Aug 6th 2013

Traditional Weddings Still Popular

The conventions and format of traditional wedding ceremonies are still popular, according to some recent YouGov research.

I agree that for many couples the traditions of a wedding ceremony and reception can be wonderfully reassuring.  When nerves might be jangling, to have a way of signposting what the lucky couple need to be doing, and when, is a great help. Each part of the big day is conveniently signalled by a specific tradition: readings, signing the register, music as the bride walks up the aisle, speeches, photos, cutting the cake and first dance.  Plus their guests will also know what to expect if the service and reception follows the expected format.

But there is a growing band of modern couples out there who want to pay tribute to the conventions of weddings, but update or add their own stamp.

Here’s a few ways to update your wedding day, whilst keeping the hallmarks of tradition to your wedding:

– Single top table for the bride and groom so you can spend time together at the reception, or mingle with guests.  Other ‘top table’ guests can be seated together.

– Bride gives speech – who says that it must be the groom!

– When parents are not able, or to avoid inter-family issues, brides can walk half way down the aisle by herself, where her husband to be meets her, and they walk down the aisle together.  Actually very romantic.

– Offer alternatives to sugared almond wedding favours.  Maybe a liqueur after dinner, handmade truffles, a retro gift or make a donation to a local charity

– Go for a tower of brightly coloured cupcakes instead of a traditional 3 tiered cake, or opt for mini-wedding cakes in individual portions

– Organise an afternoon tea or BBQ instead of a wedding breakfast, or simply get married late in the day and have just one fabulous party for all of your guests!

– First dance – get everyone involved by having professional dance instructors on hand to teach everyone ‘your dance’.