Wedding Vow Renewal

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Wedding Vow Renewal

We hear Jordan is planning it. Beyonce and Jay-Z had an amazing time doing it, and so have a whole host of other celebrities including Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barrosso ….wedding vow renewal is the latest ‘in-vogue’ Hollywood celebration of a couple’s relationship, and is set to become as popular and glamorous as weddings themselves.

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TLC, has seen a marked rise in the number of requests for help in planning a vow renewal ceremony and the party afterwards.  From a steady rise in bookings in 2012 to over 20 vow renewal events planned in 2014, and more than 30 booked for 2015, the company sees these celebrations as big business next year. And it’s not just the ‘older’ generation that is participating.  Couples in their 20s right though to 80s are renewing their wedding vows for a whole host of reasons.


Liz Taylor of TLC said: ‘Ultimately, Wedding Vow Renewal is a perfect excuse to party! In the past they have traditionally taken place when a couple celebrates a hallmark anniversary or have come through a difficult time in their relationship and want to celebrate the life they have together.  However over the past couple of years we have seen a rise in the number of couples who want to celebrate their marriage with their children as a part of the day, as well as couples who couldn’t afford the big day that they really wanted in the depths of the recession and now want a wedding re-do, and even people who have changed their appearance such as with dramatic weight loss or in some circumstances plastic surgery, and want a whole new set of wedding pictures!


‘I’ve also seen an increase in the number of younger couples carrying vow renewals along with their child’s christening or birthday – the ‘Mariah Moment’! I think Mariah Carey inspired couples as she and hubby Nick Cannon renewed their vows on their fifth wedding anniversary and their twins’ second birthday at Disneyland.  It has definitely motivated other couples this year.


To help the increasing number of couples who are renewing their vows, Liz shares her top five tips to help with the planning of a successful vow renewal:                                 


1 – Vow renewals are not a legally binding however they do have to be carried out either at a registry office or a Council approved location such as a local hotel – the same if it was a wedding.  Any venue holding current fire and safety regulations and public liability insurance will usually be deemed suitable to hold a renewal of marriage vows ceremony. Private homes are not always but can be considered suitable, so the best thing to do is to contact your local Council and ask them to inspect your potential venue (sometimes a fee for inspection) as rules vary between councils.


2 – A vow renewal has to be are carried out by a celebrant or a registrar (if it’s at the local town hall).   Couples can write their own vows that are truly personal to them and represent their future together. It’s worth taking time over this and planning them together so they are meaningful to you both, but don’t get over-sentimental – short, sweet and special to you both is the key.


3 – The increased number of vow renewals has also seen an increase in the budget allocated to it – with many couples devoting a lot of their budget to the right venue and entertainment.


Choose a location that suits your personal style – after all it’s going to make a statement about you and your continued commitment to your partner.  Think roof top garden, boutique hotel, stately home, castle, hotel, Venetian palace and even steam train for something unusual.  Whatever the choice, plan ahead, or get the professional planner on board early as great venues are booked quickly.  Shortlist the number of guests and ensure the venue can fit them all in, decide on food and drink – you can go with a bespoke menu that’s relevant to you as a couple, book a photographer – make sure that it’s a quality photographer with a proven track record and one that can capture the mood of the day, plan your outfits (always an excuse to shop!) and organize for the best entertainment that your budget will buy.  A fabulous continental party band is always a good choice as they can create a fabulous atmosphere and keep the party in full swing all night long!


4 –Regarding present lists, the correct thing to do is not to have one – it detracts from the purpose of the day.  However if your guests insist, consider asking for donations towards your chosen charity.


5 – There has been a rise in the number of couples and guests wearing traditional wedding outfits.  Wedding vow renewal used to be a more casual affair, however the stakes have increased somewhat and the increased spend on the ceremony has also seen an increase spend on attire.  A high proportion of women simply don’t like their original wedding dress, don’t still own it or possibly can’t fit into it, so are making amends with on-trend creations, elegant floor length cocktail dresses or unique boutique designs that add a sense of style and wow factor.  And it doesn’t stop there – men are also creating a real stir with the latest en vogue suits.


Liz Taylor adds: ‘It seems that wedding vow renewal is fast becoming as popular as the wedding itself.  With the trend towards spending on elegant yet fun events, we are seeing a real increase in very glamorous styled parties, such as using just black and white colouring for the décor, or venues such as Blenheim Palace that have incredible, ornate interiors to add glamour.


‘Whatever style or venue you choose, the key is to make this day personal and about the people you most care about.  This is why I often see kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren being a part of these events – plus the family dog, a pet rat and the goldfish! It’s your day – so be bold and make the day your own!’