Apr 6th 2020

Motivational Quotes for TLC Life Challenge

Motivational Quotes for TLC Life Challenge

Here are a selection of the motivational quotes for TLC Life Challenge.  An inspiring collection of words that make every day a fresh challenge, and keep our energy high.  TLC is collating these into a book.  This will be sold to the hospitality industry in the autumn, with proceeds donated to the NHS.  We have been inspired by the number of clients and industry colleagues that have also sent us their favourite words of wisdom.  Thank you.

if you would like to submit a quote, email it to taylor.lynn@tlc-ltd.co.uk

Motivational Quotes – Success – DAY 14 31st

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

Motivational Quotes – Cards Dealt – DAY 15 1ST

You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the HELL out of the ones your holding.

Motivational Quotes – Deep Roots – DAY 16 2ND

“Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots.”


Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes – Smile – DAY 17 3rd

“Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”

Motivational Quotes – Be Great – DAY 18 4th

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom
– Nelson Mandela

Motivational Quotes – Take Off – Day 19 5th

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplanes take off against the wind, not with it.
– Henry Ford

Motivational Quotes – Adapt – DAY 20 6th

Don’t adapt the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room


We are proud to support the tireless work of the NHS and all key workers.  Thank you from the TLC team for all of your commitment, energy and skills during this time.

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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 Mar 26th 2020

TLC The Life Challenge

TLC The Life Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on many businesses and the lives of individuals across the world. The UK hospitality and events sector has been one of those hugely impacted. This has inspired Manchester-based event management company, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), to undertake an initiative which shares daily optimism to industry colleagues during the difficult weeks ahead. The company also hopes will support a post-virus recovery for the industry.

Collectively, the team at TLC is gathering quotes that inspire, reassure and motivate them through these challenging times. Daily the company shares one of these messages across its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. The aim is that each post will not only help followers now, but importantly the messages are being curated into a book of amazingly motivational quotations, titled ‘TLC- The Life Challenge’. TLC has plans to publish the book for colleagues in the hospitality, events and hotel sector in the autumn. Proceeds will be donated to the NHS.

On our blog, we will update each day the posts that are being sent out across our social media networks – which will be included in the TLC The Life Challenge book.

If you wish to contribute a quotation for the book, can comment on any of the posts on Twitter: @taylorlynncorp, Facebook: @taylorlynncorporation or Instagram: @taylorlynncorp, Taylor Lynn Corporation on LinkedIN or email taylor.lynn@tlc-ltd.co.uk

CEO Liz Taylor said: “The hope is that in the post-virus recovery stage, our industry colleagues can use the book as a reminder of how far they have come, what has been achieved and what is possible for the future. A motivational guide created by friends, colleagues and even business competitors, who, have come together to rebuild our industry.”

TLC The Life Challenge

We hope that you will join us in sharing some positivity and support during a very challenging and difficult time for all.

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 Mar 25th 2020

Event Company Launches a Positivity Initiative ‘TLC – The Life Challenge’

March 25, 2010

Event Company Launches a Positivity Initiative ‘TLC – The Life Challenge’


The Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on many businesses and the lives of individuals across the world.  The UK hospitality and events sector has been one of those hugely impacted. This has inspired Manchester-based event management company, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), to undertake an initiative which shares daily optimism to industry colleagues during the difficult weeks ahead, but which the company also hopes will support a post-virus recovery for the industry.

TLC - The Life Challenge’


Collectively, the team at TLC is gathering quotes that inspire, reassure and motivate them through these challenging times, and daily the company shares one of these messages across its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram platforms.  The aim is that each post will not only help followers now, but importantly the messages are being curated into a book of amazingly motivational quotations, titled ‘TLC- The Life Challenge’.  TLC has plans to publish the book for colleagues in the hospitality, events and hotel sector in the autumn, with proceeds donated to the NHS.


