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Once in a lifetime - no rehearsal - the best ever! TLC are leading private party organisers in Manchester and London, and the first choice of hundreds of private individuals in the planning of amazing birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, Bar Mitzvahs, christenings and a range of breathtaking private events. With an exclusive imagination and attention to detail, TLC have set themselves apart from their competitors.

If you are looking for something exciting and astounding it is not how much you spend, but how you spend it, and who better to guide you than our team of experienced private party organisers Their creative vision and professional event management combine to stage incredible and innovative private events.

Contact our team of private party organisers and corporate event planners in Manchester on 0161 876 6266 to discuss your specific requirements.

Wedding with a romantic fusion of delicate floral details
A romantic fusion of delicate floral details, intertwined with oversized trees and scented, floral canopies.  Shimmering crystal and clear glass reflecting warm candlelight. The effect…an atmosphere of ethereal wedding elegance.
Stranger Things party theme
Eerie, Indiana, brought to life. A new dimension created where Stranger Things can party.  Sci fi props and experimental paraphernalia designating a kid’s dining area, whilst parents are immersed in a strange world, nervously overshadowed by the famous alphabet wall.
A Tale Of Two Wedding Celebrations
A tale of two wedding celebrations, over two days. A romantic and elegant ‘enchanted garden’ styled wedding breakfast giving way to an exciting Game of Thrones inspired wedding feast. The purpose-built medieval village offering a secret gateway to a memorable Winterfell celebration!
the ultimate fairground attraction party
Roll up, roll up, to the ultimate fairground attraction party. A specially designed rotating carousel bar placed at the heart of the party. Mixing bespoke vodka cocktails (served in little plastic bags with your ‘goldfish’) and sweet popcorn topped blends. A high perch giving the DJ a bird’s eye view of the dance floor. Tickets please….
Radiusfest The sense of summer fun infusing this ‘Glastonbury’ inspired corporate party
The sense of summer fun infusing this ‘Glastonbury’ inspired corporate party. Festival stalls filling the air with the scent of freshly cooked street food. Photo booths, merchandise, cocktail bars, and bottled beers informally served from oversized ice buckets. You needed wrist band entry to the ultimate VIP festival party with Abba and Queen.
A corporate event that celebrated business achievements
Rewarding, engaging, entertaining. A corporate event that celebrated business achievements and future successes, with a host of world-class entertainment and stylish dining. An epic scale lighting production adding drama and tempo to this grand evening. Celebrity hosted; it was black ties all the way.

Inspirational and aspirational. Not a follower of trend; a leader of it. Join our social community below for a glimpse into TLC’s exclusive style, ideas and creativity. Elements that elevate our events with a unique sense of excitement.