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Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties

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Tips to Beat Summer Allergies at Outdoor Parties Warmer weather is the season for enjoying TLC’s open-air celebrations and stylish outdoor parties. But when your guests have seasonal allergies such as hayfever, the thought of spending time outside can bring visions of sneezing and wheezing rather than having fun! If you’re hosting an outdoor party this summer, our Tips to …

Beat Weather Event Blues

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Beat Weather Event Blues Well, as far as sunshine goes, I don’t think we can plan for all our outdoor events this year to be bathed in sunlight!  The only predictable thing about the weather is that we all know it can be shockingly unpredictable.  So, if you are planning an al fresco party or outdoor wedding day, you absolutely must factor in …

How to Enjoy the Hottest Weddings in Town

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As the British summer finally arrives or if you are planning a wedding in some of Europe’s ‘hot spots’ this summer, it’s worth bearing in mind this advice to keep the party hot, but the guests cool: Keeping Cool at your Summer Wedding -In extreme heat (well there is a chance in the UK!) serve plenty of iced water in …