Aug 19th 2019

Summer Into Autumn Wedding Flowers

Summer into Autumn Wedding Flowers

In terms of floral wedding décor, the transition from summer to autumn is one of the most noticeable seasonal changes. Out go the peonies, fuchsia and gerbera and in come red roses and luxurious lilies. The bright, high energy colourways and pretty pastels make way for a richer tonal palette too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have show-stopping flowers at an Autumn wedding. In our trends to watch out for with Summer into Autumn Wedding Flowers, we show how to update some of our most sought after summer wedding looks with an autumnal twist.

#Look 1. Summer Fruits

One of our favourite designs for Summer into Autumn Wedding Flowers is combing tables featuring a long Perspex trough running the full length. In this, we float tea lights and seasonal fruits and blooms. This look can be transformed for autumn with ruby red apples and by weaving in rustic bark and foliage. Use scents of the season as a finishing touch to make your room smell as good as it looks. Muskier scents like sandalwood and aromatic spices often take to the fore at this time of year.

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#Look 2. Gold Leaf

We’re often asked to replace traditional floral plinths with a summery avenue of trees to line the aisle. In Autumn the colours of the leaves will be even more enchanting as they turn with the change of season. Trees can also be extremely effective in wedding décor, adding both height and drama to table centres. And what better way to dine than under a canopy of crimson and amber foliage. “

#Look 3. Floral Canopy

One of the best flowers to achieve this abundant look is wisteria, which blooms from May – June, so there’s a small window for using the real deal. A way to extend a floral canopy’s life way beyond a couple of months would be to use faux flowers – and there are some brilliant imitations around. Alternatively, focus on greenery for the trailing elements of the canopy, ivy works particularly well, then weave in some seasonal blooms to match your colour palette. Rich, warming orange tones are offset beautifully with coloured table linens.

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wedding planners based in Manchester TLC LTD

Look 4. Pressed Flowers

Fourth on our tips for Summer into Autumn Wedding Flowers, is a design that sees beautiful cut flowers and leaves pressed between a sheet of Perspex and a glass or Perspex table top. Sitting underneath the table settings, this expertly shows how using seasonal flowers creatively can be affordable and still achieve stunning effects. It would be really easy to replace these pretty pastel blooms with seasonal colours and berries. Perhaps even weaving in some fragrant herbs like rosemary and thyme to bring in all of the senses.

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 Jun 19th 2019

Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties

Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties

Warmer weather is the season for enjoying TLC’s open-air celebrations and stylish outdoor parties. But when your guests have seasonal allergies such as hayfever, the thought of spending time outside can bring visions of sneezing and wheezing rather than having fun! If you’re hosting an outdoor party this summer, our Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties can help to ensure a good time is had by everyone, even those with summer allergies:

Timing is Everything

Pollen counts are highest in the morning (5am-10am), so plan your party for later in the day or evening. Or go a step further and try to hold your celebration on a day that should have a low pollen count. Most summer weather forecasts detail this, but to plan further ahead, check out the Met Office forecast.

Knowledge is Wisdom

Allergy medications are more effective when you take them before you have symptoms, Telling your guests in advance that your party is outdoors gives them the opportunity to take their allergy medication before they arrive. It also serves as a reminder for them to bring any emergency medication with them.

Location, Location

Sea breezes blow pollen inland, so choosing a more coastal location for your party can help hayfever and summer allergy sufferers. Beach front venues, or the beach itself, can provide an inspiration backdrop and enhances the ‘endless summer’ vibe of any outdoor party.

Super Shady

Third on our list of top Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties is both practical and stylish. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce, but not totally prevent, pollen from getting into your eyes and making them water and itch. Embrace this with bespoke sunglasses for your event. These can be given as a gift or used as a place marker on tables – a little tag attached does the trick.

