Aug 5th 2019

CHS invites you to kick back and chill at their Emerald Headingley Stadium Bar-B-Q this summer

liz Taylor 2019 chs Group speaker

The CHS team will take immersive learning to a whole new level this summer when they share tips and ideas on planning a great outdoor event at their summer barbeque, on Thursday 8th August, in the auspicious surroundings of Emerald Headingley Stadium, Leeds.

Event professionals are invited to kick back and relax in the hallowed grounds of Yorkshire Cricket Club and attend this free, ultra-chilled networking event.  There’ll be time to discover 32 hotels and venues from across the UK so event profs can fill their little black book with details of some hidden gems.  Once the meetings and research are out of the way, there’s an opportunity to strengthen those relationships over the networking BBQ and drinks.

Emma Cartmell, CEO of CHS said:  “We want to share tips and ideas on planning a great outdoor event, surviving the great British weather and our eccentric taste for fetes.  We want to keep it fun and light-hearted sharing ideas and innovations in one focussed afternoon.

Guest speaker, Liz Taylor, Managing Director of Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), will share her insights gained over 30 years at the forefront of the events industry.  Liz is an advocate for events that push back the boundaries of design, technology and presentation.  An entrepreneur at heart, Liz took TLC from a fledgling business to a £4M turnover and remains entertaining, innovative and inspiring and CHS is delighted to welcome her as special guest.

With a reputation for hospitality, corporate or association event organisers, PAs and EAs and conference agents can spend a useful and productive afternoon of effective contacts and networking, in a relaxed atmosphere, in the knowledge that CHS will take care of business.

Spaces for this exclusive event are limited so contact Michelle Rennoldson or register online at

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 Jul 16th 2019

Taking the Holistic Approach to Event Management

Taylor Lynn Corporation the Team event companies Manchester

Holistic events: we’re not talking acupuncture and herbal tea, but how every aspect of an event, from the invitation through to the carriages, can be an opportunity to reinforce a brand’s message, ultimately making your investment work harder.

In a time of economic uncertainty there’s a need for businesses to amplify the impact of every penny spent. And when budgets are under scrutiny, events – by their very nature elaborate, ‘showy’, often deemed expensive – are frequently first in line for the budget cuts.

What if there was an approach to event management that will not only maximise the potential of a corporate event, but even better, could result in you spending less and achieving more? The key is taking a holistic view, where every element works hard to promote the company message and meet the event objectives.

Thinking holistically keeps things focused and the first step of the process is creating a clear set of achievable goals. Consider the measurable outcomes– covering the who, what, why, when and how of what you are trying to achieve. You also need to think about the essence of your brand – what is the one brand message you want attendees to take away with them?

Of course, there needs to be room for creativity and improvisation within an event, but setting goals means it’s channelled in line with the overall strategy.


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 Jul 5th 2019

10 of the Best Wedding Finger Foods

Are you ready to banish the banquet and buffet? There are so many exciting catering options for weddings now, the choice can seem overwhelming, so we ask award-winning wedding planner, Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, to share her thoughts on the move towards more casual wedding catering, and asked her why finger foods are proving so popular.

“Where a traditional wedding breakfast is brilliant for those who want a formal structure to their day, it isn’t for everyone,” says Liz.

“In recent years, I’ve found more couples are breaking with formal traditions in favour of a more relaxed occasion. Often the wedding breakfast is abandoned in favour of one incredible party. The same can be seen in the couple’s choice of wedding dining experiences too, with the rise of options like food stations, sharing platters and innovative finger food.”
Private Parties Caterers in Manchester

“Bite-sized mouthfuls of creative foods encourage guests to mingle and chat whilst they eat,” says Liz. “All tastes and dietary needs can be catered for with ease, and there doesn’t need to be any compromise. You can create a multitude of small dishes to suit everyone’s tastes and include the couple’s favourite foods, too.”

Liz continues, “Imagination is crucial. Props, lighting, and a sense of theatre can enhance the dining experience, tying your catering into the wider theme of the day. This is where the culinary wow factor can be seen. I like to serve dinner with a side of melodrama!”

Here are Liz’s top ten wedding finger foods ideas.


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 Jun 24th 2019

Liz Taylor – Manchester People Interview with BBC Radio Manchester

Liz Taylor discusses her early years, career, love of music and living with THAT name, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor discusses her career, starting at M&S and how further education was not for her, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor talks about the early days of her career and whether 3 husbands is all she has in common with the Hollywood Liz Taylor, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

Liz Taylor chats about life as the Millionaire Party Planner and planning celebrity parties for Gary Barlow, on BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Manchester People’.

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 Jun 21st 2019

Kym Marsh stuns in strapless scarlet gown as she holds hands with beau Scott Ratcliff at star-studded charity ball in Manchester
She revealed she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing an unbearable pain in her groin ahead of a charity run last month.