The company is now asking clients, industry colleagues and its social media followers to send-in their own words of wisdom and the advice that is helping to keep them positive.  People wishing to contribute a quotation for the book, can comment on any of the posts on Twitter: @taylorlynncorp, Facebook: @taylorlynncorporation or Instagram: @taylorlynncorp, Taylor Lynn Corporation on LinkedIn or email taylor.lynn@tlc-ltd.co.uk


CEO of Taylor Lynn Corporation, Liz Taylor, said: “Events that we have been planning for many months, years in some cases, suddenly began to cancel or rebook for the autumn.  This pattern was not exclusive to TLC; all event companies, hotels and venues are in the same situation.  It was devastating.  My company marks its 25th anniversary this year, and by far this pandemic is its greatest challenge. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by the road ahead, but that’s just not what we are about.  My team is channelling its inner optimism for the future, into being creative.  When things get tough … we get busy!


“The hope is that in the post-virus recovery stage, our industry colleagues can use the book as a reminder of how far they have come, what has been achieved and what is possible for the future.  A motivational guide created by friends, colleagues and even business competitors, who, have come together to rebuild our industry.”


TLC has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate life and showbusiness, to produce events across the UK and Europe.  Founded in 1995 by event entrepreneur Liz Taylor and her industry partner Dianne Lynne, the company went from strength to strength with a successful team that was to last until 2008, when Liz managed an amicable partnership buy-out.  That same year TLC bucked the recession by topping the £4M turnover mark.  With its headquarters in Manchester, the event company works with some of the country’s most well-known brands, blue-chip giants, SMEs, private clients and celebrities to create business and celebration events.  For details about TLC, visit www.tlc-ltd.co.uk




For further details contact:

  • Sarah Lewis – M: 0781 792 8132, E: slewiscomms@msn.com
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 Mar 20th 2020

Homeworking Power Heroes Guide

Homeworking Power Heroes Guide

These are unprecedented times for us all, and it requires businesses of all sizes to adapt quickly.  One of the incredible things about TLC has always been its team.  A group of talented and inspiring individuals, who join with me to create memorable events.  For the moment, those events are all planned for the autumn and this is where we are focussing our considerable energy and optimism.  A key part of that, is by embracing homeworking for the next few weeks. Encouraged by my team, I have brought together my Homeworking Power Heroes Guide!  Advice that I hope may help you and your colleagues:

Homeworking Power Heroes Guide

T – Tools

Ensure the team each have the right technology, software and apps to do the job and communicate. My team may use their computer for home as well as business-related work, so they may be exposed to more viruses (as we have all heard enough of viruses!!). We’ve ensured IT security is up to date so information is kept confidential.

L – Life-Work Balance

Your team is more likely to overwork than underwork; especially in the current pandemic! This can be due to the fact that they suddenly feel their days are much shorter without the time spent on a regular commute, or, a need to do as much as they can to support your company through this time. As the boss, I encourage my team to keep a close eye on their time and output to help them develop a reasonable work-life balance and avoid burn-out.


Homeworking Power Heroes Guide Homeworking Power Heroes Guide Homeworking Power Heroes Guide

LTC LTD Meet the team Ellie Barnes – Events Operations Director LTC LTD Meet the team Liz Taylor – CEO and Creative Director 

C – Communicate

Keep in touch using as many different tools as possible.  Consider what communication tools will deliver the desired results.  We love a shared WhatsApp call, but also SKYPE/Facetime or a simple telephone call.  We all check-in regularly to monitor progress, discuss work and provide feedback.  Vital that you also keep your team apprised of critical information and decisions.

P – Plan Ahead

Share a clear plan of the way ahead, which outlines everyone’s role and your expectations of them.  Ensure a clear team structure – I have let everyone know the new (albeit temporary) reporting structure and where individual responsibilities lie.

O – Open Mind

This is a new way of working for us all, so be open to diversity and recognise how everyone brings something to team effort.  It’s time to embrace difference.

W – Work Together

Despite not being physically together, it’s important that my team agrees on how they will communicate, make decisions, resolve issues and deliver results.  I recognise the importance of trust in this – it is developed differently in remote working and takes some getting used to!

E – Engage

I think you need to engage your team through consensus decision-making rather than instructing.  Encourage them to feel that they each individual person is key in contributing to the organisation’s overall strategy and success.  This motivation is key.