Trim and Tidy

Remove weeds and prune borders, where triggers can lurk, well ahead of the party. Mow a day or two before, and not the day of. And use any garden blowers well before the party, as can stir up dust and mouldy leaves. Think about the placement of the event too. Are their surrounding fields with high allergens such as rape seed plants?

Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties

Inside Out

Choose a high-quality marquee, Yurts or gazebo structure (preferably air-conditioned) to provide shade from the sun, but also offer an indoor space where guests bothered by pollen can go. Going indoors will be important for anyone who develops an allergy attack despite their, and your, best efforts. Once an attack has begun, an air-conditioned environment is best, as this filters out any pollen; so have an indoor chill-out space at the ready.

Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties

Floral Fabulousness

When choosing the floral design for your party, opt for flowers that produce little to no pollen. Daffodils, lilies, pansies, petunias, roses, snapdragons, and tulips for example are all less likely to aggravate allergies. Beware of summer standbys like sunflowers, daisies and chrysanthemums that are in the ragweed family and can trigger pollen allergies.

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Foodie Fun

People with seasonal allergies can experience a tingling of the mouth or itchy throat from oral allergy syndrome. There is evidence that this happens after eating certain fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts. As a party host, it will be important to know what the guest’s specific allergy is, and ensure a meal is prepared that minimises any reactions. Not forgetting other allergies and intolerances, such as dairy, wheat and gluten. All of which, with TLC’s team of creative chefs, need not be a problem. Modern catering allows for an innovative menu to suit all guests – it just needs careful planning and some theatrical presentation. Allergy UK have some excellent advice on their website.

Private Parties Caterers in Manchester

Last, but not Least

So regardless of your summer allergies, there is no reason for you to miss out on the summer fun. A great host will have soft tissues to hand (branded for a wedding or special party of course), large sun hats and a ‘standby’ box with anti-allergy creams and something to soothe stings. It is also though that a splash of water on the face will dislodge any pollen, so offer facial spritz as a table gift. Ladies may be reluctant at first – make up considered – but we love this Vichy Thermal Mineralising Spa Water…and your guest will too. Always be prepared!


I hope our Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties has helped with your planning!

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 May 28th 2019

Five unique wedding favour ideas

Five unique wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours provide the perfect opportunity to show your guests how much you appreciate their part in your big day. With our five unique wedding favour ideas you won’t be short of inspiration.

The tradition of giving a gift (bomboniera) to guests on special occasions dates back hundreds of years. Almonds became the gift of choice, because sugar was at that time an expensive luxury.  In the Middle Ages, the European aristocracy and upper classes would give guests five sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. Today, the choice of wedding favours is much more diverse. However the sentiments are the same. And what better way to show your gratitude than with a personalised gift to recognise the contribution each guest has made to your life as a couple and will continue to do in the future.

Here are five unique wedding favours ideas to get you started:

Rustic charm

Place name settings offer the perfect opportunity to integrate personalised unique wedding favours into your day. This will help to streamline your table décor and keeping it clutter free.

Depending on the style and theme of your wedding there are lots of different handmade place-settings to choose from in a variety of materials. For a rural theme we love these hand-sanded wooden coasters from Esty. These can be individually laser-engraved with a guest’s name. Other ideas include a small potted bay tree, wrapped with a hessian bow and individual tag. Individual vintage tin cups with embossed names and filled with treats. Or miniature jars of homemade preserves or local honey.

Warm the heart

If you want your guests to remember your big day with warmth, nothing warms inside and out like a steaming mug of hot chocolate. At the end of the evening, you can either pour out a hot beverage in a personally engraved cuppa. Or else add a sachet of hot chocolate with a small pouch of marshmallows and hand-made cookies for them to enjoy when they get home. There are lots of different types of mugs to choose from. Or, for a truly elegant feel go for a tall hot-chocolate glass engraved with a special, message personalised to present a unique wedding favour to each guest.

