Valentine Celebrations Global Tour

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Valentine Celebrations Global Tour Have you been asking what all the hoo-ha was with Valentine’s Day?  Was Feb 14th filled with romance and flowers in your household?  You wouldn’t be alone if it was, as Brits really do go to town on Valentine’s Day right from school children to couples who have been together a lifetime.  I love visiting other countries and …

Baby Shower Planning

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Baby Shower Planning It’s that time of the year when it seems there’s endless exquisite baby showers taking place.  I’ve organised too many to mention over the past couple of years and one thing is for sure it’s all about treating the ‘mum to be’ to a fantastic day out as she celebrates the imminent arrival of her beautiful baby.  …

Marina Dalglish Appeal A Real Success

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  For the fifth year running, the Taylor Lynn Corporation ( was proud to inject real magic and entertainment into the Marina Dalglish Appeal event by creating a spectacular gold and black colour theme, dramatic lighting design and a stylish décor, which, alongside amazing entertainment from the Swann Band, helped to make the night a memorable success.         

Wedding Vow Renewal

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Wedding Vow Renewal We hear Jordan is planning it. Beyonce and Jay-Z had an amazing time doing it, and so have a whole host of other celebrities including Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barrosso ….wedding vow renewal is the latest ‘in-vogue’ Hollywood celebration of a couple’s relationship, and is set to become as popular and glamorous as weddings themselves.    …