R – Reward

Finally, monitor achievements and reward the team through individual measurement of their performance based on results not activities. For me, this allows for some flexibility in how things are delivered and avoids micro-management by Liz!

Lastly – in these tough times.  Keep focussed and positive – we will get through this! I hope my homeworking power heroes guide has proven useful, and good luck with your homeworking!


-Liz Taylor, Founder and CEO

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 Mar 2nd 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties

Early spring is always a busy time for wedding planning. This year with Valentine’s Day and a leap year thrown in for good measure, even more couples than usual may have just become engaged. So now comes the question of whether to have an engagement party or not. It’s something we’re often asked here at TLC. Our events director, Jess Randall, has brought together, and answered, all our most frequently asked questions about the rules of engagement. It’s the Dos and Don’ts of engagement parties!

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties

Are engagement parties common?

Engagement parties were very common a few decades ago, then became less so in recent years. However, we’ve found they’re really making a comeback, especially amongst those who intend to have a long engagement. It’s a way of celebrating your relationship moving to the next level and revelling in your special moment. And, let’s face it, any excuse to have a party is a good one so my thoughts are – why not!

Who hosts an engagement party?

As with so many wedding traditions, it always fell to the bride’s family to host the engagement party. Nowadays things have changed a bit. The happy couple will often organise and host their own party, or it can be arranged by any member of the wedding party (if that’s been decided on by this stage of course). The invite list is really up to you, it doesn’t have to be as extensive as the full wedding list (unless you want it to be) but close friends and family are a must.

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties

When should you have an engagement party?

It’s nice to celebrate this moment when it’s ‘new news’ and fresh in everybody’s minds, so I’d suggest one to months after somebody pops the question is the ideal time to have an engagement party. Any longer and you may have already started to plan your wedding, so extra party planning can become a headache.

Where are engagement parties held?

This is one of the big questions on my list of the Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties! The simple answer is – wherever you like. There are no strict rules around where you should have your engagement party. In fact, just like any other party, it will be determined by your guest list, how many people will attend, the time of day you’d like to host it and of course budget. We’ve organised everything from engagement brunches at the home of a family member, to extravagant balls with 300+ guests and dancing till dawn!

What is engagement party gift etiquette?

Gifts are a tricky subject, on the one hand you don’t want to seem like a gift is expected, especially as weddings can become expensive for guests. Yet on the other hand, it’s likely some guests will bring them. Many couples put a note in with the invites to say a gift is not necessary, but to save you going home with fifty bottles of champagne a gift list is also perfectly acceptable. Opt for low to mid cost gifts as there will of course be a wedding gift list still to come.

Should you serve food at an engagement party?

Food is less important at an engagement party than at the wedding where it’s an integral part of the day. However, if you’re intending to throw a boozy bash you might want to include some catering to ensure you soak up all that alcohol. Grazing tables are a fantastic idea, a trend that’s been huge within weddings and that will really set the tone for a chic and stylish wedding to come. They look sensational and can be relatively easy and affordable to create.  Or choose simple food stations. Fish and chips. Posh kebabs. Gourmet pizza.

It’s my firm belief that it’s not a party without a cake, so even if you decide to forgo a full buffet or sit-down meal, you should, at the very least invest in an engagement cake, which can feed the party goers.

Popular are also afternoon tea celebrations. They can be tailored to a fun, family affair or a more stylish cocktail version!

As a rule of thumb, I’d always let guests know whether you plan to serve food so they know what to expect.

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Parties

What about décor at an engagement party?

Lastly on my advice around the  Dos and Don’ts of engagement parties, is to think about your wedding day.  Use the party to give guests at taster of what’s to come but on a slightly smaller scale. Entice them!  Incorporating photographs of you as a couple into the décor is a lovely idea and can tell the story of your relationship. Table décor brings a stylish feel.  A selection of seasonal fresh flowers (bold colours are on trend) displayed in an eclectic range of glass vases, tealights and candles can transform an ordinary space into a chic party setting in no time.  It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the wedding, but simple décor on crisp, white linens will look gorgeous.  Gain some inspiration in these WEDDING TRENDS 2020 and opt for a more simplified version.  Or check out this piece of advice from Brides Magazine.