For the adults, why not choose their favourite liqueur presented in individual antique medicine bottles. They are popular!  Or offer guests a liqueur from a table side mixologist instead of a favour.  A lovely treat and not many refusals!!

wedding planners based in Manchester TLC LTD

Festive cheer

Third on our list of five unique wedding favour ideas is perfect for Christmas. Winter weddings are magical for many reasons. When it comes to unique wedding favours, use this to your advantage by giving guests gifts they can reuse year after year. For this, any kind of Christmas decoration works well. For personalisation you will need space for engraving, therefore baubles or snow-globes are perfect. These stunning wedding favours will mean that your day is remembered with fondness for years to come.

You could also choose festive spiced gingerbread, iced with names. Or bars of luxury chocolate with a bespoke wedding day wrapper. And for the bigger budgets, individual wrapped gifts that act as place marker and wedding favour.

Five unique wedding favours ideas

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Sweet smell of romance

Don’t forget the importance of fragrance in helping to create atmosphere. Many companies are now offering brides personalised scents for their big day. For a truly luxurious gift, you can capture those memories in a scent and share with guests as scented candles held in beautifully engraved jars.

Jo Malone offers an engraving and monogramming service to allows you to personalise your gifts. For summer the company has some wonderfully evocative fragrances as English Pear & Freesia or Orange Blossom. As well as personalised scents for unique wedding favours.

Five unique wedding favours ideas

Bee-ing kind

While many associate St Valentine with our public day of love, fewer know he is also the patron saint of beekeepers. Personalised wildflower seed-packets help spread the beauty of your love beyond your wedding day. As well as protecting our environment and benefiting future generations. These favours will encourage guests to plant seeds which help bees and other pollinating insects.

Needless to say, ideas are endless when it comes to creating wedding favours. Tie the gift into the design of your big day. Keep it simple and stylish – and you won’t go wrong.

And don’t forget the kids. Colouring packs, personalised rubber ducks, individual boxes of Lego and a jar of coloured smarties.  All make ideal wedding favours.

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 Aug 31st 2018

Top 7 autumn weddings flowers

Top 7 autumn weddings flowers

The rich, warm, vibrancy of autumn colours provide a creative influence for seasonal wedding choices. And when it comes to choosing flowers, the cooler weather opens even more possibilities with cut flowers lasting longer out of the summer heat. Here are some of our favourites. A collection of the Top 7 autumn weddings flowers, and the romantic stories and meanings behind these blooms:


A flame of red petals, the Amaryllis is a flower of romantic legend. In Greek mythology Amaryllis was a love-struck young girl who fell in love with a shepherd, Alteo, who didn’t return her affections. Desperate to win his heart, she sought advice from the oracle of Delphi on how she could win him over by giving him what he most desired – a unique and beautiful flower. Under the oracle’s instruction she walked to the door of Alteo’s cottage every night for 30 days where she pierced her heart with a golden arrow. On the final day Alteo opened the door. He saw a blossoming scarlet flower where Amaryllis’s blood had fallen and her heart was healed.

Calla Lillies

These enchanting flowers are unusual in that the outer part of the flower, the spathe, is not a large petal but in fact is a modified leaf. This design makes them incredibly hardy plants. The various colours of the leaves, which can be white, pink, purple, yellow and even black. This gives a delicate and elegant appearance. Indeed, the fine, trumpet-like structure is so attractive the flowers were named after the Greek word for beautiful – calla. Their striking form make them a wonderful choice to add structure to any autumn display.


If you are looking to inject a bright, splash of colour into your floral displays for autumn you can’t beat the fabulous leucospernum. Known sometimes as the pin-cushion because of the cluster of tiny flowers that make up each stem.  The leucospernum can look like a bright explosion of mini-fireworks. If you look closely each flower head resembles a small beating heart.  Hence adding an extra spark of passion as a wedding choice!  Aesthetically, the multiple-strands in the head of each stem also add textural interest to any display.


