Top 5 Summer Cocktails

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British summer is here at last and what better way to celebrate than with a cool cocktail. Here are Top 5 Summer Cocktails to start you off:


As the sun gets warmer the number of daytime parties rise. This summer cocktails are getting simpler, with fewer ingredients that most well-stocked bars can shake up with their own signature twist. For day time drinking, lower alcohol cocktails using vermouth and sherry are growing in popularity, because they have all the taste without the consequences. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try an Adonis, which is basically a Martini using sherry instead of gin. If you’re looking to shake-up your own the About Food blog has an easy to follow recipe.

top 5 summer cocktails



When the temperature starts to rise, nothing beats a frozen drink. The Cuban-favourite, strawberry daiquiri, with its rum base, is the most well-known and still the best. Served in a chilled flute glass, it is a delicious and refreshing choice – perfect for a Salsa party. If you would like a non-alcoholic option, has a recipe that can be made with or without the rum.

Top 5 Summer Cocktails


The words beer and cocktail aren’t seen together in the same sentence. But with the rise of the artisan brewer, beer cocktails are becoming increasingly popular and can make a wonderful punchy, long-drink on hot summer days. The Cheat Sheet website has six beer-based cocktails for you to try. We like the Cerveza Nicola which mixes Peroni beer, vodka and Campari. Remember when making a beer cocktail that shaking any fizzy drink is not going to end well, so unless you want to end up spending your party cleaning – stir and don’t shake.



For years cocktails were always the sweet-toothed choice, but not anymore. Savoury cocktails are becoming increasingly popular, boosting their flavour with herbs, vegetables and salt, rather than syrups and fruit. We love the Rosemary Salty Dog, which combines grapefruit juice and gin served in a salted-rim glass and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. See mixologists Distillery 209 for a printable recipe card.

Top 5 Summer Cocktails


The first taste of sun and all shops push Pimm’s to the front of the store. We Brits love it and no summer cocktail list would be complete without it. To mix-up the perfect punch, fill a jug with ice and mix in one part Pimm’s to two parts lemonade. Give it a good stir and then add segments of orange, lemon, strawberries, cucumber and sprigs of mint. To keep your drinks extra cool refrigerate your jugs an hour before mixing and serve straight away. Serve lemon and barley or a non-alcoholic punch for those who want a non-alcoholic beverage. If you’re looking to add a twist to your Pimm’s cup, The Daily Telegraph has compiled a list of fruity and spicy alternatives to try.

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