Jul 29th 2020

Top Wedding Cake Trends

Top Wedding Cake Trends

It’s not a party without a cake.  With the country’s appreciation of home baking even greater after lock-down, and couples keener than ever to celebrate in style, wedding cakes are set to take centre stage once restrictions are eased. The cutting of the cake is a real focal point and a grand, historic tradition of wedding parties. But more recently, wedding cakes are increasingly seen as a unique and creative design element in the big day. Consequently, we have seen a huge growth in talented cake designers and cake artists across the country.  The array of designs and depth of ideas is baffling. So, where to start? If you’re planning a wedding and are in search of the ultimate wedding cake inspiration, here are our predictions for the top wedding cake trends for 2020/21.

A cake for every table

Pre-Coronavirus, couples were already beginning to opt for a series of smaller cakes rather than one big one, but now, with social distancing to contend with, this trend is really taking off. Keeping your party separate, yet together, is easier when each table is self-contained with a cake for each table. Or for a more informal idea; a container of beautifully decorated wedding cake pops. Use a jug. Painted jar. Whatever is in keeping with your design. What’s even more brilliant about this trend is that the cake becomes part of the table décor – the centre of the centre-piece. Opt for identical cakes or a series of cakes that follow a theme, an especially good choice if your tables are themed too.

Top Wedding Cake Trends

Cakes with a conscience

Secondly, we’ve all been given time to take stock during the Coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in a shift towards appreciating and supporting one another. Looking after local traders and taking a ‘locavore’ approach to wedding cakes is becoming more popular because of this change in attitude. People have also become more eco-conscious, so are looking to suppliers that have strong sustainable, ethical and environmental credentials. Organic, fair trade ingredients are a must. Fully vegan cakes are also a big part of this trend.

Pastel colours

Dreamy iridescent pastel hues, sweet shop candy shades or subdued and subtle pastels as a backdrop to winter whites. Pale and interesting are the go-to colourway for weddings in 2021. With wedding cakes, rather than simply decorating the cake in pastel flowers which is pretty enough, pastel icing or buttercream with a different shade on every tier can look extremely effective.

Marble and ombre effects can also look stunning in pastel shades. Finish with mini macaroons and sweet treats – simply irresistible.

Top Wedding Cake Trends

Old Hollywood glamour

We’ve all been cooped up inside for so long that any excuse to get dressed in our finest is a good one. Weddings will take a fully glamorous turn in 2021, with old Hollywood being a key theme. In cakes this translates into metallic gold colourways and dramatic black icing which channel the art deco era. With everything from fabulous feather adornments to gold geometric patterns really upping the sophistication stakes.

Top Wedding Cake Trends

Hand painted wedding cakes

Make a masterpiece of your cake – and a must in our top wedding cake trends. An idea that was emerging trend towards the end of 2019. The artistry of cake making is often undervalued – until now that is, when the cake has become the canvas for a range of artistic output. Abstract brushstrokes, water-colours scenes, florals and foliage – choose any design that fits the theme of your day as long as it’s hand-painted.

Top Wedding Cake Trends

Pressed flower wedding cakes

Taking a tradition and turning it on its head, this trend sees delicate pressed flowers used to adorn the cake rather than a traditional floral topper. This style of cake has a very hand-crafted feel, channeling the creative hobbies many of us found ourselves pursuing during lock-down. It’s a progression of the naked and butter cream wedding cakes that were popular throughout 2019 as the icing is visible behind the flowers. Ideal for those wanting a relaxed, romantic bohemian style wedding day.

Cakes taking centre stage

Finally, in our top wedding cake trends. We place the cake in the spotlight. Whether it’s suspended amid a hanging display. Atop a mountain of food on a grazing table. Or, as the backdrop to the top table. Our newly found appreciation of baking is allowing wedding cakes to become the centre-piece of room decor. And with 2021’s go big or go home attitude, the wedding cake is likely to be a show-stopper worth of its elevated status.

Yes – that dress is a cake!

Top Wedding Cake Trends


The most expensive wedding cake ever made cost a jaw-dropping $30million and was adorned with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire. And wedding cakes haven’t always been a tradition, the first wedding cakes in ancient Rome were actually loaves of bread and bridal pie was traditionally served up until the 19th century.