But Kym Marsh appeared to be well and truly on the mend as she attended a charity ball in aid of Child Bereavement UK and Red Sea Pedestrians Charity Ball with her new beau and Army Major Scott Ratcliff at Manchester’s The Victoria Warehouse on Thursday evening.

The Coronation Street star, 42, turned heads in her sizzling scarlet gown, embellished with a trendy asymmetric neckline and gold waist belt.

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 Jun 21st 2019

Kym Marsh makes rare red carpet appearance with new beau Scott Ratcliff at charity ball for Child Bereavement UK and Red Sea Pedestrians

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh looked so loved up as she graced the red carpet with her other half Scott Ratcliff in a rare public outing.

The stunning actress, 42, put on a united front with her new man as they posed for pictures together at a charity ball for Child Bereavement UK and Red Sea Pedestrians, organised by the Taylor Lynn Corporation.

Kym looked stunning as she turned up in a flowing orange ballgown with a thin gold belt which emphasised her tiny waist.

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 Jun 21st 2019

GLITZY AFFAIR Shayne Ward and girlfriend Sophie Austin glam up for night out with Corrie stars at charity bash in Manchester

The actor-singer joined a host of other soap stars at the glam night out. Based on the amount of Corrie stars in attendance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a cast night out.

SHAYNE Ward and his girlfriend Sophie Austin glammed up for a charity bash in Manchester.

The actor-singer joined a host of other soap stars at the glam night out.

Decked out in a suave blue suit and bowtie, Shayne looked the consummate gentleman.

Since leaving Corrie earlier this year he’s clearly taken time to grow out his beard – which framed his handsome face wonderfully.


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 Jun 21st 2019

Wedding Planning: Where to Splurge and Save

We all know that weddings are expensive, so which corners can you cut without any negative impact? Luxury wedding planners Bruce Russell and Isabel Smith share their top 10 tips on where to splurge and where to save..

1. The Detail
Save by focusing on the little things: For most couples, a wedding day is the most public declaration of their love and as such deserves to be a real celebration. But we also need to marry the desire to create something spectacular with some practicalities – namely budgets. My first piece of advice is to set a realistic budget from day one and stick to it; prioritise the areas that really matter to you (be it food, flowers or entertainment) then look to make savings in other places, including limiting the guest list to allow a greater per-head spend.

For me, weddings that have the greatest wow factor are those which engage all of the senses to offer a truly immersive experience for guests. If you’re planning a wedding, focus on the details – and remember, they needn’t cost the earth. I’m talking about not simply focusing on the day itself, but more the fact that you’re making memories so think about how a particular scent, piece of music or taste might transport you and your guests back to this magical moment for years to come. – BR

2. Florals
Splurge on dramatic florals: I am a huge fan of table centrepieces being a mix of different heights – it makes the room look so much more dynamic than everything being at one level. Aim to go big (both on height and budget) on around a third of your tables to create the right look. Alternatively, if your venue allows it and has the head room, opt for a floral installation well above the tables for the real wow factor. – IS

Save on aisle decoration: The ceremony is the most important part of the day, it is often the shortest too so when looking for areas to save, can those expensive pew ends or anything lining the aisle be kept more minimal so that the focus is set on keeping guests attention looking forward. – IS

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 Jun 21st 2019

Spirited Dry Weddings

Thinking of planning a dry wedding? Twenty percent of the UK population now identify as being teetotal, so it’s no surprise that dry weddings are growing in popularity. Plan with imagination and a smattering of theatrical presentation, and yours will truly sparkle. Liz Taylor, Managing Director of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, tells us how…
“A dry wedding is not a second-class option, it’s a first-class choice; after all, a sober wedding does not mean a sombre one. Think creatively about the theme, the backdrop, and the crowd-pleasing components of your reception, and you’ll give guests a unique wedding experience that they’ll always treasure; and with no alcohol or morning after headaches involved!”


Garden parties and 1930s, 40s and 50s vintage themes lend themselves well to tea party wedding receptions where alcohol need not be a focus. Miniature cakes, finger sandwiches and exquisitely made patisserie can be served on vintage crockery with a variety of teas offered and expertly matched to foods in a similar way to wine.

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 Jun 21st 2019

How to Weatherproof your Wedding

Liz Taylor is managing director of celebrity wedding planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC). She has been planning spectacular weddings across the UK and Europe for the past 30 years, so has plenty of experience to ensure that your big day goes smoothly – even in the unpredictable British climate!

“Psychic I am not,” says Liz, “but as far as sunshine goes, I think it is safe to say that all our outdoor events this year are not likely to be bathed in endless sunlight! The only predictable thing about the weather is that we all know it can be shockingly unpredictable!”

Discover how to use Liz’s insider knowledge to help you beat the British weather and still have a day to remember – for all the right reasons!

“If you are using a marquee, make sure that your hire company do a rigorous site visit before the event. Discuss with them the suitability of your chosen area, as you may find that the idyllic spot that you have in mind is on ground liable to flood if there was a downpour!”

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