Thinking of hosting your own engagement party? We will steer you through the Dos and Don’ts of engagement parties, giving you an event that sets the tone for the wedding to come. Why not get in touch with TLC to see how we can h

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 Feb 28th 2020

Leap Year Proposal Ideas

Leap Year Proposal Ideas

With over 30 years in the wedding and party planning business, our CEO Liz Taylor has seen it all when it comes to proposals. So, with leap year at the end of February, she shares her tips for any ladies (or gents) who may be thinking of popping the question with our top Leap Year Proposal Ideas.

“The leap year tradition dates back to the 1200s in Scotland where a woman had the right to propose for one day of the year. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since then. I’m of the opinion that a woman can and should be able to propose any day of the year, but there’s also no harm in embracing tradition. A leap year does give any ladies out there thinking of ‘taking the leap’, a good excuse to go for it, so here are my best leap year proposal ideas for any ladies waiting to pop the question.”

Share the moment

The party planner in me urges you to make a day of your proposal. Get your loved ones together for a day of food, drink and laughter. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can host it at home and head to your nearest deli to get a selection of delectable cakes and pastries. It’s more fun if one or two of your guests are in on the secret and can film the big moment. If you have children together, why not get them involved by making a short film or wearing t-shirts that reveal the message.  We have filled houses with balloons, all printed with the proposal message. You could even place a note on the collar of one of your pets. Cheesy perhaps – but how could he could say no?

Leap Year Proposal Ideas

Just to two of you

At the other end of the scale of my Leap Year Proposal Ideas is something much smaller and intimate. If you’d prefer it to be a more private affair, then arrange a special day at home just the two of you. Cook his favourite meal (or cook together). If you’re not talented in the kitchen then hire in a chef or get a take away to ease the pressure of cooking. Enjoy a lovely bottle of wine or craft beers if that’s more their thing. Play music, watch films and just enjoy being in one another’s company for the day. Then, when the credits roll on the movie – seize the moment and propose.

Capture it on camera

One of the best interpretations of this idea that I’ve seen is on a rollercoaster.  The bride to be was at the front and the people behind her in the carriage held up cards saying will you marry me as they passed the on-ride camera. She had no idea until she looked at the photos at the end of the ride. You could adapt this for any location, you just need a willing bunch of volunteers ready to photo bomb the big moment. If it’s friends and family then get them to wear printed t-shirts under their coats and stand behind your betrothed-to-be, revealing them without him knowing.

Take your loved one to a local garden, park or an evening stroll at a favourite place – and reveal giant lit letters spelling out the magic words – will you marry me? Want to upscale this idea? Organise a flash mob to sing, dance and shimmy their way to your man’s hand in marriage.

Leap Year Proposal Ideas

Say it with food

The do say the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy and there are hundreds of ways you can hide a ‘marry me’ message in his favourite food. Bake a huge cake with and ice the words on the top. A plate of iced biscuits or cupcakes spelling out the proposal. Hide the message in a pizza box, with a heart shaped pizza of course. And remember, you can personalise everything from Nutella to Marmite, so simply add the words ‘marry me’ instead of his name.

We have had special menus created for the happy couple at a local restaurant.  All his favourite dishes served.  As the dessert menu is handed over to your loved one – a special message is printed on the inside.  Asking that all important question!

Leap Year Proposal Ideas


Make a day of it

If you know your partner well enough to propose you should have an idea of their favourite things to do. Whether they’re a high-octane adrenaline junkie, a sci-fi fanatic or sports enthusiast- including an element of this in the proposal can make it fun and exciting. Why not make his dreams come true in more ways than one? Has your hubby-to-be always wanted to jump out of a plane, drive a formula one race car or play for a premier league football team? Organise a special day out then once it’s over pop the question. How could he refuse?

Shout it loud

This is a great way to propose if you’re feeling nervous as you don’t actually have to say the words yourself. Get tickets to that gig he wants to go to or the big match and contact the organisers – many venues will help you either by an announcement over the tannoy or in the event programme if you plan ahead far enough.

If you don’t have a place to go in mind, an announcement on the radio is another great idea. Or go for a meal and hire a sensational band or barbershop quartet to serenade your spouse!