Find out more fun wedding cake facts here: https://www.theknot.com/content/weird-wedding-cake-facts


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 Jul 27th 2020

Destination Guide to Edinburgh

Destination Guide to Edinburgh

Staycation is predicted to be big business this summer.  As international travel restrictions are in force, many are looking to the British Isles for a summer holiday. In this destination guide to Edinburgh, TLC’s business development director Lauren Worsley highlights some of her favourite places, for both business and pleasure, as you explore this incredible city.  An elegant city. Packed with character. Lauren says:

Edinburgh is one my favourite places for a city break. And the Scottish capital is a great place to visit all year round too. I have been lucky enough to experience Edinburgh’s festive season at Christmas and enjoy the markets with a mulled wine in hand, as well as watch the city come to life in August; when The Fringe festival takes over the city and attracts people from all over the world.


Best Airline: British Airways

Firstly, in our destination guide to Edinburgh is ‘how do you get there’? Seeing as you’ll have to travel the full length of the UK, flying is definitely the most efficient way to do so.  EasyJet and British Airways are the primary airlines that fly this route. Departing from any of the several London Airports as well as from other cities in the UK such as Manchester and Bristol.  Social distancing in mind, some will prefer to avoid commercial airlines for the moment. Private jet charter is available from Edinburgh Airport. Plus, with its close proximity to the motorway and city centre, this is an excellent choice for business or leisure flights for those wanting to arrive in style!  Alternatively, rail links will take you directly into the heart of the city.


Best Hotel: The Witchery by The Castle

Next, you will need to find a place to stay and with a huge number of options on offer you may be overloaded. If you are looking for a stunning place and that feeling of exclusivity, The Witchery by the Castle is the most spectacularly atmospheric destination to stay at.  It is essentially a restaurant with nine lavishly decorated suites, but nevertheless the perfect hideaway for incurable romantics or a special occasion. Dine in the surroundings of the Witchery or among the charms of the Secret Garden and you will have an unforgettable experience and devour the most decadent meal.

If you are looking for something a little more fun. New Town’s Tigerlily is the very epitome of the design hotel, boasting 33 incredible handsome bedrooms with an opulent bar and restaurant at a much more affordable rate. Even better that you can hire a private space for up to 50 guests to host the trendiest party of the year!


Best venue for a private event: Borthwick Castle

It HAS to be Borthwick Castle! After organising two incredible events at one of Scotland’s most incredible castles, my destination guide to Edinburgh would not be complete without it.  Borthwick Castle offers tranquility, opulence and the quintessential Scottish castle experience. There are twelve uniquely designed bedchambers with lavish bathrooms, magnificent yet intimate dining and lounge areas. You will have breath taking views and the ability to explore for miles. With the castle being only 30 minutes away from the city centre, it is the perfect location for any event. A wedding, a special occasion or even the perfect retreat for corporate meetings, incentive programmes and product launches. Its one to really impress your clients.


Destination Guide to Edinburgh Destination Guide to Edinburgh Destination Guide to Edinburgh

Best rooftop bar: Rooftop Terrace at the National Museum of Scotland

Whilst I know this doesn’t seem the most likely place to find the best rooftop in town. Sitting on top of the National Museum of Scotland, sipping on Rosy Lee Martinis or a G & T while overlooking the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, the New Town and the Braid Hills is something that you won’t forget in a hurry. This wrap around terrace is located on the fifth floor of the museum and is a must visit for the incredible views. It is also known as a celebrity hot spot in the city! After enjoying your drinks and taking in the panoramic views, why not move indoors to the Tower restaurant and experience fine dining at its best! End your busy day of site seeing by looking around the museum and finishing in style of the fifth floor!

Best lunch spot to wow a client: The Dome

Has your client come to Edinburgh specifically to meet with you? If so, The Dome is the place to take them. This former bank head office soars overhead like a latter-day cathedral. It boasts pillars, porticoes and columns before you even step inside. They serve an extensive lunch menu including Scottish favourites to enjoy while you take in the details of one of the most impressive restaurants Edinburgh has to offer. Take a seat outside on the terrace if you are there in summer or even better if you are in Edinburgh during the Christmas period where the dome becomes even more extravagant. The Dome will certainly make a lasting impression whatever time of year you visit.


Best restaurant to impress for a business dinner: The Kitchin

What better way to wow your client’s than by taking them to an award winning, Michelin-starred restaurant for a private dining experience to remember? Tom Kitchin’s restaurant offers a private dining room for up to 20 guests to enjoy. The menu embodies his ethos of seasonal cooking from nature to plate. They offer a tasting menu for guests to enjoy which you can pair with matching wines to really wow your guests! It is also located just outside of the city in the gorgeous town of Leith. it is a bit of a hidden gem, so this will really impress your clients as they walk along the secluded waterfront to this restaurant.


