Our exclusive artists are sourced from across the globe, to bring energy and entertainment to your corporate event, wedding or private celebration.  The extent of the artists represented by TLC include a host of diverse musicians, singers and entertainers. TLC boasts  exclusive contacts in order to secure the very best in event entertainment.  You ask for a magician – we deliver DYNAMO. Need a pianist – Jamie Cullen is our suggestion.  Creating an iconic musical note to your corporate event – Gary Barlow fits the bill.  And if these suggestions are intangible then we can recommend equally talented lesser known names.

We also have direct access to the UK entertainment industry’s wealth of tribute artists and emerging talent, who can bring unique musical elements to a wedding or private party. And for something exclusive, TLC’s music agency service represents these musicians and singers - each offering an exceptional musical experience:

The Swan Band

A sensational international continental party band, which has been under exclusive TLC management since 2000. Combining internationally acclaimed vocalists and musicians, Swan Band are unique in their energy and performance. They have appeared all over the world and perform in over ten languages.

Kitty La Roar

Jazz Combo with Nick Shankland – they sound like a big band, even when they play as a duo and every inch old-school Hollywood glamour. Think Marilyn Monroe meets Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Ô de mon Chéri

Sexy. Exuberant. A voice that can immerse you into the glamour of the 1920s; with note-perfect swing. In a solo performance or as part of an enigmatic ensemble band, this Parisien singer captivates. Versatile and vivacious her party set produced with fellow vocalists rocks the room! 

To discuss your requirements for corporate, wedding or party entertainment Email Liz Taylor on: taylor.lynn@tlc-ltd.co.uk or call: 07799 843748

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