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 Feb 13th 2020

Ways to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

Ways to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

‘A timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity’, darker than sky blue but lighter than midnight blue. Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year makes a heavenly colour palette for weddings. Our CEO and Creative Director, Liz Taylor, describes how to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day.  This year, its a gorgeous Classic Blue.

“Classic Blue is a rich hue with royal connotations,” says Liz. “It’s magnificent when paired with metallic accents with a real feel of the 1920s. And I love to channel the Great Gatsby era, along with all the opulence and striking design influence that comes with it”.

Dine with it!

The first way in which you can creatively incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day is with the table design. Liz says: “For a table that’s chic and striking, line the table with a blue cloth. Use a mix of coloured vintage glassware. Add tapered candles with patterned crockery for a look that oozes vintage appeal. I love retro champagne glasses or goblets, which look effortlessly chic. Brilliant replicas can be picked up fairly reasonably online or can be hired for a one-off event. Prefer the real thing? Then scour the charity shops, car boot sales and auction sites. My top tip here. Use gold cutlery for a sophisticated colour match.

incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

“Darker colours like this are made for luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin where the folds and highlights are emphasised by the contrasting darkness. Add another level to your room décor when draped across a wedding arch or used as an alternative to linen table cloths.”

“Or add carefully places splashes of blue against a white backdrop give a modern vibe.  Contemporary glassware. Table napkins tied with a simple blue ribbon.  Place cards in hues of blue.  Or a table centrepiece; a tower of delectable blue macaroons or iced cupcakes. Yum!

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Eat it!

“Who says a wedding cake has to be white when a statement blue cake has ten times the impact! Coloured icing will give your cake a contemporary twist. For a pop of colour try decorating with coral, pink or peach coloured flowers, metallic edging or textured icing. Or opt for a naked cake.  Topped with fresh blueberries and blackberries.  Divine.”

incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

Carry it!

“Blue may not be the obvious colour choice for bouquets and floral arrangement but there are some stunning blooms in blue hues. Hydrangea and hyacinth are classic choices. Incorporate with shades of lavender, greens, cream and deep purple. Delicate and stunning in a bouquet or on a table design. For a wilder, ‘meadowy’ feel try nestling cornflower and forget me nots amongst a display of grasses and foliage. If you don’t want to go the whole hog with an entire blue bouquet, highlights of classic blue will really stand out against a collection of orange, pink and yellow blossoms.

incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

Wear it!

Finally, a great way to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day is in the design and colour of the wedding attire.  “It’s true that blue makes a dapper colour for the groom and groomsmen’s ties and suits. However, it is equally suited to bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride.  A blue wedding dress would be a confident choice which I’m sure would look stunning. For more traditional brides, who want just a hint of classic blue, what could be better than a peek of classic blue shoes or a sash on bridesmaids dresses. And don’t forget the jewels.  Sapphires are having a real moment in wedding jewellery on rings, earrings, necklace, cufflinks.

incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your wedding day

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 Jan 6th 2020

2020 Wedding Trends

2020 Wedding Trends

January is an exciting time for wedding planners.  Not only is wedding season almost in full swing, but it’s a perfect time of year to reflect on the wedding trends that will be coming in for the new year. Here, our CEO and expert wedding planner, Liz Taylor outlines her predictions for the 2020 Wedding Trends we’ll see in the new decade.

Firstly in our 2020 Wedding Trends is the move towards global ‘wellness’. Princess Eugene lead the charge for environmentally friendly weddings, when she went entirely plastic free for her big day. This may have been a few years ago now, but it marked a general trend for couples being kinder to the environment as they say ‘I do’. It’s showing no signs of slowing.

Environmental responsibility

Choosing local suppliers, foraging for flowers or using potted plants rather than cut floral arrangements which then double as wedding favours are just some of the ways you can have an eco-friendlier wedding.

Many couples are shunning single use décor, confetti, even dresses for versions that have been, or can be, used again. Suit rental is nothing new within wedding planning. However, some brides are now renting bridesmaids and even wedding dresses or opting for preloved garments which are altered to suit. A knock-on effect of this is that bridesmaid and groomsmen are becoming more eclectic. They are often being viewed as a collection rather than all wearing matching with outfits and combining a range of colours and materials.

