Kitty La Roar Jazz Combo and Kitty & Nick’s Alfresco Jazz Tandem

Kitty La Roar - Jazz Combo

Kitty La Roar & Nick Shankland sound like a big band, even when they play as a duo: Kitty sings and plays drums, Nick sings at the piano and plays bass-keys. Listening to Kitty purring her sultry jazz vocals is a treat in itself, but the sight of her poised elegantly at her miniature "cocktail" drum-kit lightly syncopating with her brushes makes this act a unique talking point. They are every inch old-school Hollywood glamour, think Marilyn Monroe meets Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Stylish and unique ‘old-skool’ Jazz! The addition of saxophone or trumpet makes for a trio, and double bass for a quartet.

When Kitty sings

If you would like to know more about the Jazz Combo, email Liz Taylor on: or call: 07799 843748

Kitty & Nick’s Alfresco Jazz Tandem

Classy Kitty & Nick sing and play the music of Louis and Ella, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe and all things jazz.

Making their arrival by tandem, they play miniature piano, bass and drums or simply sing performing to playback.

For a bigger show the trio or even quartet arrive aboard a small but eye-catching fleet of custom bicycles, low riders and choppers but their beloved vintage tandem is always front and centre

It must be stressed that this act is entirely self-contained and self-powered, with a custom Bose PA system built into the trailer so yes, these “Kings of the Road” really do have a “trailer for sale or rent”!

This glamorous and unique act will add to any outdoor setting and their creation of a bespoke set for your event means that this “bicycle made for you.

Jazz acts in Europe

If you would like to know more about the Alfresco Jazz Tandem, email Liz Taylor on: or call: 07799 843748

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