A ‘hidden gem’

Our destination guide to Edinburgh wouldn’t be complete without this hidden gem. Bryant & Mack Private Detectives. It takes a little more work to find than most of Edinburgh’s bars, which are right under your nose. But that makes it all the more exciting when you finally find it. Disguised as a Private Detective agency from 1930’s America, this really is a top-secret cocktail bar that you just HAVE to visit. You’ll be handed a confidential envelope on arrival which divulges the carefully curated cocktail menu, so choose wisely and enjoy!

What interesting fact could you tell a client?

If you visit Edinburgh, you are sure to go and visit the castle within the first few hours after wandering up Royal Mile. But did you know that Edinburgh Castle sits on a 700 million year old extinct volcano? Who would have thought in such a city! Next time you are Edinburgh, make sure you take in the stunning view of the volcano. Arrive at 1pm everyday (apart from Sundays) to see the ‘One O’Clocl Gun’ fires be shot from the castle!



If our destination guide to Edinburgh has offered you some inspiration, take a look at these travel and business guides to some of our favourite global destinations. Plan now. Visit later. MEXICO DUBAI LONDON

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 Jul 22nd 2020

Autumn Inspired Wedding Cocktails

Autumn Inspired Wedding Cocktails

Creating the right cocktail list for any wedding is an essential ingredient in the planning of the big day.  This is a place in the wedding arrangements where you can add some real glamour and fun.  And for many couples, an autumn/winter wedding in 2020 and beyond may well be forced upon them as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Rearranging your wedding plans. Waiting until after lock-down. Now, at last, you have the opportunity for an intimate wedding ceremony event, and hopefully a reception in the near future. So infuse it with a little extra style, and a large cocktail!

“The seasonal change between autumn and winter brings a variety of fresh inspiration, colours and textures to embrace in your wedding décor.” Says Liz

“Curating a cocktail collection for your big day is an important part of the wedding design and should also embrace the influence of cooler weather and seasonal ingredients available at this time of year.  Include exciting options for the tee-totallers too. They are growing in number now and look for a collection of cocktails that is interesting, imaginative and tempting…minus the alcohol.”

Our CEO Liz Taylor  has been planning wedding days for over 30 years and shares the inside track on how to create the perfect autumn inspired wedding cocktails.

Bridal Bliss

Think about consulting with a personal mixologist beforehand and having a bespoke cocktail created just for the two of you – it makes a wonderful alternative at the wedding toast drink and can include your favourite tipple.

Champagne Cocktail

A timeless classic that includes Champagne, cognac bitters and sugar.  It’s a guaranteed hit with all guests and taste delicious.  Go the extra mile and for decoration add some silver or gold flakes!


The perfect combination of gin and lime with sugar syrup and lime to garnish.  A 1920’s classic – it’s sophisticated in its simplicity and tastes divine.

Apple Cinnamon Mule

The Apple Cinnamon Mule brings an autumn twist to a classic.  Building on the Moscow mule base of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, the only extra addition you need to make is apple cider. It may sound like a small change, but what a difference it makes! The apple flavour works perfectly with the spiciness of a ginger beer and the cinnamon garnish slowly infuses even more flavour into the cocktail.

Mulled White Wine

A great twist on a classic taste, and it’s perfect for a late autumn or winter wedding.  It includes mulled white wine, brandy, fruit spices and herbs. Perfect to warm up all your guests and for any al fresco drinks receptions!

Espresso Martini

This is a real celebrity favourite at the moment, and the trend will continue. It uses vodka with Kahlúa and espresso.  Served in a chilled cocktail glass and topped with three coffee beans – they add a stylish touch.

For the ultimate in autumn inspired wedding cocktails, try a Pumpkin Martini version. Vanilla vodka forms the base and sets the drink up with a smooth, sweet foundation for the cream and pumpkin liqueurs. Whipped cream and a cinnamon stick on top. This feels like you’re drinking a pumpkin pie!

Whisky Sour

This all-time classic cocktail straight from the USA includes whisky (often bourbon), sugar syrup, and lemon juice.  Add some orange slices for a fruity winter touch. A warming cocktail that appeals well to both men and women, these are always popular in the chillier seasons.


Key to success with any cocktail reception is innovation. Autumn inspired wedding cocktails are a key part of the design of your wedding day, and so how you present the cocktail is just as important as what it contains.  Go for seasonal apple ‘cups’ filled with mulled cider or apple juice, for example.  Serve a blood orange ginger ale sherbet in glass ‘Kilner’ cups or jars.

And if the wedding day falls on Halloween – adding a spooky touch is always in order!

Still scratching your head?  Our more romance inspired drinks could be just what you are looking for. Or, try this last treat from our friends at Marie Claire – who share some sensational cocktail ideas! This Ginger Daiquiri is looking mighty fine!



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