Within décor, the look is to be more stripped back and simple. Couples are moving away from white starched table linens and fine dining in favour of natural fabrics such as jute or hessian which has a real rustic appeal. At the other end of the scale and for a more luxurious look.  We’ve been asked to incorporate rich sumptuous fabrics like velvet on tables and then have these made into curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings afterwards. So, everything is reused or recycled in some way.

Five unique wedding favours ideas

Thrift stores, online auction sites and car boot sales can be a treasure trove of vintage table wear.  From retro champagne glasses to candelabras there’s a world of beautiful and affordable items to discover. Another idea is to save up gin or wine bottles (especially those that are particularly intricate) and use these for table names or even as part of a DIY ice sculpture centrepiece.

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At TLC we always look to include personal touches that tell the bride and groom’s own unique story. Far more frequently couples are looking for new and original ways to represent their relationship.

There’s a move away from mass produced, off the shelf in all elements of wedding planning.  Personalisation is becoming a huge trend. One emerging idea is the wedding canvas.  Commissioning an artist to capture the overall feel of the day within a bespoke art piece. Prints are then sent out afterwards as favours.

One interpretation of the personalisation trend that’s really taking off this year is bespoke embroidery. Seen on anything from table cloths to wedding dresses, veils or trains to handkerchiefs and place settings. It may be initials or dates that feature. More frequently we’re being asked to incorporate words from a poem or a special song, a place or a phrase used in a proposal – even lines from a TV show or film.

I really love this idea for table linens – it’s a simple and surprisingly affordable way of creating a very high-end look!

Statement veils with personalised typography are hugely popular. This is thanks to Hayley Bieber who wowed the world with her Virgil Abloh dress and dramatic veil, which had the words ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ stitched into the hem.

Sociable dining and decor

Mirroring the trend that’s emerging in many restaurants and dining experiences, we’re seeing more and more couples opt for banquet tables for their room layout. It provides a much more sociable experience, encouraging guests to mingle, as well as the opportunity for spectacular table décor. Very often with this layout we’ll create bountiful table centres abundant with fruit and seasonal produce. For food we’ll go with huge sharing platters or tapas style dishes providing another opportunity that encourages conversation.

For this trend we’ll often suggest suspended floral arrangements rather than table centres that provide a barrier to conversation. This is an emerging trend within itself.

Moving into the ceiling space is one of my favourite and most impactful ways to decorate a room. Huge floral installations can be clustered and cloudlike or an entire floral canopy.  It’s just a matter of choosing the best seasonal flowers to create stunning effects.

wedding planners based in Manchester TLC LTD

And for those lucky enough to have an outdoor space in which to dine, banquet style tables look even more fabulous especially when lit by candle light and fairy lights. Venues that form the perfect backdrop for banquet style wedding include castles, barn conversions and stately homes.

Cool Colour Trends

Lastly on our list of 2020 Wedding Trends is cool colour choices. Two colour schemes are fading in favour of an overall vibe – which again brings in that eclectic feel I mentioned previously. One of my favourite looks is choosing a single colour and then create an ombre effect. This sees planners taking the colour throughout the room from it’s very lightest to darkest form. It’s a classic look that’s effortlessly chic.

The Pantone and Dulux colours of the year are always a huge influence on wedding colour choices. This year both of the trends experts have opted for colours at the cooler end of the spectrum. Tranquil Dawn from Dulux is a cool shade of sea green. Whereas Classic Blue from Pantone is said to be ‘reminiscent of the sky at dusk’. It’s rich and inviting with royal connotations so ideal for a wedd

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 Dec 16th 2019

North West Party Venues

North West Party Venues

The North West has a lot to offer when it comes to Christmas and New Year parties. Fine dining with he first Michelin star restaurant in Manchester since the 70s.  Impressive venues that are steeped in history and a nightlife seen to rival any region across the globe. Our expert team of party planners has picked out the best and most exclusive North West Party Venues. Exclusive spaces to suit all shapes and sizes of Christmas or New Year party.

