5 romantic winter proposal ideas to adapt and make your own

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December is the most popular month of the year for marriage proposals and I like nothing better than getting involved in helping a client find the perfect way to pop the question. There is so much about winter that is romantic – snuggling together, bracing walks, frosted trees, snow, roaring log fires, Christmas and the hope of a new year.

It’s great if you can call on a professional, like me, to help create your perfect winter wonderland setting in which to propose, but the most important thing about a proposal is that it is heartfelt. And if you’re looking for inspiration here are some romantic winter proposal ideas you can adapt and make your own.

Light the way

Make the most of the dark evenings by making a luminous proposal. There are so many ways to do this. I always find the soft light of candles irresistibly romantic, and if there is no breeze spelling your proposal in tea-lights is always a winner. Using out-door string lights on the front of the house, glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling, or a trail of candles through the house to a circle enclosing a ring work wonderfully too.


Enjoy the thrill

Winter sports are fast and invigorating – what better way to get your heart racing. Well, we do know one better way, so why not combine the two? There are plenty of out-door ice rinks at this time of year. If you plan ahead you can always ask to hire the rink just for the two of you for a half-hour to keep it clear from racing kids, and allow you to make a spin on one knee. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to get snow why not race down a hill in a double sledge and propose when you’re both feeling the exhilarating high of getting to the bottom.

Surprise wrapping

If you’re planning an outdoor proposal in winter, you want your loved one to savour the moment and not be dashing for the comfort of central heating. The secret to this is wrap-up warm. If you are planning a winter drive to a romantic spot, buy a new scarf and gloves – at first it just looks like a cute, thoughtful present, but the real surprise is still to come. Hide the ring in a finger of one of the gloves and get ready to propose when all is revealed.

Say it in snow

Writing, ‘Will you marry me’ in the first snowfall of winter might not be the most original proposal, but I can guarantee it works every time. If you happen to have a soft snowfall, making a snowman together, walking through familiar parks and stumbling upon these four magical words can feel like you’re the stars of your own movie. If you’re going to do this make sure it’s a quiet spot so that no-one will have spoiled your writing by the time you get back there together! Of course if you choose to use your lawn or backyard, you shouldn’t have this problem.  And if the snow doesn’t fall, create some!


Looking up at you

All loved-up couples enjoy cosying-up by a roaring fire. Make your winter snuggles a time to remember by getting a custom-made mug with your proposal printed inside. Fill with steaming hot chocolate and make sure it’s so delicious that your love will want to drink every last drop..revealing the big question…..?