Aug 7th 2013

Sweet 16 Party for Kylie Jenner

As photos of Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16th birthday start to emerge later this month, we can expect in an influx of young ladies looking to emulate her party style.  See: KYLIE JENNER

The range of Sweet 16 parties is amazing.  Some ladies (amazingly) want a stylish, glamorous affair which is right from the pages of Hollywood’s golden Marilyn Monroe and Rat Pack era.  For them – it’s the epitome of sexy chic. The little black dress and Chanel gifts are a must.

For other clients it is all about the hippest music available with the recreation of a top New York club, a truly energetic DJ and a very edgy, funky feel to the party style.  Food has to be sushi or ‘street food’ vendors – fish and chips, mini burgers, mini kebabs.

Hippest DJs in townX factor finalists entertain

And for some it is all very girly and fun – think ‘mocktails’ with afternoon tea and spa treatments, followed by a party full of glitz, sparkle and pink!  The more glittering and feminine the décor is, the better.  For entertainment – opt for X Factor finalists or boy bands and it’s a sure fire winner.

Whatever Kylie chooses, I hope she has fun and look forward to the phone ringing 🙂