Enjoy the Finest Dining in Manchester

Firstly, if you have a smaller team then why not treat them to a dinner to remember at one of Manchester’s exclusive dining spots.  Some of which have private dining rooms to hire.

Amid a burgeoning food and drink scene in the city is Mana, the first restaurant in Manchester to be awarded a Michelin Star for over 40 years. Set amongst a light and airy dining space, Mana has an area for groups of up to six next to the open plan kitchen. It’s not private dining as such. However, you will watch on as the chefs prepare the best produce from the British Isles prepared from its original form every day. Its menu is described as ‘intriguing, original and very exciting’.

Over the other side of town at Spinningfields, The Ivy offers three private dining spaces.  The Dalton Suite, Geisha Room or Skylight Terrace. They can accommodate anything from 20 to 50 guests.  Each serving tempting selections from the three restaurant menus amongst flamboyantly beautiful interiors.

North West Party Venues North West Party Venues North West Party Venues

Set to be a new jewel in Manchester’s crown is Tom Kerridge’s new venture, The Bull and Bear at the Stock Exchange Hotel. Housed on the former trading floor of the historic grade II listed building, complete with spectacular domed ceiling, the restaurant serves up ‘refined British comfort food’. And it’s proving a real hit with customers. In addition to The Bull & Bear restaurant, Tom and his team will also be overseeing The Bank. This offers private dining experiences for up to 14 people. And The Vault.  This caters for private events for up to 120 people. We’re sure it’ll be Manchester’s hottest venue this festive season, so you’ll need to be quick!

Have a Night at the Museum in Liverpool

For a Christmas or New Year event with a difference, host an altogether more cultured Christmas party in a setting steeped in history. Three iconic venues. The Museum of Liverpool. The Liverpool Maritime Museum. The World Museum in Liverpool. Each make for a unique party backdrop where guests may learn about the city’s rich cultural diversity as they dance the night away.

Opt for views of the Royal Albert Dock and Liverpool Waterfront at Merseyside Maritime Museum.  Or admire the historic surroundings of the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building. You could even dine with Blackler’s Santa at the Museum of Liverpool.


Live the High Life in Cheshire

Christmas parties don’t just have to take place in the busy city centres.  Why not head to one of Cheshire’s many stately homes, spectacular hotels or natural beauty spots for a party with a difference this year.

Magnificent National Trust properties are something that Cheshire has in abundance.  You could spend this festive season celebrating in the impressive surroundings of Quarry Bank Mill, Dunham Massey or the mansion at Tatton Park.  We have staged a magnificent ‘bierfest’ party at Tatton Park; transforming the house!

North West Party Venues North West Party Venues North West Party Venues

The county also has many grand hotels, often listed architectural gems set in acres of beautiful countryside. Choose from Rookery Hall in Nantwich. A unique country house built in 1816, complete with a French Chateau Tower and commanding views of the countryside.  Or the luxurious and award-winning Georgian Manor House at Mottram Hall.  Both of which have surprisingly affordable party packages with dinner, drinks and dining included.

Find Enchantment in the Forest at Delamere or Knowsley

Decked out in thousands of sparkling fairy lights with warming firepits and cosy furs, a magical pop up restaurant in a tipi in the midst of Delamere Forest could be the alternative Christmas party venue you’ve been searching for. You’ll enjoy five courses of fine dining cooked by the most talented of chefs. It is accompanied by live acoustic music from local artist Charlie Reader to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Finally, Knowsley Safari Park is the location for a secret Russian Cossack encampment. This comes complete with snow-clad pine trees, ice bar, Tsar’s Palace and St Basil’s Cathedral backdrop. https://www.officechristmas.co.uk/christmas-party/liverpool-knowsley-safari-park/

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 Dec 9th 2019

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Not everyone wants an alcohol-fuelled office Christmas party that’s spent dancing the night away. In fact, with an increasing number of teetotallers in the workplace, at TLC we’re often asked for creative Alternative Christmas Party Ideas to the traditional dinner and dance. And in opting for something a little different, there may be opportunities for team bonding that go way beyond the communal office hangover the next morning. Here are our top alternative Christmas party ideas to help you decide:

Have a Party on the Move

First on our list of Alternative Christmas Party Ideas, is simple. There’s no rule that says your Christmas party venue has to be stationary when a traveling party is double the fun. Why not hire your very own Xmas party train and have cocktails and canapes on the go? You could even design the space as the Orient Express, and host a glamorous murder mystery evening.