Hypericum Berries

The hypericum, sometimes known as St. John’s Wort, is a hardy and versatile plant with a variety of medicinal and decorative uses. For autumn floral displays its clusters of berries add a burst of colour which look fabulous in autumn bouquets. The berries come in a passionate flame red, and a variety of other colours, therefore making them an excellent choice for autumn across a wide range of tonal choices. Other colours include orange, pink, brown, purple and white. All of which work well with a warming, autumn wedding theme.


A list of the Top 7 autumn weddings flowers isn’t complete without Hydrangea. At this time of year, the thirsty hydrangea lasts longer in floral displays and its large-headed blooms are a fabulous choice for a statement piece. It’s large headed blooms also come in a variety of warming tones and on-trend colours for the season, including rich burgundy, deep purple and dusky pink.

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The ultimate floral symbol of romance. The rose is a delicate, fragrant and beautiful choice for weddings at any time of year. A versatile choice because of the many varieties, although in autumn the traditional romantic rich red is a passionate favourite. And it’s not just bouquets and displays where roses are wonderful choices. Add an extra touch of romance. Sprinkle autumnal coloured rose petals alongside LED candles on tables and walkways.

Top 7 autumn weddings flowers

Sometimes known as the Chinese lantern, the bright orange physalis will brighten-up any display. The name comes from the Greek word Physalis which means, wrapper, because it looks like a delicate paper protection for the orange berry inside. Gorgeous

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 Jun 10th 2018

Outdoor Party Cocktail Ideas

Outdoor Party Cocktail Ideas


Summer parties often involve a move outdoors.  The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable though.  At TLC, we love planning an outside party but always have one eye on the weather conditions. A Plan B is essential.  If you do have to re-group to an inside venue, bring the outdoors inside.  Take inspiration from the surrounding landscape, and create your own summer garden in a marquee or event space.  A large part of that, will be giving people a taste of summer too.  With the five Outdoor Party Cocktail Ideas, you can capture a little of the ‘long hot summer’ feeling in a glass:

Five al fresco party cocktails
Vodka-Thyme Lemonade

Firstly, and as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. And for those of you willing to invest a little time in preparation, this refreshing long-drink, created by world-famous chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is well worth it. The time-consuming part is making the lemon-thyme syrup. Mixing the ingredients over a saucepan takes only ten minutes. To bring out the best flavours though, the syrup is best left to stand overnight or at least two hours. Once made, however, it will stay fresh for up to five days. Shake with ice and vodka, before serving in a highball glass, topped with soda. Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig for a sensational, seasonal treat. Visit for details.

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Deep Pleasure

For rum lovers, the rich, deep and luxurious flavour of Dictador is a pleasure to be savoured. Produced in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cartagena, Colombia, the rum has a romantic origin.  The company has created a drink book to spark ideas for how to enjoy its luxury brand. Our favourite is Deep Pleasure. A delicious combination of Dictador, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and fresh pineapple chunks.  Consequently, it makes a rich and fruity choice for a Spring/Summer evening. You should download this and other recipes from

Cucumber –Honeydew Freeze

Third on our list of Outdoor Party Cocktail Ideas, is a cool one. When the temperatures soar (we hope), nothing satisfies like a frozen cocktail. Striking for its lime-green colour, this icy delight combines the cooling flavours of cucumber, melon and lemon and spices it up with a splash of gin. Blended with honey and ice it is sweetly refreshing.  Serve in a wine class, lightly coated with sweet fennel salt and a wedge of lime. Or in our case, decant into lovely copper cups for a more rustic feel. See for the recipe.

hip summer cocktails

White Nun

From frozen delights to comforting warmers, when it comes to British Spring/Summer time we need to be prepared for any weather. Across the Atlantic, bar tender, Isaac Shumway from Tosca Café in San Francisco has come up with the perfect solution to heat up a damp and drizzly evening. His hot version of a White Russian swaps the traditional vodka base for brandy, mixing with coffee liqueur, coffee syrup and cream. Top with frothed milk. Delicious! See for details.

