Liz Taylor's PA Reveals All on National Bosses Day

Liz Taylor’s PA Reveals All on National Bosses Day

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Among the many awareness days, National Bosses Day has to be the one that, well, bosses it! A homage to all the employers, managers, entrepreneurs and head honchos that simply do a fabulous job. And keep us in our challenging jobs.

National Bosses Day was established to demonstrate appreciation and recognition for all those great bosses out there and the tough roles that they hold. Stereotypes aside, some people are lucky enough to forge a brilliant relationship with the person that pays their wage, even becoming friends rather than a colleagues.

Luckily here at TLC we’re firmly in the camp that loves our boss lady and queen bee Liz. Here Frankie Lyons, Liz’s PA for over a decade and probably the person who knows her best in the business, answers questions on that all important boss/PA relationship. As well as sharing the reasons why she loves working at TLC and what she thinks makes a great boss.


“When I met Liz, I remember thinking ‘who is this person’, she has such an amazing presence when she enters a room. She is strong, fabulous, articulate and I felt straight away like she is someone who gets things done. I wasn’t wrong.

“I was working for the Table Linen Company at the time in 2004. Liz asked if I would cover the TLC office for two weeks; I never left.

“I’ve worked for Liz for sixteen years plus in various roles and I can honestly say she’s an amazing boss. She’s all the things you would look for in a manager and a leader plus a whole lot more. Inspirational, brimming with ideas and straight talking, which I for one, really appreciate in a boss.

“Liz has never lost her presence or charisma; I love to watch other people’s reactions when they meet her for the first time.”

National Bosses Day


“My job as a PA involves lots of organisation. Managing Liz’s diary is almost impossible – she packs an awful lot into the working week and it’s not unusual for meetings to be in different cities, countries, even continents.

“I’m also responsible for dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s, so there is a certain of amount of pressure there to make sure things are done right. Luckily, I’m as much as a stickler as Liz, for making sure things are as near perfection as physically possible. Sometimes I am asked to organise the impossible…more often than not, we achieve it as a team!”

Jess Randall, events director, Liz Taylor, CEO, Frankie Lyons, PA to Liz Taylor


“I think the best thing about Liz as a boss is her creativity. Just listening to her ideas, off the top of her head with clients, or when they come to her on the treadmill is inspiring. I often get a text from her saying, “I’ve got a brilliant idea” – and I think to myself, here we go again.”

“I’ve been so lucky to find myself working for Liz in the most surreal moments and unbelievable opportunities. Being backstage at events most people would dream of attending. Hosting tables with inspiring celebrity clients. Presenting awards. There are so many brilliant memories.”


“Liz and I have a great relationship, which is so important when you work as closely as we do. There’s a great chemistry – that’s something both of us place great value on. We understand each other, and there is a tremendous amount trust and respect that has been developed over the years.

“We both feel comfortable enough to be open and honest with one another too. That’s really important – we have laughed and cried together over the years, and I treasure every moment. Of course, there are a few things that drive me crazy – her overuse of the exclamation mark being one of them!!!!!!!! She’s totally unaware. And I am not alone in this!

“My advice to anyone wanting to be a PA is to be yourself. Understand their job and the pressure they are under, and remember never take things personally. Always speak your truth. Learn from your mistakes. Take the initiative and ask questions.”

National Bosses Day

Jess Randall, TLC events director with Edwina Curry and Frankie Lyons


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40% – The percentage of female bosses throughout the world

86% – The percentage of companies who say developing new leaders is an urgent need.

65% – The percentage of employees who see opportunities to become a leader as important.

43% – The percentage of people who say feeling appreciated at work makes them feel more confident.

67% – Prefer to work for a company and people whose mission they believe in.

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