May 9th 2014

Alcohol Free Wedding Tips

Alcohol Free Wedding Tips

There was a time when Justin Theroux reportedly wanted Jennifer Aniston to opt for an alcohol free wedding, and given the trend for a healthier approach to living, and partying, these days, it makes me wonder if a wedding reception can still pack a punch in the fun stakes, without the odd tipple being served??  Of course it can! With my Alcohol Free Wedding Tips, all the fun of the big day is still possible, without the hangover!

Alcohol Free Wedding Tips are:

1 – Get married just after lunchtime and opt for a stylish afternoon tea wedding breakfast.  Warm scones, mini homemade cakes, a wedding cake tower of bright cupcakes, vintage tea cups and crockery, and lots of different teas to try – all make a gorgeous alternative to an alcohol filled wedding meal.


Or go for one of the year’s big styles, a colourful and summery Alice in Wonderland tea party!  You will have so much fun that no one will miss the alcohol.


2 – Alcohol free alternatives are freely available now.  Opt for alcohol free premium bottled lagers/ales and wines, and for your wedding toast, choose the lovely Pearl Rose Organic Sparkling Wine (, Harrods’ ‘So Jennie’ pink fizz( or M&S do a fabulous sparking Muscat wine which would work a treat.

3 – For the summer, non-alcoholic fruit cocktails are fabulous at a drinks reception.  Blending non-alcoholic sparking wine or cider with peach nectar will give you a fruity Baby Bellini, or opt for a Nojito (blending crushed ice with fresh mint leaves, sugar syrup, lime juice and soda) for a refreshing ‘mocktail’


4 – Go big on entertainment! Don’t let the lack of alcohol spoil the fun, so splash out on some lively entertainment to kick start the party.

5 – Instead of liqueurs, serve coffee with some quality non-alcoholic truffles.  These from Charbonnel et Walker are fab (CLICK: Of offer personalised mini bottles of non-alcoholic Champagne for a lovely gift.

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