For a quirky take on the obvious bar crawl provide your team with a traditional red London bus to transport them to different cocktail bars across the capital.

Make the Impossible Happen

Sometimes our clients come to us with something so specific in mind that there isn’t a venue in the world that will live up their dream. So, what do we do? We create it for them!

Perhaps you’d love to whisk your team away for a ski holiday but are constrained by budget – we’ll bring The Alps to you. Just like when we made the impossible happen for a client who’s vision of an exclusive party retreat in the middle of an enchanted forest was proving difficult to locate. We hired an entire field and constructed the forest around it – complete with a magical woodland walkway. We can make your dreams come true too.

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Embrace Their Inner Child

Everyone loves party games, but at TLC we do them on a grand scale. Think the world’s largest Scalextric track, giant table football (played with real people) or a real casino where all the guests gamble the night away (with fake money of course).

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Set Your Team a Challenge

Escape rooms, themed mysteries, even the Crystal Maze – there are challenge experiences popping up all over the country. This type of Christmas party encourages your team to connect and network, as everyone works together to achieve the end goal.

Why not get out and about with a treasure hunt incorporating a trail of clues to seek out across your city. Fancy something a little more adrenaline fuelled? Ramp up the excitement with a treasure hunt on segways.

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Appeal to their Creative Side

Getting creative is a fantastic way to motivate a team, especially if there’s an element of competition. Why not stage your very own live ‘Bake Off’ challenge; it’s easy to recreate the format complete with a marque in a field if you desire.

If your team has their heart set on boozing, then a cocktail or gin masterclass could be the perfect activity. Why not choose something a bit more unusual like The Bletchley in Chelsea. A fully immersive experience that takes inspiration from the code-breaking operations at Bletchley Park during WWII to create a bespoke cocktail that caters to your unique taste. https://www.thebletchley.co.uk/

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Chase the Sun

What could be more energising for your team than jetting off for a weekend in the winter sun. There are lots of locations that enjoy year-round good weather within a 4-7-hour travel time of the UK. Depending on your budget you could take in the heady sights of Morocco, combine toasty temperatures with festive cheer in Dubai or relax and unwind in Cape Verde – where the accommodation also happens to be extremely reasonable. Another alternative would be a cruise around the Canary Islands; an easy-to-reach winter sun haven set against an extraordinary volcanic backdrop. From Paris to New York, Milan to Marrakesh – we’ve created Christmas parties all over the world.

Hire an Amazing Space

The UK has some pretty amazing party venues, many of which we’ve featured on our blog {INSERT LINK}. From Manchester’s Imperial War Museum to the Barbican Conservatory, our major cities have a rich architectural history that is second to none. But for a Christmas party like no other it’s time to get truly creative with your venue.

Seek out a unique event space such as the London Dungeons – here at TLC we love a clash of themes so why not have a frightfully festive and macabre masquerade ball as guests mingle amidst the torture chambers.

And it doesn’t stop there – from aquariums and zoos to rooftop terraces there are thousands of quirky venues. Using one of these inspiring spaces as the backdrop to your Christmas party will make it all the more memorable for your team. What’s more, if you postpone your get together until January you may even be able to take advantage of a quiet time of year and save yourself some money.

Make it a Season of Goodwill

Last on our collection of Alternative Christmas Party Ideas is the act of giving. Not everyone team wants a big party, so keep it low key by going out for a lovely lunch then arrange for your team to do something charitable instead. It is the season of goodwill after all. There are so many charities in need of help at this time of year meaning lots of options to choose from. Some ideas could include delivering parcels to food banks or arranging a get together for the elderly – using your resources to cook Christmas dinner for those who will spend the festive season alone. Warm and fuzzy feelings guaranteed for everyone involved

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