Orange and Cranberry Spritz

Finally, often we spend so long crafting our show-stopping mixes that as a result, our alcohol-free guests are left with few interesting choices on the drinks menu. Thankfully celebrity chef, James Martin has stepped in to save the day for all those resigned to an evening of orange juice or water. His orange and cranberry spritz is a long, cooling option that takes only five minutes to prepare. A quick mix of orange juice, cranberry juice and sparkling elderflower, serves up a sophisticated fruity fizz. See BBC Good Food for details.

Outdoor Party Cocktail Ideas

If you love our five outdoor party cocktail ideas, also take a look at this for Gin-spiration on our top Gin based cocktails!

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 May 9th 2018

Royal Wedding Trends

Royal Wedding Trends

Since announcing their engagement in November, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has captured the attention of event planners around the world. And with good reason.  Here’s our take on those Royal Wedding trends we can look forward to seeing.

Royal Wedding Trends
Think of the biggest bridal show in the world. It doesn’t come close to the influence of the forthcoming Royal nuptials. Whatever the size of your business, I guarantee the Royal party will spark trends to influence your work for years to come.

Any newcomers to the business? Look back seven years to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to see how the Royal effect impacts wedding trends at all levels of society.

When Kate walked down the aisle wearing a stunning, lace wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, not only did lace become a popular choice for brides, the look also sparked a trend for using the fabric in table décor and room design.
Approximately 2 billion people across 180 countries, tuned-in to watch the Royal ceremony in April 2011. And judging by the public’s insatiable interest Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we can expect this ceremony to be equally popular with viewers not only in the couple’s home countries of UK and US, but around the world. When so many eyes are watching, as event planners we need to make sure we are watching closer than most. I can guarantee within a day we will be answering questions about how to create a similar effect to some aspect of the day.

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So, what future trends should event planners be looking out for to stay ahead of the game?

As event planners we need to devour every piece of new information being drip-fed from the Palace on the run-up to the event. The couple’s decision not to invite heads of state could impact on the traditionally dictated guest lists of couples everywhere. We know too that the cake will be organic lemon and elderflower wedding cake instead of the traditional fruitcake.  So prepare to answer questions about the costings of similar cakes and how long they stay fresh etc.

There’ll be a fairy-tale influence as the couple travel around Windsor in an Ascot Landau horse-drawn carriage. There’s also a modern environmental touch. Seasonal plants have been chosen for their attraction to pollinating bees. The choice of flowers for Meghan’s bouquet is still a closely guarded secret. The Duchess of Cambridge started a trend for simple, understated white bouquets. Her home-grown mix of lily-of-the-valley, white myrtle, and hyacinth. Will Meghan follow suit? Who knows, but whatever throws in the air on May 19, all event planners need to be ready to catch.

Make the most of the big day! Plan a party for family and friends! And keep an eye out as you watch for the Royal Wedding Trends that will influence big days across the world!  Here’s the timings for the day: WEDDING TIMES

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 May 4th 2018

Top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester

Top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester  

It feels like Spring has been a long time coming this year. Now the sun has arrived, it’s natural to want to make the most of it, and the opportunity to hold an outdoor event in Manchester is growing with a range of fantastic and diverse venues. Whatever your event – big or small, corporate or private – Manchester’s open spaces have something for you. Here are a few of our favourites ‘top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester’… and a couple in Salford too!:

1. River bar and Terrace, The Lowry Hotel

For relaxed luxury the five-star Lowry hotel has stayed on top of the game for almost two decades. As vibrant and fresh as ever, the River Bar, with its water-edge view across the Irwell and Santiago Calatrava’s Trinity Bridge, has a calming sense of space in the hub of the city. Boasting the longest bar terrace in the city, the Lowry’s terrace is a gem of a sun-trap and the perfect spot for intimate al fresco entertaining.

