the prying eyes of the world!

Baby showers are growing in popularity in the UK, but are far more about the mum than the unborn child, so any party would certainly reflect Kate’s style and tastes.  Maybe you go for afternoon tea at The Goring, treat her to a pamper day with family & friends at a private spa, or should you whisk her away to a private yacht for lunch, cocktails (non-alcoholic for mum of course) and a relaxing cruise around the Med.  Gifts for the Duchess of Cambridge – I imagine she would prefer a donation to one of her charities but every lady loves their favourite perfume, a photo album of baby pictures of all her friends and maybe some beautiful clothes for baby (Kate isn’t adverse to wearing good High Street labels herself).

If Kate has adopted this Anglo-American tradition of a baby shower, she has certainly kept it quiet – and quite right too.  From one mum of two daughters to another Mum-to-be ….good luck 🙂