Aug 15th 2013

Wedding Proposal Planning

Wedding Proposal Planning

Hapless would-be grooms can now relax in the knowledge that the much anticipated (and often feared) dry mouthed, sweaty palmed marriage proposal will go without a hitch. This is thanks to ‘Queen of Hearts’ and our CEO, Liz Taylor; your wedding proposal planning fairy godmother!

Liz and the TLC team have recently turned her focus to affairs of the heart and are fast becoming the ‘go to’ specialists for perfect wedding proposal planning.

Liz says: “I’d heard stories from my friends and clients about how their partners proposed. In many cases it wasn’t what they had imagined or hoped for. I even have a friend who was proposed to while she was washing up!

“It’s not necessarily about planning the most elaborate or extravagant proposal, but about the love and sincerity you show through the proposal.”

As a leading wedding and private party organiser to the stars with clients including Gary Barlow and Howard Donald, a host of Coronation Street stars, Rugby international Nick Robinson, football stars Yaya Toure and Gary Neville and TV personalities Mark Wright and Michele Keegan, Liz knows better than most how to make a moment special and memorable.

Create the Moment

“People have been hiring me for wedding day inspiration and organisation for over 25 years. I have often been asked for my thoughts on creating the perfect proposal, so it was a natural progression to move this year into offering a bespoke service to help people realise their proposal vision. Many brides and grooms have ideas, but just have no idea how to turn that vision into a reality. That’s where I come in,” she explains.

‘And it has been a fantastic move.  I have already staged four proposal events this year. One which took place in a bedoiun tent in the Moroccan desert. One which happened on private beach in Hawaii. And another which took place in the garden of a home in Cheshire which we dressed with a thousand candles.  And we have another six proposals to create this year. It is proving to be an exciting and fun new business opportunity.’

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And Liz has some key do’s and don’ts to ensure the proposer receives an ‘I will’ rather than ‘I won’t’!

Surprise, Surprise!

Do make sure the proposal has an element of surprise as surveys show that almost 90% of women feel the surprise factor is very important for a proposal.

No Grand Gestures

Don’t make a public proposal unless you have very good reason to believe your partner will love it. We’ve all seen that in films and on TV, proposals at sports games, the cinema or city squares seem to work magically. But keep in mind that these are scripted! In real life, not everyone likes to have publicity during such an intimate moment.

The Right Place, the Right Time

Do pick a memorable location. This doesn’t have to be Fiji or at the top of Mount Everest, but any place that is significant to you both. A restaurant. A walk in the park.  A romantic weekend away. Choosing the right location is key.

Wedding Proposal Planning

Heartfelt Moments

Do speak from the heart. Be honest, be direct and be sincere. Don’t overplay the moment with lengthy speeches, poems or lines from pop songs (yes, I have seen this!). Just ask those four words.

Wedding Proposal Planning

Smiles all Round

Finally – make it fun! Keep the moment light-hearted and involve an element of fun and laughter into the occasion

Good luck!