Top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester

2. Rooftop Lounge and Playground, Great John Street, The Old School House

The name, Rooftop Lounge and Playground says it all. What was once a rooftop Victorian school playground is now a space for adults to rediscover their sense of fun. The converted Victorian school house, now the stylish Great John Street hotel, takes play very seriously. South-facing to catch the best of the rays, the playground has a terrace, BBQ, hot tub, sun lounges, informal seating and a glass veranda. When the sun is shining it’s the perfect urban party spot for up to 150 people, with a covered lounge should the city’s unpredictable weather change.

Top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester

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3. Piazza, Media City


BBC’s Breakfast TV has made the Piazza, Media City an instantly recognisable spot up and down the country. For big outdoor events this space definitely has the wow factor. It offers uninterrupted views across the water to an impressive skyline taking in the unique architecture of the Lowry Theatre and Imperial War Museum North. This large, flexible space directly outside the BBC’s northern headquarters, can comfortably host up to 6000 guests. And if you want to inject a further media feel to your event, there is the option to broadcast over a large double-sided outdoor screen overlooking the piazza.

4. Castlefield Bowl


Summer is when the Castlefield Bowl really comes to life as venue for outdoor concerts in the city. Upcoming gigs include Shed Seven, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott, and The Levellers. The venue, with its purpose-built stage, large dance space and tiered seating makes it an excellent space for small scale festivals. Located on Liverpool Road it is a discreet and secure outdoor space in the heart of the city. With a capacity of up to 8000 people, for a big party atmosphere it can’t be beaten.

5. King Street Townhouse


King Street Townhouse, located within the upper King Street Conservation Area of Manchester city centre, is an impressive Italian renaissance building, designed by local architect Edward Salomons and originally built in 1872 for the Manchester Salford Trustees Bank. With a stunning view of Manchester city centre and Town Hall from it’s rooftop South Terrace, this glamorous boutique Hotel has quickly established itself as a key venue.  Available for BBQ events in the summer, which includes the obligatory G&T, and it’s heated to keep the chill away.  It also offers 40 gorgeous rooms and suites; ideal to stay over.

Top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester

I hope our suggestions of top 5 outdoor spaces in Manchester is useful.  For more ideas, visit

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 Apr 16th 2018

Simon Lycett Interview

Simon Lycett Interview with Liz Taylor

Simon Lycett Interview

Royal florist Simon Lycett speaks with Liz Taylor about royal engagements, floral feats and fabulous times.

How did you become a florist?

Since I was seven, I’ve always known that I wanted to earn my living working with flowers. After a year at Huddersfield Poly to do Humanities, I headed off to London to work as a junior in the shop of the great, Robert Day. After 18 months I was virtually running the shop. It was amazing. The 80’s were so OTT; we had clients who would send their pilots in to collect designs and fly them back!

Then I moved on to Pulbrook and Gould which was the best experience ever, even though I was told by one of the workroom manageresses I’d never make it as a florist because my hands were too hot! The shop was incredible… we changed the window displays twice a day and had the most amazing client-base, so the work was phenomenal.

Simon Lycett Interview

What inspires you?

I’m very lucky being an accredited supplier for so many unique London venues. I work in five historic royal palaces and being in such incredible buildings is really inspiring. Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art are inspirational and as we set up for events once the public has left and the building is closed, it’s exciting and amazing to be able to stand within the galleries totally alone but for the iconic and incredible works of art.

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What was it like to design the flowers for HRH the Prince of Wales’ wedding to the Duchess of Cornwall?

I have been fortunate and privileged enough for the past few years to work for various members of our Royal family and it was been a particular privilege to decorate Windsor Castle for the reception of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. I have met HM The Queen a few times which is always very exciting and the highlight of my year. I love entertaining at home.

