Jul 16th 2015

Seasonal blooms: 7 summer wedding flowers

If you are planning a summer wedding you really do have the pick of the bunch when it comes to seasonal flowers. Buying flowers in season means that not only do you help the environment by cutting down on air miles, but you also look after your pocket as well as your stress levels. There is nothing worse than planning your perfect bouquet only to find that the flowers you’ve chosen can’t be sourced. Locally grown flowers are both better value for money and more readily available. Here are our Seasonal blooms: 7 summer wedding flowers:


Traditionally the most romantic of flowers, the rose is forever popular and comes in a whole host of colours and sizes to suit any wedding theme. They really are one of the most versatile choices and depending on the colour and arrangement can be used to complement a classic style or vintage look, create a country hand-picked feel, or to make a bold and dramatic statement.

Seasonal blooms: 7 summer wedding flowers 


The Chinese name for peony is ‘sho yu’ which means ‘most beautiful’ and coming in soft, creamy pastels like peach, lemon and pink, they really are a pretty choice.  The peony’s large, open flowers are reminiscent of a country garden and are perfect if you are looking for a quintessentially English or rustic feel to your wedding.


Third on our list of Seasonal blooms: 7 summer wedding flowers is the large headed blooms of the hydrangea. They make a big statement from a distance, and come in a variety of colours from vibrant pinks and blues to more muted creams and beige. Up close they reveal a cluster of small, delicate flower heads which individually can be used as dainty boutonnières. These traditional yet versatile flowers are popular as single flower bridesmaid bouquets or table displays. If kept they will dry out within a few days to make a lovely keepsake.

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Nothing shouts summer more than the burst of colour from a sunflower. Bright and fun, these flowers bring sunshine to any occasion. A simple bouquet of sunflowers is cheerful and attention grabbing. In addition yellow, sunflowers also come in orange and rust colours. They complement a rustic, country themed celebration or pair with other flowers and foliage for a more formal look.

Seasonal blooms: 7 summer wedding flowers


The tall flower spikes of the delphinium bring a classic elegance to any occasion. With stalks growing up to 6-feet tall, these flowers are ideal statement pieces for events, as well as cut shorter to add a shock of colour to a wildflower bouquet. Available as cut flowers from mid-May to the end of August they bloom in vibrant blues, purples, yellow, pink and red as well as a crisp white.


If you thought dahlias were old fashioned a visit to Varfell Farm in Cornwall is sure to change your mind. Home to more than 1600 names species and cultivars the farm’s collection of 10,000 plus blooms is a wonderful demonstration of just how beautiful and varied these traditional flowers are. Dahilas brighten up any event. The flowers hollow stem means that it needs plenty of water to keep it looking its best. So if you plan to use them, make sure that your display includes vases of fresh water to arrange them in.


A bright bouquet of gerbera daisies has a charming innocence and cheerfulness that is irresistible. The big stamen and vibrant coloured petals of the gerbera make it an eye-catching choice that photographs beautifully. They can be used in mixed bouquets or as single flowers for boutonnières and wrist corsages. Gerberas are also a wonderful choice for table decorations, particularly if you are going for bold summer colours with a tropical theme

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