Sep 18th 2017

Five event transport ideas .. to make your journey an unexpected bonus!

Five event transport ideas … to make your journey an unexpected bonus!

As any professional event organiser will tell you, there is a lot more to transport than getting guests from A to B. Ease of travel to and from your event can influence attendance. And the experience of that travel will certainly determine how guests feel when they arrive and how they talk about your event once they get home. Getting to your event should be like a holiday.  It starts from the moment your guests leave their house. Here’s our five event transport ideas to show you how to make it a dream trip:

Location, location, location

There are some methods of transport that you can use to almost any event, but it is worth spending some time to get to know your venue location better to determine if it opens any more unusual options. For example, if your venue is on the banks of a river, could guests arrive by narrow boat, ferry or decorated rowing boat? Or, for a rural location could guests travel on the back of an antique tractor or by horse and carriage?

Fun and photos

If guests are laughing and taking photos before they arrive you’re already half-way to a fantastic night.  A fleet of VW Beetles decorated as Herbie, a line of Delorean’s that look like they’ve come straight out of film, Back to the Future, or a road full of red 1969 Dodge Charger’s like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard are bound to turn heads wherever they go. Choosing your transport to fit in with the theme makes for a seamless experience. Or, if there is no specific theme there are a whole range of luxury party buses to get your guests in the mood before they arrive.

five tips for event transoport

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Keep it interesting

Third on our list of five event transport ideas is one of the most important at TLC….IT MUST BE INTERESTING! Whether you are bringing guests to a party or a conference, you want to make the ride as interesting as possible. A great way to do this, particularly for longer journeys is to keep your guests entertained during the trip. If you’ve got guests from out of town, you might like to hire a tour guide who can give information and tell interesting anecdotes about the places you are travelling through, or hire a guest speaker, who has expert knowledge to share on the theme of your event.

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The high life

Depending on how far your guests are travelling, for the ultimate rock star experience you might think about hiring a private jet or helicopter. Most larger airports have private jet terminals, which means that your guests can be driven straight through security to the aircraft, with a wait of less than five minutes between arriving at the private jet terminal and boarding. Flying private is exactly what it says – private. It means there are no passengers others than the people you’ve invited and you can choose whatever movies, music, catering you like. And for overnight flights, if there is room you can have beds made up for guests, making sure everyone arrives refreshed and ready to work or play.

Going green

Transport is one of the simplest ways to make your event more environmentally friendly. Depending on distances and numbers you might opt for non-motorised, eco-friendly transport like pedicabs or horse and carriage. But, even if you opt for more traditional transport methods, rather than have everyone travel separately in cars, door to door group transport is both greener and more relaxing because guests don’t need to worry about getting lost, parking or having a one drink too many.

Hope you five event transport ideas have given you something to consider when planning your next event!