Simon Lycett Interview

For more of this interview, visit THE CHESH

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 Mar 5th 2018

Top five historic Manchester wedding venues

Top five historic Manchester wedding venues

Looking for that special ‘something old’ for your big day – what could be better than a venue steeped in history and love?  Here are our top five historic Manchester wedding venues:

Midland Hotel

The impressive red-brick of the Midland Hotel has been a centre-piece of Manchester’s architectural heritage and cultural life for more than a century. Built in 1903, this Edwardian Baroque-style, Grade II listed building has seen the start of many enduring partnerships. Without it we may not have the magnificent wedding cars from Rolls Royce.  Or in more recent times the celebrity phenomenon that is Posh and Becks.

It is a fitting place for any couple to start their married life together. Here, every guest gets the VIP treatment.  For weddings a red carpet is laid out at the front of the hotel for arrival.

All four suites at The Midland are licensed to offer Civil Ceremonies, and the hotel has a dance floor, bar license and music license until 1.00am. Bespoke services are available as well as packages including tailored features for Jewish and Asian weddings.

Top five historic Manchester wedding venuesTop five historic Manchester wedding venues


Stepping back into the city’s history even further, a taste of medieval Manchester awaits in Chetham’s Library. Dating back to 1421, Chetham’s is bursting with authentic character, to add gravitas to any ceremony. Take your vows under the timber roof of the majestic Baronial Hall. Walk hand-in-hand down the ancient stone cloisters. Capture your memories with photographs by the inglenook fire places and oak-panelled rooms.

As well as the building’s beauty it also holds an intriguing history. It is the place where Marx and Engels studied together in the city. For those wanting to soak up the atmosphere of the library setting, you can opt to sign the marriage register or have the ceremony itself in the seventeenth-century interior of Chetham’s Library.

Hotel Gotham

Designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928, this art deco style listed building at the top of King Street still oozes all the glamour of the Roaring Twenties. There is a nod to its former life as a bank, with thick, polished wooden counters; money-bag laundry sacks and upside-down brief-cases as light fittings in the bar.

The history of the venue provides plenty of opportunities for stylist photos reminiscent of a golden age when fashion and travel were freed from the wartime restrictions. Staff look dapper. They wear chalk-striped, flannel suits with pink braces and arm bands, designed in New York. While vintage suitcases and hat boxes add a true period feel.

The hotel offers a bespoke wedding service that can cater for celebrations from small private events to the exclusive use of the hotel and its 60 bedrooms. And, although it doesn’t have a wedding license, it’s only a stone’s throw away from Manchester’s Registry office.

Top five historic Manchester wedding venues

Halle St Peter

Once home to the cotton factories of the Industrial Revolution, Ancoats, in the north of the city, has undergone major regeneration in recent years. Standing at its centre since 1858 is the iconic semi-circular apse of St Peter’s Church. A parish church for more than 100 years. The church closed in 1960 as the result of a dwindling population in the area. After sitting empty for decades, the building was purchased by the Hallé. With the help of various heritage funding, it has been restored it to its former glory.

Now used for concerts and theatre shows.  It was the site of Manchester International Festival’s award-winning production of Macbeth with Kenneth Branagh . However, you can also use the venue for weddings. This deconsecrated church has been transformed into an elegant venue. It maintains its high ceilings and many unique original features. Accommodating parties of between 50 and 250 guests, it is a beautiful and versatile setting which captures the city’s industrial heart and heritage.

Great John Street

Last, but not least, on our list of top five historic Manchester wedding venues is Great John Street. For childhood sweethearts and young at heart alike, you can’t beat this old Victorian school house for sweeping you off your feet in an adolescent swirl. Right in the heart of the city, this impressive red-brick building has been lovingly transformed into a luxury townhouse hotel. From the moment you step through the entrance, under a showpiece chandelier towards its opulent pewter bar, you’re in a charming world. It has been uniquely designed to capture the fun elements of its heritage.

