With our unique blend of event management and business experience, energy and expertise, TLC team members are frequently asked to share their knowledge on television, radio, social platforms and in print. Below are just some of those interviews.

TLC’s CEO, Liz Taylor, also hosts her own podcast, ‘Events That Made Me’. Guests share the life and business events that have shaped their personal and professional journeys. An eclectic guest list of actors, business professionals, comedians and more. You can listen here:

Can you spend too much in a wedding? GB News asked TLC CEO Liz Taylor if money really can buy you the big day of your dreams!

BBC radio Berkshire Liz talks about creating the impossible

Solo holidays. ‘I’m a Celeb’. Pingdemic. And a ‘hot’ Eric Cantona!
Liz shares her thoughts on this week’s trending stories with Phil Trow on BBC Radio Manchester

Liz talks on the Elliott Webb Show BBC Hereford & Worcester on BBC Sounds

CEO Liz Taylor shares advice with listeners of the Elliott Webb Show on planning a stylish and safe Christmas party this year.... where taking responsibility is the key to success... plus lots of festive cocktails!

Click here to listen to BBC Hereford & Worcester on BBC Sounds: Skip to 03:09:36 in the show.

Liz Taylors explains to listeners of Times Radio, why in spite of the challenges, the events industry has a strong future.

Can you get married in 2020?
Liz Taylor joined Steph McGovern on Channel4’s ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ to share her top tips and experience about how to make a 2020 wedding an unforgettable experience! #PackedLunchC4

Mash Sessions: Martin Fullard talks to Liz Taylor on staying positive in the face of Covid-19

We Built This City - Liz Taylor Taylor Lynn Corporation

Liz discusses the appeal of Halloween parties for people all ages, with Talk Radio’s Mike Graham.

Liz Taylor discusses her early years, career, love of music and living with THAT name, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor discusses her career, starting at M&S and how further education was not for her, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor talks about the early days of her career and whether 3 husbands is all she has in common with the Hollywood Liz Taylor, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor chats about life as the Millionaire Party Planner and planning celebrity parties for Gary Barlow, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

As BBC Radio Berkshire celebrate their 30th birthday, who else would they turn to for inspiration other than CEO Liz Taylor
(skip to 2:11 into show)

Liz Taylor inspires one family’s lockdown anniversary celebration BBC Hereford & Worcester Malcolm Boyden 18.11.2020

Liz Taylor inspires one family’s lockdown anniversary celebration

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Liz Taylor talks with James hazell on Monday at 1.15pm - about how we can save Christmas parties this year 3.17.20.

Liz talks with James Hazell of BBC Suffolk about how we can save Christmas parties this year.

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Liz chats to Mike Sweeney at BBC Radio Manchester about charity and celebrity. Click here to listen 1:46:36 in to the show

The average wedding in the UK costs £27,161 – and a new survey says guests pay £1,015 on average to be there. So what can brides and grooms do to keep the cost down? Channel 5 News talks with Liz Taylor, wedding planner.

Liz Taylor talks birthday party celebrations with Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live Click to listen

How much do you think you'd be paid to carry out the tasks involved in organising Christmas?
Listen to Liz share advice & tips:

PART 1 - Liz shares the inspiration and motivation behind the writing of her biography, Taylor Made, with BBC Radio Manchester’s Mike Sweeney Show. Her journey, successes and how to deal with disasters were shared, alongside Liz’s continuing passion for event management.