Tips to make your conference creative & interactive

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I see from M&IT that ISES has announced that today’s conference delegate is looking for a creative and interactive experience (Click: MEETPIE)

Well, I agree.

We have been working in this way for quite a while now.  Interactive conferences help delegates to engage with the objective, brand, speakers and so on.  But delivering this creatively and with fun in mind makes all the difference. Here’s a few ideas that we work with:

-We use bespoke websites to allow delegates to register, download speaker materials, choose seminars, print their bespoke itinerary, research background information, see a video message from the company chairman, engage in an online corporate game, download the conference soundtrack to their I-pod, down to printing their own delegate badge!!  That’s all before they get to the venue.

-Some hotels allow us to play a video welcome from the company on bedroom TV screens.  By selecting different options, you can choose a message from a different team member or speaker. Very cool.

-We have also set up time lapse cameras in the event spaces and fed these live to the event in intranet site – then used edited versions on the client’s social media sites.

-We offer I-pads as an alternative to delegate note paper!  Delegates can then save any notes to their intranet page and print later.

-We engage in regular feedback gathering.  For example, we ask for feedback on seminars, speakers etc. and things delegates would like to us to offer, do differently and so on.  We have people gathering this at the events using software such as Survey Me.  This lets us gather data on I-pads at the event, but also to send the app to delegates to participate after the event or allow them to download the software to their office desktop and respond that way if they prefer.  All the data gets collated in one place.  We then publish this on the event website and sent an automated email to delegates with the results.  A brilliant way to engage delegate thoughts and develop the event in the right way.

-Interactive games are great fun.  Everything from Wii competitions, golf or motor sports simulators to giant ‘speed’ Connect 4!  A great tip to encourage team spirit…and a create little competitive atmosphere….is to post results on the games on social media.  Or, we chart it in a large screen at the event so people can see how each team is fairing.

The ideas are endless.  You just have to be clear on the objectives of the conference and ensure that they are reached through a mixture of interactivity and creativity!