The once rooftop playground, keeps its same name, now an outdoor terrace for private hire. You can host wedding receptions for up to 120 guests. Most rooms, including the old Headmaster’s office, are licensed for civil ceremonies. And just like the old school, the playground is open in all seasons, for an outdoor wedding BBQ or hog roast.

Top five historic Manchester wedding venues

If you have found our list of top five historic Manchester wedding venues, take a look at these pages for more ideas and inspira


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 Feb 25th 2018

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Mexico’s miles of white sandy beaches, clear azure waters, and expansive starlit skies are a perfect recipe for romance.  That’s what makes it the ideal location for this year’s Destination Wedding Planners Congress, where I am a guest speaker.  Its also perfect if you’re looking for a dream destination wedding! Here are five luxury Mexican wedding venues; all are just perfect for you to tie-the-knot in Mexico.

Cabo Azul Resort, Los Cabos

Situated on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo Azul Resort is the perfect beach destination wedding, covering 12 oceanfront acres on an azure bay. However, a beach ceremony is only one of a variety of wedding locations available at this luxury resort. For those looking for a more traditional ceremony, but in warmer climes, the venue’s El Corazon chapel, with its intricate wood carvings and white marble aisle, is a stunning choice. As well as its romantic candle-lit water walls, the chapel also has an open wall at the back.  Hence, you can take your vows overlooking the deep blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

Hacienda Uayamon

If you would like your big day to be influenced by Mayan history away from the main tourist crowd, Campeche, in southeast Mexico, could be the destination for you. The city, a beautiful example of colonial baroque city planning, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Hacienda Uayamon dates back to 1700.  It is set within 500 acres of private gardens, with jungle views. Other unique features include exchanging vows in the ruin of an ancient chapel and dining under the canopy of a 150-year-old Ceiba tree. This peaceful and expansive setting can host events for up to 700 people.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues
Chablé Resort and Spa

Number three on our list of five luxury Mexican wedding venues is part of the group, Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The Chablé Resort and Spa is nestled deep in the Mayan forest in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It is a beautiful, relaxing setting for a group celebration with 40 rooms across a number of private villas dotted around the 750-acre resort. The stone design is in keeping with the ancient Mayan temples in the region.  Inside all the villas are equipped with the latest technology, and private pools. Aside from the lush, tropical garden setting, other reasons to choose this venue for your big day include the use of your own presidential estate or 19th century restored manor house; lanterns for romantic starlight dips; and staying in the home of the world’s largest private collection of tequila.

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Le Blanc, Spa Resort

A luxury, adult-only resort, located on the beach-front of the popular Cancun area of Mexico, Le Blanc is not the type of accommodation you might normally associate with an all-inclusive resort. A stay includes luxury, spacious accommodation with a double whirlpool tub in every room; fine dining; and butler service. Add to this walks along the white sand beaches, beside the azure ocean waters, and relaxing in the hotel’s infinity pools overlooking the sea.  You’ve got all the ingredients for your own romantic fairy-tale.  Noteworthy, the resort organises complimentary wedding packages for between 8 and 25 guests, staying a minimum of 4 nights.

St Regis Punta Mita

Lastly on our list of five luxury Mexican wedding venues is Nayarit.  On the western coast of Mexico, has an enviable setting between the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains on the other. A former fishing village, it is a picturesque and therefore a tranquil choice for those who want to relax, while also providing outdoor sports and adventures for those who like a more active break. This makes it a perfect choice for large weddings with guests of various ages with different interests. St Regis Punta Mita is a luxury resort in the region, which offers beach weddings for up to 500 guests, or a fairy-tale ball wedding in its Astor Ballroom for up to 170 guests. As part of the wedding experience, all guests get St Regis Butler service while staying on the property. Other attractions for guests include two Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, tennis courts, three infinity pools and a luxury spa.

Five luxury Mexican wedding venues

I hope our run-down of five luxury Mexican wedding venue has helped with your wedding planner.  If you need someone to plan the big day – call us!

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